Spring Cleaning Means No Pests Allowed!


Finally, April is here, and the winter is behind us. Those first spring days when it’s warm outside beckon to us to open the window and let in the fresh air. Spring is all about starting things off fresh. Maybe that’s why so many people get the urge to do a deep clean of their home.

There’s a difference between tidying up and ensuring that all the home’s nooks and crannies are clean. Nothing will make your home feel dirtier and uncomfortable than pests. Seeing a mouse, rat, or cockroach is enough to make homeowners and visitors scream.

Let’s check out how the best professional pest control experts keep your home clean and pest-free this spring.

Powerful Chemicals

Buying pest control sprays from your local convenience store will work, but not completely. You’ll make a dent in the pest population, but you won’t eradicate their presence altogether. That’s not good enough: when it comes to pest control, it’s all or nothing.

Leaders like GreenLeaf Pest Control in Toronto and the GTA use powerful chemical solutions in their sprays that you can’t find on store shelves. There’s only one way to get the chemicals that get the job done, and that’s by hiring the people who make them.

Health Canada Approves

Homeowners want chemicals that are harsh enough to kill pests but environmentally friendly and safe for pets. They may wonder, what’s inside chemical solutions?

Leading pest control experts only use ingredients approved by Health Canada, so every component of their treatments has been vetted by a credible government agency. Feel comfortable getting the best of both worlds — chemicals strong enough to fix your problems without causing any new ones downstream.

The best pest control experts seek to keep families safe, and that means using safe chemicals that promote good health.

Polite, Professional Technicians

Homeowners feel understandably uneasy when there’s a pest infestation under their roof. The last thing they need is a technician who adds to their discomfort or stresses them out.

The best pest control experts tend to come from local, family-owned businesses where the owners know the people they dispatch to your door. You’re more likely to find a technician that shows respect, from showing up on time to taking their shoes off when they get there.

Home Protection Plan

What’s better than ridding pests from your home? Preventing them from being there in the first place. Keeping your home clean and pest-free is easiest and most effective with a proactive approach.

The best pest control experts offer home protection plans aimed at keeping your home pest-free 24/7/365. Their approach varies depending on the pests under your roof, as each type requires a different response.

But in general, their approach looks like this. First, they’ll visit your premises to inspect for pests and pest attractants. After removing any they find, they’ll issue a preventive treatment that keeps pests away from your home. Next, they’ll return for multiple inspections to ensure it works.

If somehow there are still pests on the premises, an extremely rare occurrence, they’ll eliminate them free of charge. The best pest control experts offer one-time services or annual home protection plans, as you prefer.

A Range of Services

Getting rid of pests can look very different depending on the infestation. Pests like bedbugs or cockroaches need to be eradicated entirely from your indoor environment, but leading pest control experts offer related services for other pests and animals.

For example, you may have a problem with bees, wasps, or even birds overtaking your backyard or other outdoor spaces. Stinging insects can injure people and put a damper on spending time outside, while bird droppings can be unhygienic and unpleasant.

These issues can be environmentally sensitive, and they need to be treated delicately yet thoroughly.

Leading pest control experts do everything possible to give you back your outdoor space without harming sensitive ecosystems. You should be able to feel comfortable in every area of your home, and that means outdoors, too.

Licensed Professionals

Finally, the technicians coming to your home shouldn’t be people with a knack for eliminating pests. Instead, they should be fully licensed structural exterminators through the Ministry of the Environment.

They undergo all the latest training and stay on top of industry trends. Keeping your home pest-free means getting the most certified professionals possible.

We might get one or two snow flurries in early spring, but the cold season is over. Prepping the home for visitors, BBQs, and all the springtime fun means ensuring pests are nowhere near your home. Look for a pest control expert who delivers on all the above, and your spring cleaning will be a smashing success.