Can Players Get Around GamStop Self-Exclusion?


The world of gambling is a universe full of stimulation and fun, but equally full of dangers. Among the many advantages that push people to become passionate about gambling (fun, sharing, the possibility of earning small sums of money) there are some negative aspects that are good to be clear about even before starting to play.

The main risk is that of gambling addiction at UK based online casino  which is a condition of gambling addiction that pushes those affected into economic, family and social ruin.

This is a plague that affects hundreds of players every year, but fortunately there are ways to avoid falling into this trap. The first and most important of these methods is self- exclusion, a service made available by all (or almost all) online casinos to protect their users from incorrect use of the platform. We will see the importance of adopting a tool such as self-exclusion, what its functions are and how to remove self-exclusion in certain circumstances.

What Is the GamStop Self-Exclusion?

Self-exclusion is a regime of exclusion of the player from all activities that require a user expense. The player subjected to this regime will not be able to carry out any paid activity on the platform that has applied this restriction against him.

Nobody has the power to impose self-exclusion, so it is up to the common sense of the individual player to understand when it is time to activate this tool, which can represent a real lifeline in many situations. There are two types of self-exclusion: permanent and temporary.

In the first case, the player will never have access to the platform’s software again and will therefore never be able to re-enter the tunnel of gambling addiction with that operator.

In the second case, the exclusion from activities has a temporary duration which can usually range from three months to a year and can be renewed at the end of this period of time if the player does not yet consider himself ready to start playing again.

This second mode can be particularly useful to players who have fallen into gambling addiction because they face a difficult moment in their life: once they have overcome it, they will be able to go back to playing responsibly without damaging their finances and consequently their social relationships.

When gambling addiction is a predisposition that depends on the character or excessive emotionality of the player, it is advisable to activate permanent self-exclusion, in order to exclude any risk of relapse.

How to Activate GamStop Self-Exclusion?

All GamStop online casinos, those in possession of the UKGC license, offer users registered on their platform the possibility of activating the self-exclusion service to protect them from the risk of excessive gaming.

The methods for activating this tool may vary depending on the portal, but generally it is necessary to send an explicit request to the casino’s customer service which will immediately activate GamStop self-exclusion once the request has been received.

During the period in which the exclusion is in force, the player does not have access to the casino software, cannot open a new account and cannot deposit further funds into his gaming account, but has the possibility of withdrawing any funds present in the account, according to the methods established by the casino in question.

The precise methods for activating the exclusion from the game and the conditions to which the player will have to comply once activated are indicated in the regulations of each portal.

What Does Gambling Exclusion Entail: Consequences of GamStop Self-Exclusion?

Before taking such a drastic measure, it is advisable to carefully study how it works and understand what exactly cannot be done under the self-exclusion regime. In addition to permanent and temporary self-exclusion, there is another type of self-exclusion, called temporary self-exclusion which involves the exclusion of the player from all online gambling portals to which he is registered and the impossibility of opening new gambling accounts. I play on other platforms.

Unlike the other methods, the user will not be able to have access to any type of paid gaming activity on the web.

Temporary Self-exclusion

Through temporary self-exclusion the player voluntarily chooses to move away from screens for a while. Living without online casinos can be a good solution in times of strong emotional stress and, for the player, a short break can be a wise choice.

In temporary self-exclusion, the player does not choose to eliminate himself from the GAMSTOP forever but to suspend his account for a limited and pre-established period of time.

These timescales may vary and range from one to three months and cannot be revoked during the self-exclusion period. It is possible to carry out an infinite number of temporary self-exclusions.

Permanent Self-exclusion

With permanent self-exclusion the player chooses to abandon online gambling forever. This sentence is true in part because it is possible to retrace your steps six months after self-exclusion. The player can log in to the portals only to close open accounts or to withdraw all winnings available from his account.

The permanent self-exclusion mechanism requires that the player must first log in via spid and decide whether to revoke his exclusion or keep it active.

How to Cancel GamStop?

Revoking self-exclusion from online gambling is not always possible. If it is a temporary exclusion, the player has no choice but to wait for the GamStop self-exclusion revocation within the established times (3 months, 6 months, 9 months, one year).

If a permanent (or temporary) self-exclusion is in force, the user has the right to request the cancellation of the restrictive measure, but will have to wait a period of 6 months before the functions relating to his gaming account are reactivated.

1. Play at Offshore Casinos

Precisely because of the restrictive nature of this instrument, various tricks have been devised to avoid being subject to the restrictions for the entire period of validity of the exclusion.

2. Use Another Person’s ID Card

Another way to overcome the restrictions imposed by self-exclusion is to open a new online casino account using the data and documents of another person (with their consent), for example a sibling, a friend or a partner.

3. Use the VPN to Access the Site

The VPN (Virtual Private Network) can represent a lifeline for those itching to get back to playing but are subjected to the constraints of self-exclusion.

It is a virtual tool that allows you to change the IP address of your device to connect to servers around the world.

Using this method it is possible to access and register on foreign online casinos that do not have a valid license to operate in the UK.

Naturally these casinos do not fall within the circuit of those controlled by the GamStop and do not apply the self-exclusion restrictions. This procedure is completely legal and does not involve the violation of any rules.