Weekly News Roundup – JAN 6 2013

Happy New Year, everyone! This week has been very busy and plenty of holiday arts and crafts projects are surfacing. The Pokémon lego builds are pretty cute, but the Big Daddy one sort of trumps them. We finally have official, solid proof of the next Xbox in the form of an E3 counter from Microsoft, ensuring that this year will be incredibly active (you can also replace ‘active’ with ‘awesome’ and the sentence still works).

While it’s true that there’s been a slump of game releases, I’m most excited about the upcoming Pokémon news! On December 8th, a series announcement will be made for both the English and Japanese website–something that has only happened with the release of Black and White. This might be the next generation of Pokémon, available for the 3DS…or it might just be a teaser for the anime, who knows. If it’s a new generation, I hope they show a silhouette–I like drawing in guesses and seeing what others guess.

Anyways, along with that, I’m very excited to hear that Fez will be released for other platforms. Polytron might also expand outside of gaming and experiment with their creativity, but their blog post didn’t say anything concrete, so I can’t get too excited about that. In a weird turn of events, an Ouya competitor has sprung up…from the same source, Kickstarter. The Game Stick has just started funding and it’s already surpassed its goal and hovering at about $230,000 in funding. With almost a month to go! I’m also glad to see that Kickstarter game EvoCreo is inching closer to its funds (I’m a sucker for monster-catching games, I won’t deny that); At the same time, I’m kind of sad that Bill-Nye-supported Aero didn’t make it. Hopefully we still see something happen with that project!

Without further ado, here is the news from sites all across the web, gathered here just for you!

Connecticut Town to Destroy Violent Games
Father Enlists Digital Assassins to Deter Son From Playing Games in China
Official Machinarium
Lego Pokémon
Megaman Legends 3 Fan-made Game
Modern Art from a Pinball Machine
Link’s Triumph Animation
Big Daddy Made of Legos
Namco Planning Prototype Upscale Gaming Restaurant

News & Rumors:
Microsoft Teases New Xbox with E3 Countdown
CD Projekt RED’s Cyberpunk 2077 – First Trailer
Gamestick Successfully Funded
Rumor: Journey Collection Coming to Europe
Lego Announces Legends of Chima Franchise
DmC Devil May Cry – CG Trailer
Demon’s Souls Releasing Onto PSN
Microsoft Apologizes for Cloud Save Issues With Free Live
SCP Containment Breach Trailer
Dark Souls II Will Have Slightly Larger World; Won’t be Open-World
Elite Video Game Reboot Hits Funding Target
Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 – New Release Date Announced
Tomb Raider Multiplayer Details
Pikmin 3 Will be More Like Pikmin 1
Defiance Beta Taking Sign-Ups
Fez to go Multi-platform in 2013

Development & Interviews:
First Ouya Gameplay Video
New Sony Patent Blocks Second Hand Games
This Barbarian Game Was Supposed to be XBOX 360’s God of War Rival
Sony in Talks for Virtual MSO Service
Microsoft Buys R2 Studios
THQ Denied Bankruptcy Sale
From Nowhere to Sword & Sworcery

Upcoming Releases:
Dance Magic | PS3
Earth Defense Force 2017 Portable | Vita
Anarchy Reigns | PS3, XBOX360


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