Bioshock Infinite: 5 Reasons It Will Be Great

Releasing in just a few days time, Bioshock Infinite will be one of 2013’s biggest releases in the gaming world. Many gamers have been eagerly awaiting the game ever since it was announced. Some speculated that it was going to release last year, but for good or bad, we’ve had to wait until the end of March this year. With that in mind, let’s look at some of the reasons to be excited for this game.

5) Hybrid Gameplay

During a time when FPS games tend to dominate the sales charts and spawn countless generic repetitions, it is good to be able to look forward to a game that will feature a bit of RPG elements too. Granted, it’s nothing huge, but there’s enough variety there to stand Bioshock out from the FPS crowd. Good gameplay that features both typical shooter elements and also some supernatural elements will return and makes Bioshock Infinite a decent game to look forward to.

4) Choice & Consequences

Some trailers for Bioshock Infinite have shown more choices and consequences throughout the game than what was available in the original Bioshock. The story of Bioshock games tend to be very good and the addition of more choices and consequences strewn throughout Bioshock Infinite will likely make the game very replayable and of course add to the lore and background story of the game. These are exciting elements in any game, so we look forward to seeing how Bioshock Infinite handles it.

3) Bioshock

An easy reason to predict that Bioshock Infinite will be great is because the original Bioshock was great. The same developers behind the first game are the ones creating the newest game in the series too. That adds more pedigree to the title. There are many reasons why Bioshock is considered a great game, from story to atmosphere to the setting and the gameplay. All these elements combined to make a great game. Thus we can carry some hope that Bioshock Infinite will deliver in those aspects too.

2) Useful Companion

Somewhat different to the earlier Bioshock games, Bioshock Infinite introduces a companion to the main protagonist who goes by the name of Elizabeth. She has her own backstory amidst the main story and looks on occasion to join you in battle at certain points during the game. I for one love having companions with me during romps through cities and sewers and everything really. From basic banter to the additional strategic element they can introduce into the gameplay, companions tend to be good fun. So long as it’s not a pure escort mission.

1) Columbia

Columbia, the floating sky city that hosts the main story and gameplay of Bioshock Infinite looks very, very interesting. From its residents to the sheer fact that it is a sky city, practically everything we’ve been told about the city is interesting. This is a city that was made to be explored, and we have high hopes that it will deliver. Part of Bioshock’s charm was the underwater city of Rapture. With that in mind, we can hope for bigger and better things to be implemented into Columbia now that technology has progressed and the ability to add more into games should be easier than it was all those years ago. Columbia does look like it’ll deliver a wonderful setting for the game.

Who else here is excited for Bioshock Infinite?

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