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The Best Solitaire Strategies, Tips and Tricks


Few games rise to the level of excitement as Solitaire. A solitary game by design, this interactive entertainment pastime has evolved dramatically over time. This feature-rich attraction is predicated on unique rules that maximize engagement and reward. Success at this skill-based game is not to be taken lightly; it is a well-deserved honor. Luckily, a unique set of elements combines synergistically to lay the groundwork for good fortune in this game.

Today, we will take you behind the scenes to explore Solitaire’s strategy, tips, and tricks. Good fortune certainly plays its part, but strategy is equally important in the outcome of Solitaire games. Experts recommend a common sense approach to achieve the best outcomes.

Like other games of skill, Solitaire games are easy to learn but challenging to master. Perhaps we should begin with the raison d’être for playing this card game. The objective is simple: Remove all cards to form 4X ordered stacks for each suit. The game starts with seven piles of cards, each with varying numbers of cards in each pile.

Tip #1 – Patience is a Virtue

We hear this term being bandied about ad nauseam. Sometimes, it’s difficult to understand what it means practically. This is one such game where you cannot rush the outcome. Actions have consequences. A deliberate, meticulous, and cautious approach is best. As you improve, your time to completion decreases. Take a long, hard look at the layout because that’s how you know how to go about your business.

It is a relaxing game, but it also requires attention to detail. Focus is imperative. Drown out the noise and fixate on the cards in front of you. Fortunately, it is available as a virtual entertainment activity or an in-person gaming option. Single-player and multiplayer games are available, with tournaments, leagues, and championships ready for action. Solitaire necessitates focus—that’s the way to win games.

Tip #2 – Put on Your Thinking Cap

Solitaire isn’t a mindless game. It requires thought, processing, and strategizing. It is a game worth playing if you have a problem-solving propensity. Challenges are an everyday occurrence. In these games, players routinely come up against many challenges. Sometimes, it feels like problem-solving and a mathematical equation. More importantly, these games necessitate cool, calm, and deliberate actions on the part of the play. Players must think about what they’re doing because actions are deliberate in solitaire. This all comes into sharp focus when you are racing against the clock to complete rounds of play.

Tip #3 – Play by the Rules to Win More Games

Every online game is predicated on a set of rules. This regulatory framework governs everything that happens in the game. Understanding the rules of play is essential before embarking on a bold adventure. In a standard game, there is a 52-card deck in play. The piles include the talon, stock, foundation, and tableau. You’re tasked with completing the foundations with all the cards in the deck. That means alternating red and black piles from Ace to King and each suit accordingly. As a player, you must follow the rules to ensure that the shuffled cards are rearranged according to rank and suit.

Similarly, keeping your eyes peeled for Aces and Kings is a good idea. Why? Recall that kings typically cannot be moved on to another card. Similarly, cards can’t be placed on Aces unless those cards are found in the foundation. Once a pile has an Ace on it, it stands pat. Now, it’s a good idea to begin playing with the columns featuring large stacks of cards. These present many more opportunities for you to reveal hidden cards. The quicker you can get through the columns with large numbers of face-down cards, the better. That’ll help you to complete your Solitaire games much faster.

Tip #4 – Colors Matter in Solitaire – Pick Kings Wisely

Remember, Solitaire games are skill games featuring alternating black and red cards. However, within each black and red card color configuration are clubs, spades, hearts, and diamonds. Usually, these distinctions don’t matter when forming alternating color piles in sequential order. Be sure to pick the right color Kings upfront because the Queens, Jacks, Tens, Nines, Eights, Sevens, Sixes, etcetera that follow are consequential. And on low-value cards, Aces and 2s should be tossed into the Foundation poll ASAP. They are unlikely to assist you in revealing concealed cards.

Tip #5 – Pick a Reputable Online Platform

This one seems like it came out of left field, but it’s actually important. With online gaming platforms, you’re always better off playing at a credible, trusted, and player-recommended platform. Avoid dodgy online sites; stick with brand names that you trust. Whenever you are ready to start playing solitaire with purpose, stick with award-winning platforms as you attempt to solve the puzzles in five minutes or less.