Top 5 Alternate Skins Needed for Batman: Arkham Knight

Batman Arkham Knight

The release of Rocksteady Games and Warner Bros. Interactive’s Batman: Arkham Knight is just a few months away.  So far, the game looks fantastic.  Gamers already know that they are guaranteed to be able to play the Batmobile.  Also, Harley Quinn will be a playable character for the first time for the franchise.  But another major selling point in the franchise is the ability to play with alternate Batman suits.  After only one alternate option in Arkham Asylum, Rocksteady stepped things up with a multitude of alternate Batman comic skins for Arkham City.  WB Games Montreal added even more for Arkham Origins.  So, here are my top five picks that Arkham Knight needs to have for alternate Batman costume skins.  For this list, I focused on costumes that haven’t been available previously as DLC or unlockable skins.  Suits that could be modded or created for the PC versions do not count.

5.  Batman of Zur-En-Arrh

Batman of Zur-en-Arrh

This is one alternate Batman skin that actually has not shown up yet between Arkham City and Arkham Origins, and Batman of Zur-En-Arrh is one that’s well overdue.  This iteration of Batman actually originated as an alien from another planet in the 1950’s. Later, Batman of Zur-En-Arrh returned in the pages of Grant Morrison’s Batman: RIP story, proving to actually be an alternate personality created by Bruce Wayne.

4.  Tim Burton’s Batman 1989 Movie Costume

Batman 1989

The PS3 version of Arkham Origins featured the costume for the Adam West series, so this is a great choice.  Say what you want about Tim Burton, Michael Keaton as Batman, and the all black and rubber costume, but it really changed the game.  Imagine how much fun Arkham Knight would be when you can use the suit from the classic 1989 Batman movie.

3.  The New Batman Adventures Costume

TNBA Batman

Arkham City featured an alternate skin of Batman’s design and costume from the classic 1990’s show Batman: The Animated Series.  This would be a similar idea, except the skin would be based around his altered design when the show changed to The New Adventures of Batman featuring an all black bat symbol.

2.  Earth 2 Owlman Costume

Earth 2 Owlman

Instead of an alternate Batman costume, how about a costume worn by his evil double, Thomas Wayne Jr, aka Owlman from the Crime Syndicate?  This is one of the major alternate takes on Batman that hasn’t been put in a game yet.  The best design to go with for Owlman is probably his costume designed by Frank Quitely in JLA: Earth 2.

1. Ben Affleck’s Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice Costume

Ben Affleck Batman

The movie is not due out until May 2016, but why not?  It would only have to be the costume and not Ben Affleck’s likeness.  Plus, it doesn’t have to be added right off the bat.  What better way for Warner Bros. to promote their upcoming movie than to have the costume featured in Arkham Knight?  The design is clearly inspired by the Batsuit from Frank Miller’s heralded story, The Dark Knight Returns, which was featured as an alternate skin in Arkham City.

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