Xbox One: 5 Reasons Microsoft’s Reveal Was Total Failure

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So, today we witnessed another console unveil this time from Microsoft. After Sony unveiled their new console features earlier in the year and with Nintendo already putting the Wii U on store shelves, this was the next anticipated release. Microsoft didn’t really build-up much fanfare behind the console reveal unlike Sony, but the show went on and we got our first glimpse at the new console, named the Xbox One. Having sat through the whole conference though, it is safe to say that the reveal itself was a total failure. Of course, this is directed more towards the gaming community and its expectations rather than the wider audience Microsoft is catering for, but the gamers are also the most important group. Here thus are the five main reasons Microsoft’s Xbox One reveal was a total failure.

5) Xbox One Is A Stupid Name

Let’s face it, the name for Microsoft’s new device was a hot topic leading up to this reveal. My personal favourite being the Xbox Infinity (of which I’m sure I saw something like XInfinity on one of the slides shown at the conference), but the final name was revealed today: Xbox One. The ‘One’ moniker is supposed to reflect the all-in-one entertainment system focus of the new console. It’s a stupid name. It conflicts with the original Xbox and also seems like a downgrade in naming from the Xbox 360. Sure, that’s not really important, and gamers will get used to it, but that doesn’t excuse the fact. It’s also likely to be confusing to casual customers. Imagine a conversation going like this:

Customer: I’d like to buy the new Xbox

Sales Clerk: The Xbox One?

Customer: No, no, the new Xbox.

Sales Clerk: Yea, the Xbox One

Customer: WTF? Am I getting screwed here?

4) Kinect 2.0 Forced Onto Gamers

Apparently, Kinect 2.0 is mandatory with Xbox One. Now, at least it comes with the console, but the bad news is that it has to be connected in order for the Xbox One to work or function properly. Don’t be an apologist here, this means that if your Kinect breaks down for any reason, you can’t access or play on your Xbox One. No one would accept this if your standard gamepad controller broke for whatever reason, so why should we accept this for the Xbox One? This isn’t even getting into how Kinect is a massive turnoff for gamers not into motion controls.

3) Xbox One Is A Massive Device… & Ugly

The Xbox One is huge. It looks bigger than the original fat PS3 system. That’s not a good thing. It also seems to be simply a big ol’ black box. That’s it really. Nothing inspiring. It’s also relatively ugly, unless a big black box is your thing. Reasons for the size seem to relate to heating issues and the fact that the power supply is integrated within the console instead of being a brick attached to the cord. It does look like it has massive vents on the sides, which does bring to question how noisy the thing will be too. Gamers can most likely live with a big console, but damn, if the system requires other accessories to do all that all-in-one jazz, that will be majorly annoying.

2) No Backwards Compatibility & Pre-Owned Fees

Now, these issues weren’t even noted in the conference. I wanted to add how Microsoft left out crucial info regarding rumours that had built up surrounding the console at the conference, which was stupid. Microsoft didn’t really address those internet rumours during the conference, but luckily the press got to dig a bit deeper after the event. So, apparently the Xbox One is not backwards compatible with the Xbox 360. That’s amazing to me, given that that was one of the PS4’s negatives that the new Xbox could have capitalized on. Worryingly too, Xbox One might not be compatible with previous XBLA games. That one is still a fresh rumour going around, but is still equally baffling. We’ve also been told that pre-owned games will require a fee to be played. How much this fee is hasn’t been stated so there’s plenty more to come about that. It also raises the question about always-online. Microsoft seem to have implied that you don’t have to always be online to play games, but you undoubtedly need to be online to activate your games (so that the Xbox One can check if it is new or used). Does that mean that’s the only time you need to be online? I mean, if you get timed out after 5 minutes like a previous rumour suggested, that’s still technically not requiring the gamer to be always-online. It’s a terrible notion if true.

1) Gaming Is Secondary, Not Primary Concern For The Xbox One

The worst part of the Xbox One reveal was how little Microsoft focused on gaming. This may just be a one off for this conference, as Microsoft has made mention of 15 exclusives that are in the pipeline featuring 8 new franchises. That sounds great, but this disappointing conference was unnecessary. It gave nothing to gamers, and just little extras to casuals. Microsoft might as well have waited until E3, because the fallout from their conference will be immense. They even delayed this conference by a month. Perhaps they did that to soften the blow of this failure of a reveal in hopes that E3 will save them. It may very well do so, but how much hope are you holding out for that? You know a good number of those exclusives will be Kinect games and XBLA games anyway. Microsoft has shown nothing that will trump a high-end gaming PC, especially by modelling the Xbox One after a PC in terms of punishing used games purchasers and requiring a good amount of internet connection to operate. Ultimately, the Xbox One seems to have an identity crisis.

What are your thoughts on the Xbox One?

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      1. In fairness, there is more scientific reasons for believing in Santa than believing anything good can come from this console.

      1. how do you know that? (As I type this on my Mac running OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.3 😉 )

  1. I love the new XBOX ONE and will buy more than one. On line gaming is going to be EPIC. Hope to see you on live.

      1. Casual i am not. Bet my gamer score and trophy score are higher than yours. Granted I dont play as much as i used to but 2 young kids are worth the hours i spend with them.

        1. Well, I wouldn’t say “dolt”, per say. I’d just say he has money to burn. But yeah, I wouldn’t see buying multiple of the same system myself – if I want to use it in another room, I’ll just unplug, move, and plug in.

      1. Right now I have 2 360’s, a ps4, and a wii. I will put one on game room and one in tv room. while watching and controlling tv with it I will be able to see when friends are on line gaming and can go to game room to join. or finish show while chatting with them.

        1. You probably dont know about you having to buy a seperate copy of a game for each and every X1 you own right? If you have too much money.. go for it.

          1. of course you can there has never been anything stopping you from using you profile on another console, in fact they made it easier 2 years ago with ROAMING PROFILES!!

  2. Always been a Sony/Nintendo man myself starting with the PS1 and will be going for the PS4. I think folks in the US loyal to MS/US brand (and maybe Halo worshippers) will still buy the EX-BOX, but for the rest of the world LET THE GAMES BEGIN!

    1. I don’t like to poke fun at other people for what they like, so Sam, continue to love your Sony and Nintendo, but don’t mock those that like the Xbox systems.

      1. It looks like Microsoft is the one doing the mocking, and the ones that they’re mocking are their hardcore fans who are buying most of the games.

  3. reading the reasons its safe to say a PS fan boy did this.i mean really it was fail because of a stupid name and the system is ugly? very great insight you have there

    1. No, it was a fail because you can’t play the games you already own on it (no backwards compatibility), you can’t use the controls you already own on it (meaning $50x up to 4 for many families), you more or less can’t play used (or rented) games on it…. and the fact that it’s ugly and has a dumb name.

      1. You can also just play the games you own on the console you already own or am I just being pedantic?!

        1. Consoles break — and many people shopping for the next gen of a console have had the previous gen’s console for years, making it all the more likely they’ll break. That would mean to play your favorite games from the previous gen, if your console broke, you’d have to buy another one of the old consoles on top of the new console.

          Plus, how many consoles do you want stacked up by your TV? And how often do you want to fiddle with the wires so you can swap between the two?

          That just scratches the surface on your question. Bottom line: It’s not that much more difficult to add in the ability to play the previous gen, and companies should always include that feature.

          I mean, it’s not like anyone’s asking for them to make it so you can play games going back several generations… but going back at least that one generation should be required, and up to now has been industry standard. It seems to me like Microsoft and Sony just got greedy — wanting to force people to buy all new games, or even digital copies of the games they *already* own.

  4. calls this reveal fail.yet sony showed no system and talked about ustream,twitter and facebook the whole time when talking about the system.

    1. They talked about recording your gaming and sharing. In game. Microsoft talked about TV. And more TV. And American sports. And then revealed Forza 5, which doesn’t even look as good as GT6 on PS3. At least PS4 was aimed at games. And damn good looking games too.

      1. Ummm, did you not see the level on detail on the cars? I’m not a racing game regular, but I have seen what’s out there and this definitely is a big step up in graphics. You haven’t even played it, so how do you know it isn’t better than GT6.
        With E3 coming, do you think this is their main reveal?

        1. I never said anything about it being a better game. I said it looks better. Look at the opening shot of Forza….horribly blurry building textures. And yes E3 will undoubtedly show more but this was their big reveal. It was in response toSoSony’s big reveal in February.

        2. Hey Duane how about you go back to your boss at MS and tell him/her to pull there finger out! I’ve alredy got a dvd, blueray, cd player and a smart TV. I’m not wasting my money on this $h!t and FYI i was a Xbox fanboy and I’ve got disposable income. But I know a turkey when I see one

  5. As much as I knew MS would jack this up, I had no idea they were truly going to do this bad. Other than the controller design being almost to the original fatboy, everything else looks like ass compared to what Sony is doing with the PS4. Not only that, but the PS4 is 10x faster than the PS3 and the “Xbox ONE” is only 8x faster than the 360. I’m sure most can do the math there.

    But what truly kills me is even with the Anti-used games, pretty much required online connection, no backwards compatibility, REQUIRED kinnect 2.0 (which has GOT to make it stupid expensive) not even mentioning the fact that since most of the leaked rumors are true, i’m sure the one about a more expensive monthly, required, live fee all the more believable. Despite all that it has going against it, that the Wii U and PS4 seem to not have to worry about (except the B/C on PS4) I’m sure you xbots will gobble this up.

    I just truly hope Microsoft crashes and burns. for the sake of all the tech world.

    1. I was with u until the whole MS crash and burn thing. We need healthy competition. Not just in gaming, but in everything! What if MS stops making consoles? Sony/Nintendo would screw us left and right and we’d have no choice. Competition helps the customers.

      1. Not so sure about that about Nintendo. I’ve owned every one of their systems from NES to the Wii and I can’t think of a single time I’ve ever been screwed by them. Unless I count the horribly designed N64 controller. As a company, though, they’re always been pretty fair for me, as much as any big corporation could possibly be.

      2. How much competition did Microsoft and Nintendo give the Ps2? And how much did that console screw us?

      3. Agree if there is no comp then no fresh new innovation for games or anything for that matter.

      4. Healthy competition = bad products failing. It’s not like if the XBox One fails, Microsoft won’t put out another Xbox ‘2.’

        Given how anti-consumer this device is alone, it merits “losing” the generation of console wars. Really, no backwards compatibility and (basically) no used games alone should knock enough sense into people to stay away and choose a different system.

        1. As an anti-consumer, anti-indie and anti-privacy entertainment system (I can’t in good conscience call it a console anymore) that favours couch potatoes who exist only to pay to watch North American sports on North American exclusive paid internet tv services, and shafts the main, loyal, GLOBAL customer base of gamers that made the Xbox what it was until this generation, I can safely assume that this new system has given its competitors all the ‘healthy competition’ they need to succeed…

      5. and what if MS stops making GOOD consoles? Are you going to still give them money anyway out of sympathy?
        Corporations need to earn our money, you’re basically telling us to LET them demand and expect it. So much for competition.

        1. YES! give them money out of sympathy… because I clearly said that, right?…

          That was sarcasm. I feel like I had to tell u that because u definitely can’t read lol.

    2. Ah but the 360 is 2nd Gen, which means it should have been in theory on par with Sonys 2nd gen, which is was a lot better than. XBox One is 3rd Gen which means in theory it should be on par with PS3, which its better than also. MS are doing pretty good considering they’re a generation behind. Js.

      1. Your an idiot. That comment makes 0 sense. It all depends on when the console releases, not what the generation is.

        1. It makes complete sense. (It was supposed to be a reply to someone). He was saying the PS4 is 10x powerful than the PS3, the One is 8x powerful than 360. I was just stating that MS are a generation behind, which considering the sales are a lot higher in some places that the PS3 is good as they are a generation behind and haven’t had that long to build up a loyal customer base. The generation is just stating that if you go by generations the Xbox is more superior than the PS & no i’m not a xbox fanboy, befor eyou say anything, i have a PC, Xbox and Ps3 and play them all equally.

      2. Your argument makes no sense. Its the same as comparing the ps1 with a nes or master system.

        I think MS have simply played it safe with the design. They’ve made it bland so it looks like an entertainment system. And as for the kinnect, I know a few people who got them for the 360, but only used them a handful of times before they became dust collectors. Its a novelty that wears out pretty quickly, and the next kinnect will be no different.

    3. Just saying I own both a 360 and a ps3 and as for your statement “Not only that, but the PS4 is 10x faster than the PS3 and the “Xbox ONE” is only 8x faster than the 360.” Whenever I put in a game on 360 I can A. Start playing it as soon as I want or B. install the game if I so choose and if I do only takes maybe 15 or about 30 for very large games. Which sadly I get a game for ps3, put it in and I am forced to install and put in whatever ungodly amount of patches and updates which has always taken a f$&$ing hour at the least before I ever get to touch my game. So don’t really feel your math is spot on. I will say however that I do feel the Hulu and Netflix app on the ps3 is superior to Xbox’s retarted Netflix and Hulu interface and ps3 rewards u better for having a full membership

  6. I’m not even a xbox fanboy and I can say that this post sucks donkey balls. 4 of the 5 points isn’t even valid.

    1. Who are you to decide if the name sucks? Purely subjective and definitely not a reason why the reveal sucked.

    2. Something is forced onto gamers if they had to purchase additional things in order to have the actual thing to work. The kinect 2 comes bundled with the xbox. no additional purchase. Granted we don’t know what the price will be, but it is hardly forcing it on customers

    3. its massive yes, but ugly? debatable.

    4. backwards compatibility is an issue with ALL major revamped consoles. Even PS4. Microsoft will do the same Sony will do and have DLC setup in order to have older games work on latest tech.

    5. valid.

    What about the fact that they hardly showed any actual gaming footage from an actual xbox. All they showed was trailers which could have been rendered on any machine.

    1. Reply to your reply:

      1. I’m with You in this.. Name is just irrelevant, like PSVita did sound stupid once now is just fine…
      2. true Again, is part of the experience they want to sell, and is better than force it on x360.
      3. Is not Ugly, but really lacking in design, normally a good design refelcts what You expect from the machine, a lept on technology, this doesn’t feel like a leapt at all.. but can be changed from here on till E3 or Launch day, so not big deal either… but if not… is just a MEH design…
      4. This point is just a tie, but at least SONy talked about it and not necesarielly You have to pay again for game to stream from GAIKAI (the only BC solution possible for PS4 rigth now) you could put your PS3 disc on the PS4 drive and it read it and stream the game from GAIKAI’s servers… or just with your Digital catalog of bougth titles stream them without extra purchase…

      And the PreOwned fees are just can’t justify that… now We know Why EA did retire their Online Pass system from their titles… I hope SONY don’t take this path too…

      5. No comments…

    2. the majority of people think the name sucks. like the OP says if kinect breaks what do we do? it looks like a multi paneled VHS machine. One and ps4 lack backwards compat….which SUCKS

    3. First TheFran the person was giving their opinion and thoughts which is a FREEDOM most have and abuse!! Secondly who are you to question someones opinion or thoughts? A person that’s about IT! let me ask you this have you EVER in your life bought something or went some where and the quality was sub par? and YES this ties in with the ONE sure everyone adapts to change I’m sure you will be the ONE which is your choice but here is the thing the kinect is FORCED on consumers but IF i know MS they will have one without the kinect oh wait didn’t they say you will needed the kinect to use most of the xbox’s features? Yes they did and very clearly. I’m not a fan of the PS or Xbox but because someone has an opinion or thought doesn’t or in your case gives you the right to come at someone like that? lol FI!

  7. i think this review is a bigger fail than the xbox reveal as obviously microsoft are looking at a bigger audience for the xbox one now not just gamers anymore. it offers a “snap” feature so you can play a game whilst being on skype to someone else or even being searching the web. The name “Xbox One” isnt a stupid name as anyone with common sense wont go

    “Customer: I’d like to buy the new Xbox

    Sales Clerk: The Xbox One?

    Customer: No, no, the new Xbox.

    Sales Clerk: Yea, the Xbox One

    Customer: WTF? Am I getting screwed here?”

    the name is there as it is an all-in-one entertainment system. this (if you have any sense at all) also points out that this new console isn’t just meant for one purpose which is gaming but for a whole load of other purposes. It shows that Sony have focused on raw processing power yet Microsoft has shared their focuses between different sections which they didn’t cover for the Xbox 360.

    The Xbox one may be big and ugly yes, but who needs a console that is amazing, as long as it works well and is in good condition, its a console.

  8. This article was submitted via his ipad.

    “His first gen ipad?”
    “No his new ipad”
    “Oh the ipad with retina display?”

    LOL companies are getting tired of renaming the same device. They could have just called it XBOX and been done. All the other crap is fluff.

  9. I actually liked what it has to offer. They have mentioned that this all in ONE system doesn’t look sexy, but for what they are promising, this will be a great system. People are already moaning and growing about fees, let’s wait and see how this will work. I could have sworn I heard the member fees would be the same.

    As for the Kinnect 2.0, I doubt it will be mandatory to have that portion installed. I got the Kinnect 1.0 and I love it! However there is the option of not connecting it, if you don’t want to use it. The Xbox One’s name is to me a little late, their original system should have been called the Xbox One…I get why they have that name, but more creativity could have been used here.

    There are complaints about the lack on game play footage in the presentation…with E3 right around the corner, I’m sure this presentation was just a fluffer piece for the main event at E3. Only makes sense, show us the general, cool things the One can do and then captivate us with the titles come E3…smart move on Microsoft’s part in my opinion…

    Let’s wait and see what comes of this new system, it’s a shame people always have negative comments to post. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it, if you do like it, support it. I for one am supporting it and the new PS4, but I like what Xbox One is offering a little more. I don’t care too much about backwards compatibility, be cause I will always own my 360.

    1. Your xbx one will NOT work without the kinect end of. Your controller sends input not to the console but to the kinect so yes its mandatory

      1. No, that’s just rumor. This was also supposed to be called either the Xbox Fusion or Xbox 720. I don’t believe you, Internets.

        1. It was already said that they would be showing the console and games of in two parts. The first presentation revolving around the console and its features and the second at E3 being more about the gaming.

  10. i completely agree except size it has to be tht big i guess to be a cable box dvr and all the other extras that take away from what they could do with functionality of what i thought xbox was and thats a game console

  11. Do you have any sources for the information you shared here? Like that the Kinect has to be on for the XBox to function? Because I never saw that part of the reveal.

    1. Graphically, this is true. But then again, graphics is only eyecandy. PC gaming is so small that it’s considered insignificant. Let’s be real here, game developers make games for consoles, with only few making games exclusively for PC. Games evolve and get more advanced because of console gaming. There is no next gen PC gaming without next gen PlayStation/XBox. No matter how much u deny it, this is a true fact. Remember, improved graphics does NOT mean next gen gaming.

      1. “Games evolve and get more advanced because of console gaming. There is no next gen PC gaming without next gen PlayStation/XBox.”

        You completely lost me with this statement.

        1. And their won’t be any Console games without PC’s to make them.
          Their would be no console without Computer because nearly all console components are Designed by AMD or Nvidia and Intel, Sony & Microsft just pay them to make one & design for them.

          1. The moral of the story is that both PC and consoles need each other… There, can we all get along? :p

      2. it’s actually the second largest gaming platform… 19 percent… all consoles combined are 40 percent or so

        1. isn’t that the point? 19 percent for PC, 40 percent for consoles… combined or not, that doesn’t matter.

    2. Thing is, consoles can integrate graphics and computing power in a way that PCs can’t. Well, they *can*, but they would have to be built that way by the manufacturer. It’s the integration that’s key. Not to mention, when games are developed for consoles, they work because they’re developed for those specific consoles, not just some benchmark above which PCs are able to play.

  12. Bought every playstation too date on day one, got a seven year old fat boy ps3, playing bf3 in a bit! Face it, can’t catch a playstation.

  13. You do realize this thing will break within the year you purchased it. Its an american made product.

  14. Xbox fanboys live largely in the US where its the only country to have XBOX top its console sales. Anywhere that is NOT the US, Playstation out sells Xbox 3 to 1 AND has games (which are immensely better) that they refuse to ship over to the US.

  15. been a loyal Xbox owner and fan since day 1… after watching the Xbox One reveal, I will undoubtably be switching to PS4.
    I dont care what MS shows at E3, that reveal was atrocious and a slap in the face to the core gaming community.

    1. Same here, disappoints me too. Im thinking PC though. Its a shame they ruined such a cool thing of my childhood

    2. My thoughts? You guys who bought any console after the SNES are all stupid! Consoles are crappy low-end PCs with bad controls. Consoles are also a big reason today’s PC games are so dumbed down, as they always have to sell on these crappy consoles and have to be understood by the idiotic people who buy these consoles…

  16. I keep my 360 in the bedroom where there is a relatively small space between the console and the bed, enough for a person to go past, but not enough for me to play with Kinect, one of the reasons why I don’t even own one. If I am now forced to have a Kinect and operate my xbox with it I will have to be standing on the bed for it to recognize me.

    Or take my console to the living room and push the table away to have the amount of space the Kinect needs. Seems like a huge hassle to play a game.
    PS4 here I come.

  17. I own all current gen systems. I was disappointed by the conference. I will still purchase one because i am a tech geek and have own every single gaming system ever created (even the jaguar 64) but it was underwhelming.

  18. Well, I’m content with my Wii U. And my dad and I are content with his Xbox 360 (which I’m more or less the caretaker of since he doesn’t play that often any more), and we mainly see this as a waste of money. Especially if we can’t move our saved games over to this new platform.

  19. We will see at E3 get ready to change your opinions..Xbox one will be a huge success..PS4 will also be a huge success…long term though, Microsoft as usual wins with longevity…


  20. On the last point. Xbox knew that their market isn’t primarily gaming anymore, so they adapted. Number 2 is a very good point. The other three are true, but not that great.

  21. To all Microsoft fans – theres no shame in joining the winning side. You get free games with Plus, all the indies you could want, and you won’t have to defend a fee for lent games in comments sections.

    Just give it a thought. There’s room enough with the Ps4 for everyone.

    1. Seriously though. As an honest gamer, the 360 trumped the PS3 early on in the lifecycles. It had it’s s**t together. But as this cycle comes to a close I really think PlayStation knows what it is doing.

      PS+ is one of the best purchases I’ve ever made as a gamer, the indie games are incredibly memorable, the exclusive library on PS is unmatched (even by Nintendo), and the PS3 is capable of a lot of forms of media and the PS4 will only be better.

      Xbox 360 was a great console, no doubt about it. But I think this next generation is going to be the one that Sony reclaims its throne with. We would love to have you Xbox gamers! The more the merrier!

  22. As for the size issue what where u expecting a freaking iPad sized console I’m take a powerful laptop for example yes it can run so nice programs but still is dwarfed by a pc with a fully loaded tower with fresh graphic cards so the tower in the end is more of machine and usually with consoles they don’t start shrinking right away look at the first gen 360s and ps3s compared to the size of the most current model of those systems

  23. Is anyone else drawing comparisons between this and Microsoft’s other (fairly) recent release, Windows 8? Both seem to force ‘features’ on the customer that they didn’t want or ask for in order to rake in more cash. Both also seem to demonstrate a strange strategy when it comes to targeting their products, managing to alienate their core customers (desktop users in the case of Win8, gamers in the case of Xbox) in an attempt to widen their appeal. There’s also poor naming in common too – Xbox One and Windows 8.1.

  24. Just think about the technical aspects of the Xbox one for a second.

    1. You have 8 GB of ram, 3 of which goes directly to the OS (Meaning I am paying for 3 GB of ram that is wasted to me as a gamer). Why isnt this thing running a very minimal OS that uses less than 1 GB of memory? Why did they feel the need to bloat the back ground on this thing taking the memory away from the game developers? What is the difference between this thing and a PC Running windows 8 ?

    2. 8 Core processor means a lot of power consumption and heat. A big box with plenty of venting, most people have entertainment centers with enclosures …. Hmmm wonder how quickly some of the higher end games may over heat.

    3. Kinect always on, for those with projectors that are used on blank walls, where does the kinect go and why would i want something on the wall? What if i have a big tv on the wall, now i have to run more cables through the wall just to have something connected I am never going to use (Well shouldnt say never but currently I dont want to use the kinect).

    4. Controllers cant be used from the xbox 360. Family of four looking to replace current hardware at 50 + bucks a controller is a 200 dollar break in THAT I ALREADY PAID. Thank you for not considering the average family here, we really do appreciated it.

    5. Windows 8 kernals, Man windows never gets hacked or hijacked or any of that stuff so that makes sense. Why would you set this device with a forced camera and mic on a seperate OS kernal that would be harder to hack and not have any benefit in hacking. The thing that saved the 360 (in my opinion) is other than annoance there really isnt much to be gained from hacking the system. Now that the core OS is the same between pc and xbox what is to stop people from hacking your game box with a slight modification and messing with you through the kinect. The PS3 OS is much better than that crap on the Xbox 360, but it didnt use to always be this way! Remember what it was like oh 2 years ago when you turned the system on and the Game disc was the biggest box on the screen (Unlike now where people new to it struggle to find the box that starts the games).

    6. Internet connections have gotten out of hand, Comcast members are screwed with this. First the ads from your new layout maxed some of the bandwidth stuff, now you need to check in once a day. Wonder how that will play with any company that limits bandwidth.

    7. I save the greatest doosey for last, something everyone should be complaining about. 500 GB harddrive means the thing isnt SSD. With 3 GB to the os leaving 5 GB for the game reads and writes any fetching off the Hard drive will be the choke point of the system. WHY IN THE HECK DIDNT THEY PUT IN AN SSD DRIVE? OR why do they insist on proprietary components (HHD Not swappable either). Put a simple sata connector in there and a spot for heat slugging into the chassis and call it a day. Simple fix since you are already communicating via sata to the HD anyway. How did PS3 get this right out of the get go and microsoft miss this innovation

    I look at just the six simple items and wonder who was in charge of these decisions and hope that they are under some bridge now with a tin cup. These decisions were made based on someone being completely out of touch with their fan base; or how to efficently introduce these innovations. Bloated OS, which will require weekly security patches, forced Kinect, forced online mode, forced new controllers, force pay for what you have (No backwards compatabiliy).

    I, for one, will not buy one

    1. Simply put…

      Thank you

      Aside from lament’s terms, you brought it down technologically for the know-it alls.

      1. It is “layman’s terms,” not lament terms. Lamenting is mourning or showing grief.

        Unless you are grieving over this?

      1. WHO CARES IF IT HAS PARTY CHAT OR NOT. It will still be A GAMING CONSOLE. Unlike the X1. You are just a scum gamer who buys into shit features that exist only to try and makeup for the shit quality. I bet you just LOVE EA.

      2. I’m there to game on a console not fucking talk in a party. That’s the most annoying shit I’ve had to deal with on the xbox 360 with my friends. “OMG get on party!” and they do is rant rant rant during the game and almost never about actual strategy. Even still voice support on the PS3 has never been an issue for me when I have wanted it but since the same crap happens on there when people get in on voice in a game I don’t even bother.

      3. Nice argument. Because the only reason i get on a GAME CONSOLE is to chat in a fucking party not to oh say PLAY GAMES.

  25. My thoughts:

    #5 – Most gamers will know to identfy the name difference, not super original, but who really cares?

    #4 – A potential weakness if the Kinect has issues, but shouldn’t be a huge concern.

    #3 – Most home entertainment devices are blocky, doubt it would look out of place. As far as size, likely it is needed for cooling, and to keep noise down. Saying a console is ugly is just nitpicking.

    1. #2 – Biggest concern, wait until E3 to find out specifics.

      #1 – Game specific machines are going the way of the dinosaurs, except in niche markets, giving a machine more useability is the only way to stay viable.

      1. I get your point about number 5, but aren’t the things you add to the machine supposed to be useful? Being able to watch telly on a game console I plug into my telly sounds incredibly stupid. Is it just designed for people who physically can’t use a remote control to switch to the telly?

  26. This article will sound so ridiculous in 1 year. Heck, I give it 6 months before becoming just another pointless rant on the new system.

    1. True, it might recover in time.
      But it won’t erase the fact that this was, hands-down, the very worst reveal in the history of gaming consoles, as far as dedicated gamers are concerned.
      That’s an indelible fact, no matter how profitable it becomes in the long run.

  27. I haven’t seen one positive article on the Xbox One. Every news article has nothing good to say about this cable box. Oh when the sale charts for PS3 come out; PS3 will have surpass Xbox in worldwide sales..And MS stated that Sony will never catch up. PS4 ALL the way!

  28. XBone is the best thing that it could happen to Nintendo and Sony… so, that it a plus, isn´t it?

  29. This is about choosing between consoles and if you dont like consoles AT ALL and prefer a PC (which, hey, nothing wrong with that. I get it, PC’s are superior machines for those who enjoy having them) –then you really have nothing to contribute to this debate. It’s like if this was all about CARS and you chime in trying to convince everybody that you love PLANES! SHeesh!

  30. Here’s the thing for me: PS4 is focused on the games, and the gamer. XOne, is NOT. I buy dedicated gaming hardware, to play games. My PC already multitasks beautifuly. I don’t need an XBOX (that on top of that forces Kinect on me) to to what my PC already does better. MS literally has nothing to offer for me right now, specially with comfirmed X360 support till the end of 2014 at least.

  31. Everyone says that will switch to the PS4 since XBox One doesnt have backwards compatibility. News flash either is the PS4. I am so excited for the XBOX One to release, When the 360 released they had some backwards compatibility but hardly. It was a 20% if that backwards compatibility. You want better graphics and hardware you need new software architecture. As a software analyst, unless you have the equipment to run it, it will never work!! The new system looks amazing. I did preorder a bunch of games for 360 during holiday. Looks like I will be going back to preorder for the XBOX One. I don’t mind paying the extra fees. I use my 360 for everything. PS3 has never offered what the XBOX has. I will snatch one out as soon as it drops. Will everyone switching sounds like I will get one easily.


  32. Ive loved xbox since it first came out, yeah its never been perfect but what is. I even put up with the 360’s bugs. Ive had five of them completely die on me, was still loyal to xbox. With this reveal and the more ive learned of it since, im now no longer a fan. All i am now is disgusted and feeling completely abandoned. All xbox has done with this is prove that they no longer care about their fans. After all why cater to your loyal fans when you can make more money by turning your back on them. After all the b.s. gamers have had to put up with over the decades, social issues, politicians and anti gaming bandwagons, we finaly started having things go our way just in time to have the thing we’ve been defending and fighting for turn its back on us. Xbox may be the first to forget us gamers but i have no doubt it will not be the last. It is my hope the microsoft completely loses this console generation war, i honestly hope they dont sell a single ome, and learn a damn valuable lesson from it. And for me from now on its gonna be sony all the way, and i know im not the only one.

    Oh. And screw the kinect. Thanks for trying to force that on me. Jerks.

  33. I bet sony had an ear to ear smile the entire time they were watching the xbox reveal

  34. It’s kind of shocking to say this, given how disappointed most were by the Wii U, but the new playstation and xbox just look like travesties.

    The very fact that the Wii U is the only console to have backwards compatibility at all — one of the keyest of key features — may just make it the ‘best’ console of the generation. I never thought I’d say that, but it’s true… all the WiiU’s faults and issues really seem trivial compared to that, to say nothing of the fact that at least you can play a used game on a WiiU.

    I was holding off on buying a Wii U because I wanted to hear about these other consoles, but now I think that’s the one I’ll settle on.

      1. We’ll see how developers make their plans after the XBOX and Playstation flop hard when they’re released, given the disappointments that both of them appear to be — each have taken numerous steps back from their current consoles!

        Meanwhile, WiiU has several big 1st party games incoming that should increase unit sales of the console and make 3rd party developers feel more enticed to developing for the platform, especially when it comes to ports, which are relatively easy to do anyway.

        Let’s not forget that the 3DS started very slow and heated up so fast that it’s sales have actually outpaced the DS, year for year. It’s never great to start slow, but Nintendo knows how to turn things around. They’ve done it before and they’ll do it again.

  35. I see no need to upgrade from my Xbox 360. Just sounds like a waste of money. Probably pick up an PS3 for cheap. That’s what I call making a ‘pimp’ decision. Imagine all the games you will be able to pick up real cheap vs. paying a bunch of money to upgrade to a system that doesn’t offer that much new features and won’t let me play all the games that I already bought and like. Microsoft done “efffed” up.

  36. Ive loved the xbox since it first came out, yeah its never been perfect but what is. I even put up with the 360’s bugs. Ive had five of them completely die on me. Was still loyal, still loved xbox. With this reveal i can now honestly say im no longer a fan, and no longer loyal to it. All i feel now is bitter and betrayed, because after decades of putting up with all the flak gamers have taken from politicians, social issues, and anti gaming bandwagons, it now feels like the very thing we’ve been defending has turned its back on us. Xbox may be the first but i have no doubt it wont be the last to do this. I honestly hope xbox losesmthis current console war and i hope they dont sell a single one. I’ll be buying from sony from here on out. And i know im not the only one.

  37. I play xbox for Halo. I love all those games but the other xbox exclusives never apealed to me. The ps3 was more powerful than the xbox thanks to blueray discs but The ps3 exclusives like uncharted and gow look fun but too linear for me but considering how xbox one looks kind of bad. Sucks i may not play the next halo but the best titles are always 3rd party games like gta iv, portal 2, red dead redemtion and ac3.


  38. I don’t understand how people can be so stupid as to discount the XOne after the reveal. Saying things like “I’m no longer a fan” or “Looks like I’m getting a PS4”. The consoles don’t come out for nearly half a year yet you assume you know enough about them to make your decision? I think it would be incredibly ironic if Microsoft shows a handful of AAA games at e3 and all of these people who already wrote the X1 off will become its biggest fans.

    Gamers really are the most hypocritical bunch. They purport to be interested only in videogames but don’t even wait to hear about the videogames before bashing a gaming console.



  41. Half of this article was just somebody’s opinions on how the Xbox One looks and that “the name is stupid.” Really? If you are gonna bash the Xbox can you at least think of legitimate reasons? Also, it has not even been confirmed that the Kinect is required to use the console, that’s just a rumor (good job researching that, whomever ignorant prick wrote this). Finally, why would backwards compatibility be a problem for anyone, ever? If you want to play your old library of games, play them on the 360, how hard is it to switch an HDMI cord? Would you rather have to pay hundreds of extra dollars so they could add in the hardware for backwards compatibility like at the PS3 launch? Didn’t think so. And finally, the console not being driven towards games does not mean “the reveal was a total failure”. The Xbox isn’t being tailored specifically for games, it wants to do it all. I wouldn’t even call it a gaming console anymore so you can’t go complaining that they reveal it how they did. The PS4 and Xbox One haven’t even scratched the surface talking about what their consoles can do, and people are already picking sides, are you guys fucking idiots?

    1. “If you are gonna bash the Xbox can you at least think of legitimate reasons?”

      I’m sorry, but I can’t take your argument seriously at all. You begin by criticizing the article for a lack of legitimate reasons, and then you went to complain about the three legitimate reasons that you so conveniently forgot to mention when you decided to start your rant in a pathetic attempt to belittle the writer for having a different opinion to you.

      “Why would backwards compatibility be a problem for anyone, ever?”

      Because not every family has room for piles and piles of consoles sitting around that they have to keep switching between to play the games they want. You ask how hard it could possibly be to switch an HDMI cord, but the fact of the matter is, the extra consoles that are piled up will just add to the pile of cords that get hopelessly tangled and all of a sudden, plugging your 360 back in will be such an irritating task that you will suddenly lose motivation to play the game you wanted.

      “Would you rather have to pay hundreds of extra dollars so they could add in the hardware for backwards compatibility like at the PS3 launch? Didn’t think so.”

      Now you’re not only making assumptions, but you’re completely exaggerating. For one thing, backwards compatibility is NOT the sole reason that the PS3 was so much more expensive than the 360 upon launch. The added price might have had something to do with the free built-in online connection, or the built-in blu-ray player… did you ever once consider that as you were typing up this half-assed argument? Clearly not. So now, reading the last sentence “Didn’t think so” makes me laugh. You’re making the assumption that people will agree with your view just because it is YOUR view, but I think you’ll find that many people will NOT be agreeing with your view, mostly because your view is inaccurate to start with.

      “The PS4 and Xbox One haven’t even scratched the surface talking about what their consoles can do, and people are already picking sides, are you guys fucking idiots?”

      Two words: CONSOLE. FANBOYS. Of course there would be people picking sides. I’m not saying that EVERYONE who has already picked a side is a console fanboy, but with the ridiculous console war that has raged on for about half a decade now, anyone who failed to expect that war to continue is, as you so delicately put it: “fucking idiots”.

      Next time you go to criticize an article, please have an argument that actually CAN be taken seriously up your sleeve.



  43. LOOK AMERICANS THE ENTIRE WORLD ARE SIDED WITH SONY…..SO WHAT SIDE YOUR ON.????????? and they make your choice easier for you…………its PS4

  44. regardless of what everyone seems to think, I thought highly of those 5 points listed above
    5. the name: doesn’t bother me, ok infinity would’ve been cooler but im still going to call it xbox.

    4. I hate motion control but I love voice control so for this im excited that now my xbox comes standard with Kinect.
    3. its massive, well my xbox will be laying down next to my tv. I tend to look at my screen instead of around it so that is of no concern to me
    2. no backward compatibility, so what? I have 2 xbox 360s. if I wanna play a 360 game guess what I can play it on.. pre owned fees, the only thing im not cool with but I can understand why.
    1. gaming is secondary, if you look at hardware specs against ps4, both system are practically neck at neck besides the ps4 being clocked a tad higher which I bet 80% of people reading this don’t even know what that means!!. supposedly the xbox utilizes it’s ram better though. regardless im sure the system will still give the ps4 a run for its money.

    I bet so many people will disagree with me but that’s irrelevant, everyone is entitled to their opinion and im simply sharing mine.

  45. Like really what the Hell M$ ?is this a joke ? you had the chance to Step on Sony but no … you missed it up this time M$ … you missed it up …. well look on how Sony is now :


    ( don’t take this comment really mean 😉 )

  46. are you kidding me?, the name makes sense because it would be a new beginning and if you look closely, ps4 ​​does not seem very original name. If you think it’s ugly, it happens for you and does not affect how good or bad it can be and in any case … ps4 did a conference and did not show the console !

  47. I agree completely. To me, it doesn’t matter if Microsoft even shows the best games ever, I won’t buy them. Manatory Kinect sound dangerious enough. What if somebody manages to hack it and use the Kinect to spy on us? Actually I don’t trust Microsoft. It’s because of stuff like this I don’t try out Battle Field. I don’t install a spy programm to play a freaking game.

  48. i love my 360 but im probably getting a PS4. i dont want a kinect and i dont want this always online crap. and the pre owned game fee just puts the icing on the shitstorm of a cake that microsoft has made

  49. My thoughts? You guys who bought any console after the SNES are all stupid! Consoles are crappy low-end PCs with bad controls. Consoles are also a big reason today’s PC games are so dumbed down, as they always have to sell on these crappy consoles and have to be understood by the idiotic people who buy these consoles.

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