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The Cheapest And Most Expensive Skins For Desert Eagle in CS2


Desert Eagle is one of the most popular pistols in CS2, and there are currently more than thirty skins for it in the game. Although the rarest ones can cost up to several tens or hundreds of dollars, to fill your inventory with interesting skins, you don’t need to invest a lot of money. This article written by eZstah is dedicated to the cheapest and most expensive skins for Desert Eagle in CS2. You can also evaluate the value of inventories about players and the composition of the Team Liquid cs2 roster on the Profiler website.

The Most Inexpensive Skins For Desert Eagle

The list includes very attractive skins with interesting designs, the price of which is affordable even for beginners.

Desert Eagle | Oxide Blaze

Desert Eagle Barrel Pattern | Oxide Blaze is reminiscent of the Desert Eagle Blaze but differs in color: instead of bright orange flames, the body has white flames, reminiscent of a worn chalk drawing. There are two more skins in the series with a similar color – for Glock-18 and XM1014. While this variant’s paint job isn’t as distinctive as the original Blaze’s, its high drop rate and resulting low price make it attractive to many players.

Desert Eagle | Sputnik

If you are looking for a Deagle skin with a space theme design, Desert Eagle Sputnik is a good choice. In addition, depending on the pattern index, the coloring may differ quite significantly. On the body of the pistol, you can see images of space satellites, and stars, as well as blue-beige ornaments reminiscent of avant-garde paintings.

Desert Eagle | Corinthian

Among the metallic finish skins, the Desert Eagle Corinthian remains one of the most notable. The body is intricately engraved with vintage floral designs, and the handle features an intricate logo. Medium to high float examples may also be suitable as wear on this skin shows a dark layer of patina. If you like this style, also check out the Desert Eagle Naga, a silver skin with a similar finish.

Desert Eagle | Blue Ply

To make skins unusual, skin authors often use textures. One example of this approach is Desert Eagle Blue Ply, which appeared in the game in 2020. The entire surface is covered with a gray-blue pattern, which reproduces the texture of plywood in quite detail. The difference between different degrees of wear is not very noticeable. Although this skin can hardly be called bright, fans of original designs will most likely like it. By the way, this skin is in the inventory of the player Mathieu “⁠ZywOo⁠” Herbaut from Team Vitality.

Desert Eagle | Light Rail

You can’t ignore Desert Eagle | Light Rail. With this skin, the pistol takes on a truly impressive and futuristic look. The body of the weapon is painted in a gradient from gold to silver-gray. At high levels of wear the skin also looks good, although it becomes darker due to the layer of patina.

The Most Expensive Skins For Desert Eagle

It’s time to look at the most expensive skins for this pistol, which will make your collection truly unique. Many of them have good prospects for increasing in price, so if you are considering skins as an investment, these options should definitely not pass your attention.

Desert Eagle | Blaze

Desert Eagle | Blaze can be safely called not only the most expensive but also one of the best skins for a Desert Eagle. Most of the body is painted black, while the barrel is covered in bright yellow and orange flames. Their location may change as it is affected by the pattern index, but this does not affect the cost. In addition, due to the limited float value limits, Desert Eagle | Blaze is only found in two states, so you won’t be able to save money by buying a skin in low quality. Despite the fact that it appeared in the game back in 2013, the demand for it remains high to this day, maintaining its value.

Desert Eagle | Fennec Fox

Another skin that can cost over $200 in good quality is Desert Eagle | Fennec Fox. Unlike many monster-inspired designs, this one features a more peaceful animal, the fennec fox. The skin is made in light shades of red and orange, and the pistol grip is decorated with geometric patterns. The purposeful look of the cunning animal clearly appealed to many players, as this skin remains quite popular.

Desert Eagle | Hand Cannon

However, among the most expensive skins for Desert Eagle, there are also skins in a more realistic style. For example, the surface pattern of Desert Eagle | Hand Canon reproduces the surface texture of stained patina when exposed to acid. The trunk is painted light yellow, blue, and brown. Hand Cannon is available in all conditions, with some suggesting that high wear variants have their merits as they provide a more contrasting patina.

Desert Eagle | Sunset Storm

A selection of the most expensive skins for this pistol would be incomplete without Desert Eagle | Sunset Storm, which appeared in the game in 2015. Its creators were inspired by traditional Japanese painting. They paired it with modern metallic paint. The entire body of the pistol is covered with red-orange images of waves, the location of which depends on the pattern index. Interestingly, this skin has another version, Desert Eagle | Sunset Storm 弐, which differs only in that a portrait appears on the handle of the pistol among the waves.

Desert Eagle | Printstream

Let’s complete the top of the most expensive skins for Desert Eagle with a skin that appeared relatively recently. This skin joins the series of skins from JTPNZ with a recognizable design: Desert Eagle Printstream. The minimalist design, in which the main colors are black and white, is executed with attention to detail, and the body of the pistol is decorated with a variety of symbols and inscriptions. Desert Eagle | Printstream is the most affordable of this series, especially if you set out to buy a good-quality option. For Prinstream, the float indicator is quite important, because on a white background, any abrasions will be clearly visible.


Skins are not only a way to diversify the visual experience in the game, but also an opportunity to make money on the difference when buying and selling skins. When choosing skins, we recommend focusing on your own taste and budget. You can also find out more about player inventory on the Profiler website. The service is available around the clock wherever you are – Berlin, Chicago, or Toronto.