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VIDEO: Teen Shows his BEST Michael Jackson Dance Moves and the Internet Went Wild

High School talent show helped this teenager to show what he knows best. Some people wait for something like this to happen their whole life, but not Brett Nichols.

We’ve seen millions of videos people dancing or at least trying to dance to Michael Jackson, but we’ve never seen perfection like this. The highlights of the HS Talent Rally video went viral for couple of hours and now it has more than 6 million views on YouTube.

According to Brett, he found big inspiration in MJ’s dance routines and he felt that there is nothing he can do. It was all about practicing every inch of the routine until he became perfect in something.

According to TMZ, a representative to the MJ’s estate was so impressed as he sent him a full package of CDs and special invitation to see the upcoming performance of MJ’s One in Vegas.

Here is only his performance and bellow you can check his interview given for a news station:

I got chills on the Moonwalk. Just like seeing the great Michael Jackson right there.

As you can see the audience went wild as he started dancing to MJ’s “Billie Jean”.

Nichols appreciates the work of the late King of Pop and since his death people do miss him very much. This younger generation continues to do his famous dance moves all over the world.

Here is Nichols interview for the news station:

Isn’t his something special?

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