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Theo’s Thoughts #33: An Idea for Classes in the Next Expansion

Mists of Pandaria’s second major patch, 5.2, is on the horizon. This patch has many players excited with new things such as dailies, a new raid, and many other changes to the game. For now, much of the community is just waiting for this patch to come out. I know it is a long ways away, but during this time off I have been putting a little bit of thought into what the next expansion will bring. One thing I have been thinking about is what class or race will be the next one to be added? This led me to think about the possibility that Blizzard will not add anything new, but rather revisit existing classes.

What do I mean by this? Well, the idea started by looking what Blizzard did with Druids this expansion. They added a fourth spec, separating feral into both a DPS and a Tanking spec. Now what if they did something similar to other classes? Since classes are no longer restricted to having only three specs, way not look at all other classes? The question of having Warlocks be able to Tank in Demon-Form has always been asked when new expansions come around, and now that they did it to Druids they could possibly do it to Warlocks. Shamans are another class that seem like it would make sense for them to Tank. To me, Survival Hunters always seemed to make sense as a melee class rather than a ranged, and Blizzard could totally revamp the spec so it becomes one. The list goes on and on of new ideas of either new specs for classes, or ways to change existing specs.

Are these necessary changes? No. But is it ever necessary to add a new class? Not really. To me it just seems that World of Warcraft has more than enough classes. Instead of adding more classes, why not give players new ways to play the already existing ones? This would take a lot of time, but if there were no other new classes or races in the next expansion then Blizzard would have plenty of time to make new changes to all the classes. More importantly I think this would be an excellent idea to keep players interested, or bring back new players. If an ex-wow player hears that they have completely redone the class he used to play then that might just interest him enough to come back and see how things are. Keep in mind this is just a crazy idea I had. It will most likely not happen, but it is just something that I thought of while waiting for the next patch to come out.

I am a student currently studying Creative Writing. I have a strong passion for writing, as well as video games. Growing up I was a huge Blizzard fan, playing most of the games in the Diablo, Starcraft, and Warcraft series. I also played many RPGs on Playstation and on the computer.