E3 2013 PS4: How Sony Can Win The Console War

E3 2013 is starting tomorrow, and after yesterday’s article looking at the Xbox One and what Microsoft can do to promote its new console, today’s article will focus on Sony’s PS4. E3 2013 PS4 conference will be one of the major conferences over the E3 week. There is still an air of mystery surrounding Sony’s new console, as even the look of the console is unknown. With everything else that has gone on around them however, it’s easier to predict how Sony can win this next-generation console race. Here are some ways Sony can have a massive E3 2013 PS4 showing:


While having a console require constant internet connections or updates isn’t necessarily bad, you will alienate gamers who don’t have a good stable internet connection, whether in developed countries or anywhere else in the world. With the way the Xbox One is heading, Sony could essentially monopolize purchases from these less connected areas. There will undoubtedly be consumers even in well developed areas who don’t want the hassle of always connecting to the internet, and this will further help Sony. Another important market would be the e-sport gaming market that tends to require many consoles moving about from place to place using various copies of games. This seems likely a market that will be hugely affected by Microsoft’s Xbox One policies, so Sony should confirm their own policies and they will undoubtedly reap the rewards.

2. Japanese Centric Games

Sony needs to go back to what brought them forward in the first place, gaming content from Japan. Sony needs to put more faith in Japanese developers and promote more Japanese centric games. I say this because Microsoft will have a harder time doing this, so this is an innate positive within the Sony department for the PS4, thus Sony should capitalize on it. Rumors of new exclusive games from Final Fantasy and a potential spiritual successor to Demon’s Souls 2 are positive steps in this direction. Lumping a heap more of games on top of this, while of course still promoting western games, should tip the console race towards Sony. The PS3 is particularly dearth of Japanese centric games, and that’s a big reason for its slow adoption rate.

3. Sleek Design

While not the most important feature in the world, if Sony can produce a sleekly designed console, this too will undoubtedly turn heads in their direction. After seeing how bulky the Xbox One looks, this is a perfect opportunity for Sony to provide something that isn’t just a big box. Consumers will always look for something attractive when they purchase something that will be a central piece of the entertainment section of their living room. While the standard box like design is passable, something that looks far more attractive will only do good for Sony and consumers, a win-win situation. It’s about time consoles started looking better than just the big box they’ve simply been.

So those are some of my thoughts on how Sony can win the console race for the next-generation. E3 2013 PS4 conference should be an eye-catching event. Hopefully Sony can deliver on the games front as well as in their hardware policies.



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