Grand Theft Auto V: Why Having 3 Protagonists Is Genius

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This week, Rockstar Games released three new trailers for their upcoming game, Grand Theft Auto V. They released three trailers because each trailer is looking at the three main protagonists in the game: Michael, Franklin and Trevor. While Rockstar Games has not made mention how these protagonists’ story missions will play out, it is safe to assume that all three of them will have significant portions of play within the whole game. This is the first time that a Grand Theft Auto game will feature more than one main protagonist. We feel that the addition of more protagonists will only help make Grand Theft Auto V a better game.

The most obvious detail we can digest from the new trailers is that Rockstar Games is channeling each of GTA 3, GTA :Vice City and GTA: San Andreas in this new game. Two of the protagonists, Michael and Franklin, look to be similar to the main characters from GTA: Vice City and GTA: San Andreas respectively. Trevor, the crazy one among the group, has a bit of everything from the older games in him, a homage to GTA 3 then given that game really started it all. This is a genius move as every GTA fan has a favourite among those games for various reasons. By providing a setting and culture within GTA V similar to those games, each element will spark interest among those that liked particular things in those older games. I for one thoroughly enjoyed GTA: Vice City. From the story missions to the badass main protagonist, GTA: Vice City had a ton of elements that drew me into the game. As such, Michael’s path in Grand Theft Auto V is the one that excites me the most. Trevor’s crazy antics impressed too.

Variety is the spice of life. Let’s face it, if you didn’t like the specific setting or culture of past GTA games, there wasn’t anything you could do about it. You had to wade through the parts you didn’t enjoy to get to the parts you did. By creating these three different protagonists, Grand Theft Auto V will allow gamers to focus on the characters they enjoy the most. I know of a few people who didn’t like Vice City, much like I know people who don’t like San Andreas or GTA IV either. Grand Theft Auto V will essentially provide the gamer with choices, and that’s never a bad thing. Like I mentioned earlier, we don’t know how Rockstar Games will implement these three protagonists, but even if you are forced at times to utilise everyone before you can proceed with the story, you aren’t locked down to one permanently.

The story within Grand Theft Auto V will also likely flow better compared to older games. In GTA IV for instance, Niko Bellic was supposedly regretting his actions prior to the start of GTA IV, but he still manages to kill so many people in GTA IV. Such story related inconsistencies can be avoided by having more protagonists, as each characters’ missions can be tailored to their backstory, providing for more consistency in the storyteling. Granted this isn’t a big problem for GTA games – the story is merely there to tie missions together – but Rockstar Games do no harm to themselves by providing a better story to complement the gameplay.

What do you guys think? Is having three main protagonists a pro or con for Grand Theft Auto V? Will Grand Theft Auto V be the best game in the series?

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