GTA V: 5 Great Previous Missions

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With each passing day, we get closer to the release of 2013s biggest game, Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA V). Lots of information has trickled out about the game, with the sheer size and scope of the game something somewhat unbelievable. We’ll have to wait until it releases to confirm all that has been said, but for the here and now, here are 5 great GTA missions from previous installments that should be modeled upon for the new installment.

5) Alma Mater Return! (GTA 2)

In this mission, you have to get yourself imprisoned in order to kill some guards that a disgruntled former inmate hates. So for starters, you have to get caught by the police, then get thrown in jail. You then meet up with someone who gives you access to a guard uniform and a gun. You then start a prison riot and in the chaos, kill a few prison guards. When done, you blow open the prison gates and escape. You don’t get missions like that in recent GTA games, so rekindling old missions should be something to look into.

4) Cop Land (GTA: Vice City)

Oddly enough, in a similar vein to the above mission, in Cop Land, you have to land a couple of police uniforms in order to enter a mall. So you’ve got to catch the attention of police again, but that’s just the beginning. Once you’ve got your clothes, you enter the mall to detonate a bomb (surrounded by other cops). Of course, doing this gets you an instant 5-star wanted level, with no great escape route available. You’ve got to make it to a safe place improvising on whatever is available to you. A very fun mission.

3) Three Leaf Clover (GTA IV)

Probably GTA IV’s best mission, Three Leaf Clover was fit for any crime movie attempt, let alone a video game. You take on a mission with Packie, and let`s face it, Packie gave you the best missions. They were great because they were over the top, and you knew Packie and his gang couldn’t really pull off their ambitious plans. Not without you at least. It’s another great mission where things don’t go as planned, and you then have to constantly think on your feet as the cops chase you as you run off with $1 Million in cash robbed from a bank.

2) Stowaway (GTA: San Andreas)

One of the best San Andreas missions was the one that had you chased a plane in a bike, jump on, kill some agents, plant a bomb, then parachute out. It’s another great moment in GTA games where plenty is happening around you as you try to complete the mission. The end where you fall and parachute to the ground is just an epic scene to end the mission.

1) RSL Bows (GTA 2)

With the older GTA games, the top-down 2-D games, you had a bigger variety of missions. Things didn’t have to stay true to the rigid realistic expectations of 3-D games. RSL Bows was one such mission. It is very over-the-top in content. You essentially have to collect a bus full of people and send them to a meat processing factory to, you guess it, churn out some human meat. It’s a disgusting thought as the mission happens later on in the game, where you’ve seen countless meat trucks throughout the game and you suddenly realise the kind of meat they use. An interesting point, the PC and PS1 versions of the game differ slightly. In the PS1 version, you collect gang members to be butchered as a mission for an opposing gang. In the PC version, you have to go and collect normal people, using a normal bus (something hard to find). The pure concept is disgusting and brilliant all in one, making it a very memorable mission.

What GTA missions stand out to you? And which would you like emulated in GTA V?

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  1. the mission in gta sa where u have a machine gun on the back of a bike shooting a truck chasing you like Terminator 2, with Killing In The Name by RATM playing

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