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Meet the Man Who Lives In an Airplane. Literally.

I’ve seen and heard of people living in caves, underground houses, trailers, islands, etc, but never seen someone living in an airplane.

Bruce Campbell has bought an aircraft, Boeing 727, and made it his home. He lives just outside Portland, Oregon and this place has its own driveway.

Oh boy, now I too want to live in a Boeing 727. Maybe I won’t be scared of flying after a while.

Mr. Bruce wants to bring back the original design of this aircraft by restoring some of the interior elements. This is not his permanent home. He lives only 6 months a year in his Boeing 727.

The other 6 months of the year, Bruce is in Japan. Japan is the destination where he is looking to buy a retired Boeing 747 fuselage.

What can man do when he is in love with Boeing aircrafts?

Let’s meet this man through these pictures:

This is the Airplane. It looks scary alright.


According to Bruce, retired aircrafts shouldn’t be “mindlessly scrapped”


He’s just ordinary retired man living his dream


His huge imagination made him turn this retired aircraft into his home


Everything is in its right order


He claims that jetliners are the aerospace science masterpiece.


Their fabulous engineering grace can’t be compared with other structures people decided to live in


They are just perfect. Aircrafts are strong, long lived and durable.


Surviving earthquakes and storms is their main characteristic.


Keeping the interior clean is a piece of cake because of its pressure canisters




Oh look, the perfect movie theater for you and your friends.


Bringing it from air to the land you’ve bought as your next home should be the toughest job.


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