Watch Dogs: 3 Reasons It’ll Be Better Than GTA 5

Ubisoft have been on a decent roll this past year. Far Cry 3 ended 2012 with a big bang whilst Assassin’s Creed 3 was still a decent game. Now they’ve announced Assassin’s Creed 4, which looks REALLY interesting. Another game on the horizon that Ubisoft have up their sleeve is Watch Dogs. It is easy to compare Watch Dog’s setting to a GTA game given that the sandbox open-world nature of the two games are pretty similar. Both games will hopefully deliver, with Rockstar’s pedigree almost assuring gamers that GTA 5 will be very good. With that in mind however, Watch Dogs has all the opportunity to come out tops. So, here is the list: Watch Dogs: 3 Reasons It’ll Be Better Than GTA 5.

3) Watch Dogs Will Release On PC and Next-Gen Consoles

While GTA 5 hasn’t ruled out 100% the possibility of releasing on PC and next-gen consoles, the current-gen consoles are lead platforms for GTA 5. Watch Dogs on the other hand, will be releasing on PC and next-gen consoles, automatically meaning the game will be taking advantage of better technology to provide not just better graphics, but also better loading times, better artificial intelligence and better customization among other things. GTA 5 might end up being the bigger game in terms of size, but that will be pointless if content has to be spread out to accommodate current-gen limitations.

2) Focus On Technology

Watch Dogs looks to provide a near-future take on the world, whilst GTA 5 will provide a more current take on the world. In this regard, Watch Dogs has more creative freedom on its side. Mobile phones was a major introduction in GTA 4, and that was just mobile phones. Watch Dogs looks to be able to provide more than that, with mobile phones used as a hacking tool. Technology can also be used as a weapon, with the ability to take out a target through conventional GTA weapons of guns and knives coupled with more impressive feats like causing a major traffic accident. More variety is always more fun. There’s plenty of room for more technology to be introduce in other aspects of the game too, providing the opportunity for more variety in missions than compared to a GTA game.

1) Environment Control

Continuing on from the last point, one of the major abilities that gamers will have in Watch Dogs will be environment control. In GTA games, everything becomes very common as every police chase after a mission is essentially a copy paste from other police chases. If you’re serious about evading the cops in GTA, you have to jump in a car and run. If you just want to mess around, you can of course take them out, but that will only likely draw in more heat and you’l eventually have to run away anyway. In Watch Dogs, you have more control of your environment. So much so that you will most likely only be limited by your imagination. The ability to hack almost anything can turn events around in your favour in seconds. We saw this in the PlayStation 4 announcement gameplay demo where the player, in trying to evade the police, not only stopped one police car by using a barricade, but also escaped by jumping on a train that he personally stopped.

So what do you guys think? Undoubtedly, both games look like they will be huge games this coming year, and everyone wins if they both turn out great.


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  1. Watch dog? Complete garbage. Not even anywhere in the same league as GTA 5. And forget about Watch dog 2, Red Dead Redemption 2 is coming. Watch dog 2 will also be garbage.

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