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The Star Wars Spin Off Movie Officially Got its New Director

Some of you will be surprised of the decision, but most of you will be satisfied.

Josh Trank is the name of the director who will be sitting behind the set directing. For those who don’t know, Josh did a wonderful job directing Chronicle. I remember this movie came out as a blockbuster.


Lucasfilm and Disney wasted enough time searching for the new director. They are locked and loaded to get into the Star Wars movie universe and to follow the lead of this proven director.

This is totally different than what we previously heard. JJ Abrams came out as the director of the new Star Wars: Episode VII. Nothing wrong here, but it has been said that the Star Wars full spin off, the movie we are talking about now, will be directed by Gareth Edwards.

The next Star Wars movie directed by Trank is expected to come out in 2016, December to be precise.

Josh is very busy at the moment working on The Fantastic Four movie. Yeah, I know we asked the same thing: Who will be the director on the already announced The Fantastic Four 2?

According to the latest statement coming out from Lucasfilm’s president Kathleen Kennedy, they seemed pretty thrilled that Josh will be the new director for their movie. They welcomed him in the big Star Wars family. Kathleen revealed nothing but praising for Josh who is an amazing talent with huge imagination and innovational spirit.

Star Wars

Are you satisfied with this new director?

We got to admit that we are definitely satisfied and we think Josh Trank will handle things really well.

In other news:

Star Wars: Episode VII is expected to have its premiere on December 2015. Oh look we’ve already made a post about this movie. Check out the full cast here

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