E3 2013 Xbox One: How Microsoft Can Redeem Itself

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E3 2013 is just around the corner! While I’m mostly excited for the next-generation of games, part of that is due to the next-generation of consoles. Xbox One will be Microsoft’s offering. A lot of bad press has spread with regards to the Xbox One and Microsoft’s future policy on DRM, used games and a few other things. The Xbox One reveal itself wasn’t that great to begin with. With the upcoming E3 2013 Xbox One conference, Microsoft can bounce back with a bang, especially considering Sony might wobble trying to announce their hidden features too (no doubt the PS4 will have some sort of DRM control too). With that in mind, here are some ways Microsoft can redeem the Xbox One.

1. Massive Exclusivity

Part of the Xbox 360’s initial success was due to the fact that Microsoft invested in exclusives for the console. Whether first-party or third-party,the games were there and the gamers followed. With the Xbox One, announcing most wanted games as exclusives will essentially force gamers to purchase the Xbox One, and they will just have to deal with whatever features Microsoft implements. Microsoft’s Xbox Live fees are undoubtedly unnecessary when other platforms offer similar services free, but there are people out there who just eat it up and take it. The same will come true in this instance too.

2. Announce Halo 5 + Cross-Over With Halo TV

One of Microsoft’s major announcements at the Xbox One reveal was something not gaming related at all: Halo TV. By bringing Halo to the TV line up, Microsoft hopes to draw in more people into the series. Another great idea that Microsoft could implement, is a cross-over work between Halo 5 and the Halo TV series. Something akin to what Defiance is trying to do. With this in mind, Microsoft would be able to immerse both player and viewer into the show more than any other show could. A successful tie-in like this could work wonders for both mediums. This is on top of the fact that a new Halo will instantly sell the Xbox One by the millions.

3. Share Games With 10 Family Members

The one thing Microsoft announced that would definitely put away most negativity is with this ‘sharing games with 10 family members’ thing. It hasn’t been explained all that well, so must of us are just guessing what it could mean. That said, if Microsoft gave gamers the ability to share their games with 10 other family members, won’t that be a massive positive? Of course, how will they know who your family members are? 10 is a pretty large number, so they can’t just mean your immediate family. So how far does this go? How will they stop gamers from exploiting this and essentially start game sharing? This is probably one of the best things Microsoft can implement if done right, but as Microsoft themselves have said, it all comes back down to whether they change their minds  in the future. We saw this with Sony, where access to Linux on the PS3 was then taken away, or where the ability to use your PSN ID on five PS3s was reduced to 3. The ball is in Microsofts court for now though. Let’s see what they do.

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    1. So clueless, it the publishers, they are pushing it and they’ll get it. Or you lose the developers to another system.

  1. It is just too obvious that you’ve been sleeping with Microstaff, to come up with such a fantasy list, as put together in this article. The very things you say can redeem MS are the exact ones that have people pissed about the company, and its console, with emphasis on Con. You are quite a dreamer to think people will read this crap and turn into microsheep, such as yourself, and others in the fold. Does someone actually pay you to write opinions like those, other than microscam?, because if they do, you definitely need to give them their money back, and apologies for robbing those poor blind folks.

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