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Need A Movie Idea For Tonight? Check Out The 10 Most Pirated Movies Over The Past Week

If you need to “kill” Monday night with a good movie and you are whispering “What the…I am going to watch tonight?” let me help you out with some ideas.

The guys at TorrentFreak, published the list of the most downloaded movies from the BitTorrent “golden” application 🙂

As you will see, the movie with the most downloads is “3 Days To Kill” with Kevin Costner and Amber Heard.

Second place goes to “Godzilla” and third is “Robocop”.

I’ve watched “RoboCop” and…umm…it is not THAT good.

The movie is around another “I will come back and kill the bad guy” story and I would not recommend you wasting your time.

For this evening, actually I will go and watch “3 Days To Kill”.

Watched the trailer and it looks promising.

Don’t worry, I got you! I’ve spend some time to find and bring here the trailers for every movie on the list.

Here they are:

1. 3 Days To kill

2. Godzilla

3. RoboCop

4. Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

5. Non-Stop

6. The Lego Movie

7. Captain America: The Winter Soldier

8. Oculus

9. The Monuments Men

10. Tarzan

Did I help?

Great. If you have any other suggestion please let me know.

Before you go, please share this post so we can help other people with their movie night.

Thank you