Photos: Going For a Walk is the Last Thing on Earth These Dogs Want to Do

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Some dogs are really excited when their owners are going out for a walk with them. On the other hand there are those hilarious little things that don’t want to go out.

They just want to relax throughout the day doing nothing. Seeing these dogs will make you think that they just hate moving their legs.

I’ve had a dog like this few years ago and you can’t imagine the fight he was putting in when he didn’t want to go out. He was going out without any problem, but couple of minutes after he was giving up.

My dog even refused to look me at my eyes. He was just laying there like the whole world collapsed.

Here are our nominees for the laziest dogs for this week.

They still look cute though.

1. Just go without me, I’ll come back home later.


2. I’m not moving an inch further. You’ll need to drag me home.


3. Why do you hate me so much human?


4. This is the last time I trust you with this “going out in the park” thing


5. Stop dragging me or else!


6. No, we are not going a step further!


7. Maybe if I play dead my owner will carry me home.


8. Let me just nap for a second or a whole day.


9. I can’t understand how people are actually enjoying in this


10. Enough human, enough with this torture.


11. Oh no, not again!


12. Are you enjoying in this?


13. Walking sucks!


14. I’m not listening to a word you say anymore.


15. I look so peaceful while lying down.


16. This is the last time I’m going out with you.


Just to even things up cats can get tired of walking, as well. Just see this lazy cat.


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