Battlefield 4’s Uphill Battle Against Call of Duty: Ghosts

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We hear about the battle of the mega first person shooter franchises regularly now, with both Activision and EA locked in mortal combat against each other, both releasing a new title every year in hopes of crushing their opposition — or at least making a metric ton of money. In that regard, both companies are successful, as we all know that Call of Duty is one of the most popular game franchises of all time now, with EA’s Battlefield offerings being popular in their own right. This year we see the epic battle continue as Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty: Ghosts will be released this fall and we’ll see the online flame battles and the battle at retail outlets continue on.

Electronic Arts and DICE got a jump on the competition this year by announcing Battlefield 4 before Activision had a chance to announce Call of Duty: Ghosts, the latest from the new Infinity Ward. Electronic Arts went all-out with Battlefield 4, not only announcing it, but releasing nearly 20 minutes of gameplay footage for the world to see from the single player campaign. Then, to top it off, they are already running television spots for a game that won’t be released until the end of the year. That is some forward thinking on EA’s part which may or may not pay off.

The only problem is that Call of Duty is a bonafide juggernaut within the industry, transcending the traditional borders that most videogames face. Call of Duty is a cultural phenomenon at this point in time, almost unstoppable. Activision only officially announced Call of Duty: Ghosts at the beginning of this month, mere days ago, and Call of Duty: Ghosts is already attracting way more attention than Battlefield 4 has since it was announced. If you look at Google Trends you can see that the announcement of Call of Duty: Ghosts has already eclipsed the amount of search traffic that Battlefield 4 has seen since its announcement in March over 2:1. That is insanity.

If you’d like further, historical insight into how the two juggernauts have measured up, check out the past ten or so years. You can clearly see a jump in May/June of 2005 when Battlefield 2 was released, then see the two series being neck-and-neck before Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is released and Call of Duty reigns supreme for the rest of the charts, only giving way for the release of Battlefield 3 before things even out again. Of course, this is only one metric, but is reliable for how popular a given topic is online at the time. It shows that Battlefield was once king of the military shooter before Modern Warfare came out.

The announcement of Call of Duty: Ghosts has really eclipsed Battlefield at the moment, which is bound to happen, but looking at the data interest should be close when it comes time for release of both games. Of course, when you work Black Ops into the equation you see that these metrics can be thrown into a tizzy and that 2010’s Battlefield: Bad Company 2 never stood a chance.

This year we will see a “proper” Battlefield game, Battlefield 4 go up against the Modern Warfare team (at least in name) and history is showing us that Battlefield is going to have a hard road over the next few months of keeping the level of interest up there with Call of Duty.

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    1. I am pretty certain that Call of Duty: Ghosts will continue on as the ‘winner,’ but to fans it’ll be subjective.

  1. I am a fan of both games, but in recent years I have grown tired of COD releasing the same game, with only different names of percs thats do the same thing, and changing the skins slightly.. BF if you look from the first game, every single game has been a revolutionary jump.. each is WAY better and bigger than the one before. The only thing thats gotten bigger about COD is the killstreaks have gotten stronger and stronger, and thats not a good thing in my book. Look.. there are alot of fan boys out there for COD and they wont even give BF a shot, a guy I work with was always like.. BF is okay, but COD is where its at.. finally after asking him what he didnt like about BF he said.. I only played one round… at a friends house, for a few mins… REALLY? BUT COD is soooo much better right? At the end of the day, people are ZOMBIES (pun intended) and they are spoon fed that COD is better, so they believe it.. I mean.. they breathe it and live it.. thats all they know.. I hope the gamble that BF took by bringing in a few COD Commentators pays off and alot of these fan boys see BF and see someone they look up to saying “This really is a good game” and give the game a chance.. that being said.. good luck to both sides

    1. you spoke to the point…..truth is BF3 has a huge learning curve… may take up to 20 hours to master a chopper or even longer to master a jet….but the reward is worth it….most COD players aren’t that patient…I recently let a COD playn friend try out bf3….He picked a sniper and ran into a TDM…he was tryn to quick scope…it was so funny…then he tried the carbines and said that the guns handle unrealistically and has too much recoil…thats the nature of COD players..they need that Rambo feel…Battlefield rewards patience(AND NOT CAMPING)…However COD caters the majority because its so easy accessible and has no learning curve…

    2. Being an exclusive COD player I was exposed to Battlefield when BC 2 came out and have not looked back. The Battlefield series is by far superior to COD in all aspects. And unlike what most people think BF3 has won the sales battle on one platform and that would be on PC. It not even close. I could give the typical resons why BF is superior to COD but we’ve all heard them already….lol

      1. When I write these kinds of articles I do my best to not show my cards, but I really prefer Battlefield in almost every way to Call of Duty. For some reason I still buy every year’s CoD, but only play it a little bit. Still playing BF3 and will be until BF4 comes out.

        1. SAME, every year I fall for people telling me that COD is much better than the one before, and that the problems I dont like with cod have gotten better.. one of which being lag.. i cant play a cod game without lag, and I have a 30 Mb connection, the other is the overpowered killstreaks which ruin the game for me.. I will not buy Ghost until I have played it and if they actually do change the engine like they are saying.. I started out playing cod, got my first BF game with BFBC2, fell in love with the game, pre-ordered BF3 for ps3, bought premium got to like level 80 col, kept watching some of my fav commentators like rivalxfactor, anderzel, pwnstar and was like.. WOW it looks much better and bigger on PC, so I put together a gaming pc and have been playing the PC version and bought premium for it too for months now, and I cant even play the ps3 version anymore or any FPS on ps3, pc is sooo much better for ME.. everyone has their choice and I appreciate their choice.. if its COD all the way, or BF all the way.. or can actually play both games like a normal human being.. Very nice article btw

      2. No its not you pathetic troll. Bf is for vehicles and teamplay, cod is for close quarers arcade combat, apart from that the netcode sucks.

        You bf cunts need to reallize that these two games are nothing a like, compare bf with homefront nto cod.

        1. Nice comments….lol

          It’s people like you that have made so many gamers ex-COD fans. You sound like so many of the COD kids that still play that garbage..Good luck with Ghosts (or should I say the latest COD set of mappacks)….:)

          1. keep proving that you are fakeboy and bf fanboy.

            Stop compaing teambased tactical semi reasllistc vehicle fps with close quarted gunplay nongeneric (perks/gadgets/killstreaks) personal customization infantry arcade fun)

            Bf is best compared with homefront, planetside and battlefront.

            Cod is best compared with moh, far cry 3, gotham city imposters, black light retrubituon

          2. Your comments make sense except that BF3 introduced close quarters which gave the BF converts their COD game style fix. If you compare the 2 BF still wins becuase it gives the player the choice to play a variety of ways while providing better graphics, sound and overall experience on dedicated servers….I could go on. Does COD offer that? Maybe Zombies which is decent but the runour is BF 4 will be offering dinosaurs which will provide the zombie experience for BF players…Pretty cool eh?

          3. and how bf players reacted to this?

            Let me quote forum posts”

            “wtf is this codified noob bull”

            “make a better dlc next gime, who cares about cod gameplay.”

            See whats wrong here? What is the next bf gonna do? focus more on cqc to get cod players? Dont you think thatas little stupid?

            “f you compare the 2 BF still wins becuase it gives the player the choice to play a variety of ways”

            Nope, cod has more variety,in black ops 2 you can run around with a knife and no guns packed with perks, in bf you got the usual generic classes. This guy is a sniper, he propably doesnt carry a good gun with him. This guy is a soldier, my tank is safe. How about i choose what i carry instead? If i want to run around with a smg and a rocketlauncher WHY THE HELL NOT? Till bf reallizes this, it can go and screw itself, i dont want predetermined classes.

            “while providing better graphics”

            At half the framerate, screw the graphics, id rather 60 fps and fast paced gameplay and good art design than borring blueish corridors and deserts that bf has.

            “sound and overall experience on dedicated servers”

            It has better sound, but as the sound designer of some game with good sound design said (dont ask me who, i cant find it right now) “cod has great sound design becuase you know what everything you hear is” He said that the guns in mw2 sound diffirent and no matter where you hear those sounds you will know its from mw2.

            The overall experiance is crap. tank noobs, camp noobs in bushes, borring gameplay, limited customization.

            The dedicated servers are pretty much useless since the game has the same crappy hit delay from 2002. Fix that, then bother with dedicated servers. I would really like to know who is gonna host dedis for the entire cod community. We talk round 30 million here.

            Sure thing moron, sure, bf4 is gonna have dinosaurs, SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURE.


          4. “”Let’s start with the reply:

            1. Let me quote forum posts”

            “wtf is this codified noob bull”

            “make a better dlc next gime, who cares about cod gameplay.”

            The poster was right about codified noob bull but the facts speak for themselves. Servers (64 player servers I may add on PC are still full night in and night out ). Before you respond there will be 64 player servers on consoles on the new hardware (Glad to see COD can manage 18 players).

            2. “What is the next bf gonna do? focus more on cqc to get cod players? Dont you think thatas little stupid?”

            I agree with you here but the goal is to steal COD market share and why not.

            3. “you can run around with a knife and no guns packed with perks, in bf you got the usual generic classes”

            You got it right here you can run around alright in circles…lol

            4.”At half the framerate, screw the graphics, id rather 60 fps and fast paced gameplay”

            The game will be at 60 fps on the new hardware with better graphics and sound. That’s why Activision announced that they will have a new engine for COD Ghosts….What a joke there….lol

            5. I won’t even discuss the sound in COD…it’s just plain horrible.

            6. “The overall experiance is crap. tank noobs, camp noobs in bushes, borring gameplay, limited customization.”
            I will grant you that the custimization needs to be improved and expanded.
            7. Dedicated servers were and are important to a big part of the community (Clans, gaming communities…etc). This will continue to be important and I’m really glad that DICE has stuck to that (PB over VAC…etc).
            8. We’ll see about the Dinosaurs. Wouldn’t that interest you?

          5. 1,WTF does player size has to do with anything? There are games than can handle more players but the most important thing is stability then how many can play in one map.

            2,Gee i dont know, same reason why resident evil 6 and dead space failed. Trying to steal the casual shooter audience instead focusing on their own audience. Dont kid yourself, bf is gonna be like cod. EA has registered bf trademarks all the way up to bf 20. So its gonna be milked. Arguably bf3 is the most dumbed down bf. What you want them to do? dumb it down more?


            “You got it right here you can run around alright in circles…lol”

            Yes thats the gameplay, same as quake and unreal but with real guns. I dont want to move slowly and hide in the bushes, kill and go hide in the bushes and then get into a tank and kill the poor players who accidently run up to me. Thats worse, id rather run towards each other and reflect battle than hide and seek and invicible tanks taking out poor infantry with no chance of fighting back. If they allowed custom classes like cod… they could fight back. Think about that for a second.

            4.30 fps google it.

            “That’s why Activision announced that they will have a new engine for COD Ghosts….What a joke there….lol’

            The joke here is you, an new engine cant take advantage of old consoles…NO make it ancient and somehow still run on 60 fps. RAGE used a shitty texture reloading techinique to achieve 60 fps and still looked blurry as hell.

            5. Actually its pretty good. Horrible compared to what? bf? maybe but what about all other games? Kinda cunt-ish of you to say its horrible when there are games that the sound actualyl is horrible. Still better than far cry 3, the sound in that game is average.

            6.Funny thing is that bc2 fanboys said bullshit lke “camos on guns? what is this shit, this isnt real war” then bf3 did it. Funnilly enough bc1 had golf carts, so much for realism arguments.

            7.Honestly vac is beter than PB.

            8. Orion dino horde. google it

          6. I’m sorry but I’m calling it here. I was enjoying the conversation but the level of respect is dropping. I have not once called you any names and have respected your opinion.

            “The joke here is you” and “Kinda cunt-ish of you to say”

            You sound just as uneasy as Activision.

            I hope you enjoy COD Ghosts when it comes out.

          7. I’m with you. Clearly if someone can’t have a civil discussion you’ve found a topic that they get really upset about.

          8. RIGHT i didnt call you bf cunts from the get go and you did not got pwned and gave up because you couldnt disprove my arguments.

          9. Such anger…lol
            I’m not arguing with you. Everyone who’s played battlefield and is above the age of 13 sticks with it and realizes how juvenille COD is….lol
            It’s people like you who resort to name calling who is helping the exodus of Mature gamers.
            I’ll leave it at that.

          10. Now where the FUCk did you come up with those fake up statistics?

            Let me give you reall statistics, cod’s fanbase is 30 million and its the most varied ever. You cant argue that ALL OF THEM are kids.

            Nuff said. Continue your trolling.

          11. I do not need to fake anything up. Check out VGCHARTZ BF3 has won on the PC outselling every version of COD. Notice how no one ever mentions this. The PC is the beginning. That’s why Activision and the analysts are getting nervous. Where do you think most of the Mature gamers play? On the console I think not….lol

          12. Yes because VGCHARTZ is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo accurate

            Crysis has sold more than 3 million on pc alone. Vgchartz doesnt agree though.

            Also check cod sales, a about a million on pc, and about 18 on consoles. Activision does not worry.

          13. That’s the point. They have lost one platform and it’s only a matter of time before they lose more ground. Like I said they had a good thing back in COD4/5 but they lost their way.

          14. lost a platform? bf was always significantly more powerfull on pc and cod on consoles.

          15. COD was also really powerful on the PC also back when COD 4 was launched and they had all the features that the PC community wanted also. They have slowly diminished those capablities and have totally alienated the community in the process. MOD tools aside BF still continues to offer their players these features. I played BO2 this weekend for free. It was horrible. I am so glad that I did waste my money on that…

          16. cod became a competitive mp experiance with cod4, waw and mw2 let down pc users. So i really dont see how cod has a history of pc support.

            STILL the ironic fact is that cod games have been better pc versions than most of those console ports outhere.

            What futures does bf offer? dedicated servers? So does cod. Clans? so does cod. Fov? so does cod. What bf offers?

            BO2 was pretty much what you played, you dont like that, dont buy cod. I played bf and i dont see the appeal the game is slow and requires constant zoom in at ever gunfight of some moron that hides in the bushes to avoid get spotted. Id rather play counter strike of planetside 2 or gotham city imposters or quake live.

          17. it is duchebagish of you to say that its horrible when there are far worse.

            Aside from the fact i called you bf cunt before so there was never respectfull conversation and how you refused to counter my arguments because i freaking pwned you and showed how clueless you are. HAVE FUN ON YOUR 30 FPS.

          18. What about the hacks in CoD titles?
            That sucks major ass. Never have i seen a game where people are sending request to buy hacks. Or
            being killed by hackers.

          19. Right its not like bc2 and bf3 were heavilly hacked on day one and the servers didnt work. Google it.

          20. At least BF still uses PB….PB is way better then VAC. Also on the PC there are still Admins to deal with the ones that get through….That doesn’t happen in COD anymore with their superior non admined servers….lol
            Can you tell me what are they gonna take away next from the PC players…I do not hink it’s gonna matter anyway there are so few of them left in COD….lol

          21. No its not, especially when it failes to update. vac is far better. Cod on pc also has admins and reports.

            You know i supported mw2 lack of dedis ands mods. Whyy? because i couldnt find one godamn non moded server. Now With dedis on pc, tis nuketown all the freakig time, its worse than dust 2 on coutnerstrike. PLAY SOME OTHER MAP DAMN IT.

          22. You are right but is the answer to take everything away that the community likes?

          23. No but i fail to see how dice lying that you cant really figure out how to mod bf3, so they are not gonna give mod tools is making them the guys who do the right thing? In reallity dice wants to sell dlc and will play along as long as they need to in order to establish a bigger fanbase. You just bash cod and praise dice when in reallity they are both pretty much in the same area.

          24. I never once said that one company was less greedy than the other. They are both the same. Public companies trying to make as much as they can. It’s just that DICE is currently offering more in it’s game than the other for the money and as long as that happens then they will get my money as the PC communities money. It’s only a matter of time for the consoles too…

          25. Honestly, calling people names is not proving a point. You could have called people “bf cunts” in the beginning, but no one would have listened to you then, right?

          1. Both are fps? might as well compare gears of war to tomb raider you dumb prick.

            Cod beats the crappy hit detection that bf has since 2002 and still not patched.

            Well done retard

  2. CoD to me is like the iphone. New one every year with subtle changes the gameplay it may as well be a map pack/reissue. Gameplay wise with CoD very little has changed since 2007 with CoD4:Modern Warfare. A few new animations are what stick out to me most.

    What it comes down to for me is: skill or simplicity.

    Simplicity: CoD. Every gun has such little recoil that it is a non factor. A guns damage and rate of fire are all that matter. Sure the player’s aiming is important too but if you use that one gun… you are golden. Aim your gun at what you want to shoot and the bullet goes there. Using perks to gain kills? No thanks. I recall in Black Ops there were only two maps that had areas where you could avoid attack dogs. Call in an attack chopper and anyone in the immediate area is done for. Too simple.

    Skill: Battlefield. Learning every recoil pattern of all weapons. Finding which attachment compliments the gun and your play style. In CoD a foregrip increases range… In Battlefield it reduces side-to-side recoil but also decreases your accuracy at range. Bullets actually travel through the air and take time to reach your target. Not to mention bullet drop. Learn how to fly a chopper and take out foot mobiles.

    That is why I feel Battlefield is superior. It takes skill.

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