Chris Martin Talked About the Post-Divorce Life. The Heart-Breaking Details He Shared Can Surprise You

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You already know that the famous Coldplay singer, Chris Martin, got divorced and he never had a chance to talk about it. Well, he finally opened himself up and revealed something that we can’t say it was expected.

We always thought that he is the nicest guy on earth, bringing his wife everywhere he walks in, but the reality was completely different. At least this was our conclusion from his recent interview. According to his words, he was a mess two years ago because he couldn’t understand what he feels and what he misses the most. He couldn’t enjoy all the great things around him, because he was devastated.

He added that, he couldn’t blame anyone for this situation and started making some changes. This was a part of a realization and he couldn’t use the word a “breakup”, because it’s not the right word for this situation. According to his interview, a relationship is nothing when you can’t open up like you want and you can’t appreciate the person beside you…who is wonderful. This is mostly because the issues you feel inside…that stop you from celebrating everything around you – on the right way.

What Changed?!

He answered that he couldn’t continue being scared of love, rejection and failure. This feeling came after he felt vulnerable in a certain point of his life, which caused huge problems.

He ended up saying that, if you don’t want to let love in, you aren’t able to give it back. This is something a wise man could say, but ending a marriage means you didn’t want to fight back to make things right, especially when your wife is Gwyneth Paltrow.

It was really hard for us to believe that this man who sang the famous song “Yellow” is really sensitive and emotional person. We can’t say this divorce happened only on emotional basis. There is definitely a lot more than this.

In other Coldplay news, they are working on a new album called Ghost Stories and maybe this “revealing” came at the right time to bring the spotlight on him. Go figure.

Here is the song “Yellow” just to remind you what kind of man you and we thought Chris Martin was..

It makes you feel that Gwyneth was the happiest woman in the world having Chris as a husband…right?

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