Watch Dogs: 3 Reasons It’ll Be Better Than GTA 5

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Ubisoft have been on a decent roll this past year. Far Cry 3 ended 2012 with a big bang whilst Assassin’s Creed 3 was still a decent game. Now they’ve announced Assassin’s Creed 4, which looks REALLY interesting. Another game on the horizon that Ubisoft have up their sleeve is Watch Dogs. It is easy to compare Watch Dog’s setting to a GTA game given that the sandbox open-world nature of the two games are pretty similar. Both games will hopefully deliver, with Rockstar’s pedigree almost assuring gamers that GTA 5 will be very good. With that in mind however, Watch Dogs has all the opportunity to come out tops. So, here is the list: Watch Dogs: 3 Reasons It’ll Be Better Than GTA 5.

3) Watch Dogs Will Release On PC and Next-Gen Consoles

While GTA 5 hasn’t ruled out 100% the possibility of releasing on PC and next-gen consoles, the current-gen consoles are lead platforms for GTA 5. Watch Dogs on the other hand, will be releasing on PC and next-gen consoles, automatically meaning the game will be taking advantage of better technology to provide not just better graphics, but also better loading times, better artificial intelligence and better customization among other things. GTA 5 might end up being the bigger game in terms of size, but that will be pointless if content has to be spread out to accommodate current-gen limitations.

2) Focus On Technology

Watch Dogs looks to provide a near-future take on the world, whilst GTA 5 will provide a more current take on the world. In this regard, Watch Dogs has more creative freedom on its side. Mobile phones was a major introduction in GTA 4, and that was just mobile phones. Watch Dogs looks to be able to provide more than that, with mobile phones used as a hacking tool. Technology can also be used as a weapon, with the ability to take out a target through conventional GTA weapons of guns and knives coupled with more impressive feats like causing a major traffic accident. More variety is always more fun. There’s plenty of room for more technology to be introduce in other aspects of the game too, providing the opportunity for more variety in missions than compared to a GTA game.

1) Environment Control

Continuing on from the last point, one of the major abilities that gamers will have in Watch Dogs will be environment control. In GTA games, everything becomes very common as every police chase after a mission is essentially a copy paste from other police chases. If you’re serious about evading the cops in GTA, you have to jump in a car and run. If you just want to mess around, you can of course take them out, but that will only likely draw in more heat and you’l eventually have to run away anyway. In Watch Dogs, you have more control of your environment. So much so that you will most likely only be limited by your imagination. The ability to hack almost anything can turn events around in your favour in seconds. We saw this in the PlayStation 4 announcement gameplay demo where the player, in trying to evade the police, not only stopped one police car by using a barricade, but also escaped by jumping on a train that he personally stopped.

So what do you guys think? Undoubtedly, both games look like they will be huge games this coming year, and everyone wins if they both turn out great.

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  1. I agree, GTA has had its day. Thing that eggs me is when developers get arrogant and start crackin at their fan base Rockstar: Fans thinking we have set back our game for the purpose of coinciding with the next gen consoles are conspiracy theroists and out of their. Really conspiracy theroiests? What ever happened to having a hunch, using that inward thing called intution…. Well sorrrrry Rockstar for having an opinion, that makes people automatically nutcases and then you got piss weak review sites jumping on the band wagon with titles “Rockstar slams the people in tinfoil hats” This pretty much blanket statment everyone who had an opinion. Well god help you if you think for yourself cause thats how developers view their gamers these days, as cashcows to be honest the ‘caring for the gamer’ got lost a long time ago. Now it’s about graphics, all aboard the gravy train and caterying to any kid who buy anything shiny. Bethesda Skyrim *cough* So I will not be purchasing GTA5 for these very reasons. Treat the fans like dirt you don’t get my money, of course developers will still cater to the buy anything shiny cash cow, but you end up with, SC2 is bad, WOW is worthless, Skyrim is overated, Fallout is poor quality, Relic has fallen buy the wayside, Read Sony is struggling and nintendo is laggin behind. “No!” I hear you say, “Sc2 was awsome, WOW is huge, Skyrim was accritically acclaimed, Fallout was awsome!!!” My My reply, these games have lost their essence, (although WOW was just one big plaugarisim is an exception to the rule) Games are losing their appeal.

    1. so your saying every and all games are losing there appeal? and what does WOW, Skyrim, and Fallout 3 have to do with gta and watch dogs? do you not know your genres? and rockstar treats there fans great, E.A. and Activision are the corporates not rockstar.

  2. Wow, Watch Dogs has barely released any information, and yet you say it’s better? GTA is an old franchise that’s proven it can deliver, and with all the R* games from the last few years being so good GTA 5 is endless. Watch Dogs has potential, but that is all it does have. Ubisoft’s last few game were okay at best, and AC3 was open world and it really wasn’t too good. What make you think Watch Dogs will be any better? I’m not saying it’ll be bad, I’ll be probably just okay. Watch Dogs also won’t get anywhere near the sales of GTA 5. GTA 5 will be bought buy the Millions of GTA fans, while Watch Dogs is a new Franchise so many people like me will buy it USED. Watch Dogs is currently very overrated with no proof it can deliver, this reminds me of another game called Duke Nukem Forever which did the same. I’m not saying GTA 5 is immune from this, but I don’t think it will happen. I don’t know, I guess were just going to have to wait until release day, but I have my money on GTA 5!

      1. Are you mental? GTA is one of the most popular franchises of all time. Ubisoft games are all overrated and are mediocre at best.

          1. IT is overrated because the game delivers and satisfies the ones who buy it. go cry elsewhere. watch dogs can’t never get close to a classic like gta. Hell the game is not a classic. is a living legend.

          2. Sadly, it is not. Got WATCH_DOGS and I think it is overrated. The graphics are nothing near what was shown in early footage and so far they are not really looking better than GTA V. But graphics are a minor point. The whole gameplay feels repetitive compared to GTA. And also in terms of a living, breathing city simulation WATCH_DOGS falls short so far. Storywise the main character is somewhat unsympathetic and boring and his actions seem hardly justified by his backstory which takes itself rather seriously. But I have only played WD for so long and here’s hoping the game will pick up.

    1. Just got watch dogs and it was definitely overrated, have played a hour of game-play and am already bored!

  3. Hold up a minute, so you’re saying that watch dogs is going to be better than grand theft auto 5 because of certain aspects that are only prominent in watch dogs and only watch dogs focuses on? That’s like saying that dead space 3 is better than black ops 2 because it’s a better survival horror experience. Get the message? I think you’re a little butt hurt about the delay.

  4. 1GTA V WILL release on PC,only an idiot couldn’t see this
    2.submarines,planes,phones,scuba diving MP,MUCH bigger map
    3.Before judging lets ACTUALLY play the damn game!

  5. Lol, so this brand new idea for a game will be better than what we already know about GTA5 (or GTA in general)? Sorry, but GTA5 is going to redefine this style of gaming. Console will be “pretty good”. But a nice polished PC or next gen console version will show where these 4 or 5 years have been going (If they release).

  6. gta has history brakes records with every release, gets high praise, wins awards, fans know what to expect, now we have watchdogs two to three videos have been released we dont know to much about the game but yet people are saying things like gta killer, hmmmm i wonder why people think it’ll be better maybe its the story we all know lots about,maybe its that demo we have all played numerous times on the ps4 and xbox 720, no people are judging it from the graphics, the graphics are amazing but graphics dont make a game any better if that was the case games like crysis would be at top of the fps genre n etc. Maybe watchdogs will be better time will tell but imo it wont and it can go with the other games that tried to take on gta thes likes of true crime, saints row n etc.

  7. I read over your whole publishing and sorry to say but the points you pointed out are strange and if not off fact.

    1. There is no difference between P.C. A.I. and console A.I.(xbox 360 and ps4) or gaming experiences unless you MOD it.
    But of course graphics and other specs would be better for P.C., thats a given.

    2. To “space out content” like you say, to “compensate” for limitations of console would mean you would have to create basically a new game, you cant just highlight and delete code. and to do just that means hours more of work which equals more money.

    3. you have little information on on these games….you dont think this is alittle premature?

    i do have to say Ubisoft would be the only one to challenge Rockstar in the sandbox field.

  8. Hahahaha, this article should have been ‘10000 reasons why GTA V will be better than Watchdogs.’ Makes more sense.

  9. Watch Dogs:-Use CellPhone to hack “almost anything you can imagine”..stop trains….hack people’s bank accounts…control cctv cameras…?is that all this game has to give?Hahahah…ur pathetic!
    GTA=FULL TIME ACTION EVEN AFTER GAME’S STORYLINE HAS BEEN FINISHED….NO CELLPHONE HACKS BUT TONNES OF MORE STUFF TO DO..I dnt need to start naming them…real GTA fans already know what i am talking about!:)
    If by saying that player can be creative in how he evades cop and that creativity lies with just fucking stopping a freakin train wid ur cellphone or causing traffic jams…u r one sick fuck!XD
    Even if cellphone hacking was in GTA…and u could do all this train stopping bullshit…No one would…cause there are so many other “FUN” ways of dealing wid Cops rather than lame hacking!!hope u get the point!

    1. stop opening your mouth and say less bullshit .think about it did gta ever change? no. what the fuck something new is better than making always old stuff. O another thing in watch dogs you can do also evry single thing of gta .

      1. Can you change between 3 characters at anytime in watch dogs? No. You fuck around on some phone looking all tough in a leather jacket. Something we have seen so many times before. Gta 3 pretty much invented open world trouble making. Get over ya self

        1. can you jump in someone’s single player world and sneak around ? no you change between characters in a single player game which is just a high def san andreas


  10. GTA is funny. I found the old school 2D ones amusing. But never really found the GTA titles of that much interest. Everytime I seen friends play it, it just seems so aimlessly roaming around, going nowhere, nothing of any significance ever happening. Just shooting ppl and cars left right and center. Though I know it does include a string of missions.
    And then there’s the stupid cheats they keep chucking in, I don’t know what for. Anytime my buddy shows his game off. Just click in the cheats, and the game becomes even more bland, pulling out an unlimited rocket launcher, literally having watched him shoot down shoot down endless helicoptors and cars etc.. all perfectly and periodically spawning in short intervals.
    The trailer for the new one actually looks like it has some personality. I haven’t personally really ever played a 3D GTA myself. Is there that much substance I’m missing to these games?

    1. You sir, are missing out. Your friend was aimlessly roaming around because he chose to. there are lots of things to do. And unlimited rocket launchers dont exist

      1. Most everyone I saw always seemed to just roam around on those games, I really see so little ever happen on them. And maybe some of the GTA games were different, but via weapon cheats, I’ve literally seen my buddy just stand around blowing endless things up with unlimited ammo. Both a bit unspectacular and both very mind numbing.
        I have a particular issue with cheat codes in games these days, I can’t believe they still use em. They serve no purpose what-so-ever other than to break a game and circumnavigate their challenge and depth.
        Novelty cheats can be amusing, that just do visual mocks etc..

          1. I just don’t get why the devs themselves still actually input cheats into their games like that. They couldn’t possibly improve sales for a game in anyway shape or form.
            Some of us are disciplined to play games properly through and through to experience them. But there’s a huge crowd out there that just search em up on at time of game purchase and just hack their way to the end. Then get bored of it all in an hour or 2. Which simply means they don’t give the game the word of mouth it deserve or acknowledge the games integrity or features.
            Again humorous cheats, that only modify visual aspects etc.. I find ok.

          2. They put cheats because us old school players like to mess around in the open world of gta. In gta san andreas the cheats were like another fun factor to mess with. doing a mission while a pedestrian war waged accros the streets risking you getting blown up by a rocket ped. cheats are used for fun. but guys like you bunch just trash thm ans say they are not right. lol yeah right, you say that now, but I bet you cheated more than a 1000 times in any sort of game. If cheating is wrong. then using perks that gives you health and what not is also wrong because it gives you a unrightful advantage over your opponent.

          3. Actually I tend to avoid cheats and find little interest in them mostly. Again, mock and humour cheats are all fine, but cheats like “God mode” that break the game, just make the game nothing but plain lame. And many gamers out their just rely on em to play a game, cause it’s less effort and more convenient, turning a master-piece title into a couple hour bore-fest. And gamers give up on em.
            As a primarily Nintendo gamer, they don’t tend to input those cheats into their games, cause they know it only dumbs them down to pre-school level. I like games that depend on brain power to finish.
            Mainly I play SC2 online on the PC front, and will happily game you or anyone at that, or some other more PC centric title anytime if you think I’m a novice gamer depending on cheats
            In GTA games , I’ve literally watched a friend stand in one spot for the best part of half hour with an unlimited rocket launcher shooting down unlimited spawning helicopters.
            Seriously, 100% WTF??
            That’s not gaming whatsoever, excuse me for “trashing” that

    1. No no no you got it wrong. It should be watch dogs good, saints row better , Grand theft auto Best.
      That being said, ready for a leet ass heist Trevor?

  11. In my opinion the game has the potential to be the change to next-gen games but under the economical aspect gta is going to be released on september of this year which means more money will come to Rockstar for sure. Watch dogs will be released probably on november which could be convenient because during christmas time more money will go into ubisoft but also rockstar because people will continue buying the game. Gta has milions of fans while watch dogs doesn’t. Gta is like a brother he can’t betray you never. Watch dogs is unknown for everyone. I believe Ubisoft cares a lot about the game and is putting so much effort in it but it has to be something concrete. i don’t want another fucking equal assassin’s creed . i want new stuff . god i want to be amazed by that game. The potential it’s unlimited it has to be made concrete. Changing argument the ps4 will be released maybe this Christmas or next year so if i think about Watch dogs can’t count only on ps4 because it’s not possible that in one year everyone will buy the ps4 with watch dogs or otherwise the ps4 prize at the release will be 299 or maybe 350 euros which in that case could be a good act by sony because more people will be able to afford it which means more money incoming in sony and also ubisoft for Watch dogs.

    1. By far one of the most sensible comments here… I agree totally that GTA V will have the greater fanbase and this alone might mean the game will sell better. However that alone isn’t what makes it great. R* puts a TON of effort in every game they release and each world feels fully realized not because of scale but the detail that goes into the game. GTA IV allegedly had 80, 000 lines of dialogue (much of it being NPC dialogue) as compared to Mass Effect’s 40, 000. Couple a similar amount of NPC idle dialogue, 7 hours of radio content, additional TV content, and numerous NPC animations and you get a world that looks and sounds alive. I have no doubt that watchdogs will be a game which will be fun as hell to play. However I seem to get this vibe from Watchdogs footage that once I have completed every mission, and every side activity (that isn’t randomized) I’ll have to spend a ton of time running around in order for something to happen on it’s own and even if something does happen often I just might not feel compelled to involve myself… This was how I felt about the random occurrences in AC2 (Borgia Couriers/Pick Pockets) and Far Cry 3 (help me out bro my car broke down occured so often for me it wasn’t even funny). Unless Ubisoft somehow ups the ante I might just decide to say fuck it I can’t be bothered. Additionally I feel disappointed to hear that watchdogs multiplayer is centered around griefing other players though I can see how balancing issues might push them away from cooperative play. Now I admit that this is just my experience with ubisoft games talking and I have no SOLID proof but I feel like though the scripted single player experience in watchdogs may surpass GTA V’s own, in terms of the random occurrences and the multiplayer GTA V takes the cake. Not to mention it makes sense for your character to go on a rampage in GTA V but given Aiden’s reputation system and Ubisoft’s treatment of it’s many open world protagonists (Jason Brody, Ezio Auditore being guys who take sides) it makes no sense for them to go on a rampage and so I fear that this will limit the kind of mayhem you can cause!

  12. Man, you have to be the biggest moron ever. Seriously, Watch Dogs better than GTA? Ok, let me point out flaws in your 3 reasons:

    PC/Next-Gen: Grand Theft Auto games (since GTA III) have always been released on PC within 6 months after console release. There is never any PC marketing (nor any PC logo on any advertisements) during the initial marketing campaign. After the game is released then Rockstar worries about the PC crowd. And as for next-gen… Port. Why would Rockstar want to give a mediocre port of a game they have been working on since the release of GTA IV? Sure, Ubisoft can afford to port Watch Dogs because they know their fanboys will run out for it, but does a port mean it will be better? Not at all. In the case of GTA V, the multiplayer would suffer on next-gen from lack of players (not everyone is running out to buy the new consoles day 1) and the game hasn’t been fully worked out for next-gen. And that video at the PS4 (non)reveal looked to have the same graphics as the current-gen version at E3 last year.

    Technology/Controlling the Environment: Really? These two are your 2nd and 3rd points? So far the technology looks to make the game too simplistic. Yeah, it is cool to be able to know everything about everyone and such… But being able to halt a metro train to use to jump from one roof across the street to another? Too easy. I fail to see how attempting to out run an entire city of cops and a SWAT team is so much more simplistic than causing a traffic jam to escape.

    Ubisoft talks of big game. Far Cry 3 was amazing yes, but too short. Assassins Creed 3 was buggy as holy hell and really wasn’t the greatest improvement in a series that is mediocre at best. So, I see your 3 reasons as to why Watch Dogs will be better than GTA V and raise you 4 reasons why GTA V will be better than Watch Dogs;


    No, seriously though:

    GTA: It’s GTA. The name alone has more drawing power than an open bar at Mansion in Miami. It’s a series that has constantly pushed itself further and improved with each entry. Sure, GTA IV felt different but from the second trailer for GTA V, it looks as if Rockstar is taking GTA back to it’s dark comedy routes. Another thing is that with GTA you know what you’re getting, unlike Watch Dogs which looks to be a modern day AssCreed with James Bond tech and guns.

    3 characters: This is a rather big deal. 3 characters that you can switch to at anytime during the game and during a mission, where you can experience parts of the mission in different ways depending on who you pick? That’s insane. What game has been that dynamic with characters?

    Map: Sure, Watch Dogs is set in a real city but does that make it better? Not really. It actually is limiting to what the developers can get away with in terms of story and writing. The size of the map too will come into play. GTA V’s map is said to be able to contain GTA IV’s Liberty City, San Andreas (all 3 cities from PS2/Xbox days), Red Dead Redemption (all aspects, river/America/Mexico/mountains), and still have room to spare. No doubt Watch Dogs is in Chicago, but it’s most likely going to he very scaled down.

    Multiplayer: One of the biggest surprises in GTA IV was how fun the multiplayer actually was. From Free Roam which players can cause chaos around Liberty City, to Cops and Crooks where one team of wiseguys has to take their mob boss to an extraction point while another team of cops is hot on their ass. Sure, there was the occasional problem with modders and such, but that expected in any game these days, and Rockstar has shown promise to strengthening their measures for such things (Max Payne 3 had a horrible opening month in MP and Rockstar worked on fixing that).

    So unless Watch Dogs can prove to be more than a modern AssCreed it is still not even worth mentioning in the same sentence or paragraph as Grand Theft Auto.

    1. Actually having the next gen port is a huge point because the next gen consoles will obviously run games alot better and faster. and the last 2 points are good and gta is super overrated and you know it. watch dogs will be awesome you know it dig into the game and watch the 14 minute gameplay then you know about the game

    2. and secondly gta has really decreased gta 4 was a bad game if you ask me you lost the tuning of cars and you speak of buggs in ac what about the nice swing glitch where you get sent flying through the city and why would having a real city limit the developpers this makes it a bit easier for them so they know what to make and just so you know it took ubisoft longer to creat watch dogs than R* gta

      Watch dogs will totally destroy GTA 5

  13. 3 Reasons your article is utterly shite and exists because of instant views.

    1. GTA has always been releasing on PC, just a few months after console versions (PC Gamer here) follow the pattern.

    2. It’s great that you like Watch Dog’s selling feature, GTA V has 100’s of these, such as a fully explorable ocean floor or the biggest game world ever created by R* North and much more.

    3.Refer to statement number 2.

    Look, I really, REALLY like Watch Dogs, going by the trailers, I really love this game, I really enjoyed the past few Ubisoft games like AC3 and FC3 (My personal 2012 GOTY).
    But seriously though, when GTA V’s releasing, every other game is going to hell, can’t wait for both GTA V and Watch Dogs (If I was a console gamer, I wouldn’t be hyped for Watch Dogs.)

  14. GTA went bad since GTA3, sains row went good since SR2, watch dogs is new but already has some really interesting features never seen in any of the two games.
    judging watch dogs bad from just a few videos is simply ignorance, it seems like a good game and unlike GTAV, it actually has plenty to do outside missions.

    GTA has bin a fanboy passion for ppl since the dawn of GTA3, anything else is inferior to them.
    When Saints row IV came to light all i saw was GTA fan hordes calling it horrible, this is just because it has some fun stuff in it.
    but looking at the facts, SRIV has character customization and a choice of character, that already makes the game better.
    now when you look at watch dogs, it’s new so i can’t say to much about it but i really don’t dismiss it.
    it might be good, it might be bad but it doesn’t give anyone a reason to call it bad when no one has even played it yet.

    all and all, GTA is overrated by allot, it puts me to sleep on how generic it has become after every release.
    SR games are fun because it promoted goofing out, it’s still reneric but has a twist making it fun.
    WD is to new to judge, i personally find it a whole lot better then GTA but more because it’s not so generic AFAIK.
    just stop fighting about it, GTA is an old title and really popular, it takes time for ppl to see other game taking the lead because new games don’t have much of a crowd until they prove them self.

    1. The fuck you are talking about. GTA got better after GTA 3. From 2d era to 3d era to HD era. I wouldn’t call that a “went bad”

  15. wow… first cod and bf debate and now gta and wd debate?

    i wonder how many idiots have been exist in this world…..

  16. this game is utter garbage and could not ever compete with gta5 never driving is hopelessly utterly miserable the shooting is worse the game feels totally garbage in every way.

  17. Wow how wrong were they. Watch Dogs is almost a year younger than GTA V and on next-gen, but it still fails on almost all fronts. Even graphics wise, it’s only better in certain Elements. It fails to live up to the hype completely.

  18. I love coming back to reviews like this and reading the comments section. This is a terrible game and every hype review from these gaming sites just tell us how much they are getting paid to fuel up the hype train for sales. It might as well have Mt. Dew and Doritos images on the box art. Ubisoft pulled a bait and switch and hooked many people for their money. GTA V blows this out of the water, and if people are sick of that comparison, look at Sleeping Dogs compared to this “Next Gen” title. Sleeping Dogs is older and looks WAY better than this steaming pile.

  19. Watch dog? Complete garbage. Not even anywhere in the same league as GTA 5. And forget about Watch dog 2, Red Dead Redemption 2 is coming. Watch dog 2 will also be garbage.

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