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4 Bold Colour Palettes Featuring Tangerine for Your Bedroom


Tangerine is a bold shade of orange that many people find challenging to pair with other colours in a bedroom. It is such a fun colour because it embraces all that is good about the colours red and yellow, and is an exciting one to use if you are looking for a non-boring bedroom colour. If you are considering using it, what other colours go well with it?

Getting Tangerine Right

Tangerine is a natural colour derived from the rind of a fruit by the same name. It is slightly different from orange, however, so it is best to quote the correct tangerine colour code if you want to purchase it or items that use it. It is a forgiving colour because it goes well with many other colours. This includes shades of blue, particularly navy blue, dark green, pink, brown, and white.

Let’s look at a few ways you can combine all these to create a soothing and welcoming bedroom.

Tangerine, Indigo, and Bright White

Tangerine and various shades of blue exist on opposite ends of the colour wheel. This means they can produce very interesting results if you pair them correctly. These complementary colours look best when they are more saturated than you would expect, so you should pair a somewhat darker tangerine and indigo blue for an intriguing look.

To ensure they do not overwhelm each other, use them in small doses. For example, you might use tangerine for the carpet and some of the decor and the blue hues for the throw pillows. You can then counter their strong presence with white bedding and walls to create balance.

Tangerine, Emerald Green, and Warm White

Tangerine is already a very energetic colour, so it makes sense to pair it with an equally high-energy colour. Emerald green fits this colour scheme perfectly.

You can use tangerine on the furniture to mimic a more classic yet somewhat modern look and intermingle it with the greens used in the curtains and shades. You can continue this colour palette by picking green pillows. However, do not use too many so they do not overwhelm the tangerine.

Finish off the colour scheme with warm white walls and rugs to balance off the tangerine and emerald green that could be overpowering. The white will also make sure the room does not feel as though it has nothing else going for it apart from its colourful additions.

Tangerine and White

It is impossible to go wrong with tangerine and white, whether you use it for an adult or kid’s bedroom. The best thing about this combination is you can take it as far as you like or just experiment with it. If you are not sold on the bright and bold tangerine, you can find covers in the colour to see how they would fit into an all-white bedroom.

You can also find art featuring orange hues to break the flow of the white walls and curtains. The art can also give the room some character and support the tangerine bedding.

If you are more comfortable with the colour, you can paint one wall tangerine and leave the rest white in a bedroom with all-white bedding. This will make the bedroom more visually appealing and give it some character. Painting only one wall with the colour will also ensure it does not overwhelm you and is easy to paint over if you no longer like it.

Tangerine, Navy Blue and Yellow

Bearing characteristics of both red and yellow, tangerine fits perfectly into any colour scheme that uses the latter colour. You can break this pairing with some navy blue accents. In this colour scheme, the tangerine provides the energy, the yellow provides the welcoming look and feel, and the navy blue helps keep things grounded.

Because these colours work so well together, you can even add single pieces like rugs and throw pillows that use all of them in your bedroom.

When you decide to use this many bright colours and accents, you need to break them up along a natural backdrop so they do not look overwhelming and out of place. You can do this using white bedding and walls in your bedroom and the rest of the house.

Tangerine is an interesting colour because, although it might not look like orange, it is not. Its energy and fiery look make it great for blending with other colours in the home bedroom colour palettes that use it. It pairs with many other colours, specifically blues, greens, and yellow, and there are unlimited ways to incorporate all three in your bedroom.