Theo’s Thoughts #35: Dailies Done Right

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It has been almost an ongoing joke within the WoW community. Daily quests have been implemented in every patch thus far and some players, either jokingly or complainingly say that World of Warcraft has become nothing but dailies. Though this is not true, it is true that dailies have had a huge impact on the game. Whether players enjoy running dailies or not, it is at least good to know that at least Blizzard seems to have a good grasp on how to make dailies enjoyable.

Often times in past expansions the main problem with dailies has been they were almost required. Offering gear that was as good as gear obtained in raids through dailies meant that players had to run these dailies often to get the best gear they can, or else they would be deemed as “bad” players. This is a huge problem because it means that these daily quests are a requirement for most players, and the last thing most players want is to be told how to play a game. Blizzard has fixed this by having gear from dailies not be as good as raid gear. This means players who do dailies will have better gear for a little bit, but once everyone starts raiding then the gear from dailies will eventually be replaced, which is how it should be.

Forcing players to do anything in a game is never a good way to play, unless of course what the task is fun. Blizzard has definitely been doing their best to make daily quests enjoyable. A huge part of this is the progress they make players feel like they are achieving. Before, dallies used to be the exact same quest every day with nothing changing. However, in the Firelands patch, and continued on in Mists of Pandaria, Blizzard has added progression to the dailies, with players unlocking new zones to quest in. This gives the quest a much deeper feel to it. Players are starting to actually feel that they are in a changing world, that does not just change when new patches come out. This, combined with Blizzards superb story telling abilities, ensure that dailies, once a meaningless grind, have become somewhat an enjoyable activity for players.

Though at the start of Mists of Pandaria, there were a lot of complaints about having too many dailies to do. However, Blizzard has shown that they have perfected the art of dailies, and have made them an enjoyable thing for players to do who wish to immerse themselves in Azeroth, while not making them a requirement for players who do not care too much of the stories that are being told in WoW. Anyway, as big WoW player, as well as a huge fan of the Warcraft franchise, I hope that Blizzard is able to continue to use these daily quests to tell the stories of Azeroth.

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