The Role of Virtual Currency in Social Casinos: A Look into In-game Economies

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Sweepstakes casinos differ from their real-money gambling counterparts because of virtual currencies. The inclusion of these in-game options allows US players to fully enjoy gaming experiences without making an actual financial commitment. Let’s explore how these coins work and their purposes at social casinos in the United States.

What Are Virtual Currencies at Sweepstakes Casinos?

Virtual currencies are in-game coins used for free play at social gaming sites. These platforms provide two main types of currencies: Gold Coins and Sweepstakes Coins. Both work similarly as they cover games on the platform. However, they have a significant distinction:

  • Gold Coins: These are online-only options for gaming strictly for fun. It’s similar to playing a demo game at an actual casino where you have free coins for placing virtual bets. 
  • Sweepstakes Coins: Though these are also for free play, players can redeem them for cash prizes or gift cards. You must have accumulated up to the specified minimum to exchange them at the casino’s redemption section and get a payout. 

How to Get In-Game Coins at Social Casinos

Top social casinos, like those that recommend, provide various avenues for acquiring these freebies. Most are usually free of charge, meaning you don’t pay anything or even enter bonus codes to get them. 

Getting Gold Coins

For Gold Coins, you can receive them through these channels:

  • Account Registration: Creating an account on most social casinos makes you eligible for a welcome bonus. Some sites credit you with the free coins immediately after your account is live. Others might require that you provide promo codes or complete activities like email verification to get the bonus.
  • Daily Login: This is one of the most common deals at sweepstakes casinos. You get them for accessing your account daily. 
  • Tournament Participation: Leading gaming platforms host contests with a prize pool of gold coins. Players can participate by enjoying their favourite games and earning points. Those who finish at the top of the leaderboard get a share of the prize pool.
  • Purchases: Social casinos allow you to enjoy games without demanding a deposit. However, you can supplement free coins by purchasing packages. These sites offer multiple options at different prices to accommodate players with various bankrolls. 

Getting Sweepstakes Coins

Unlike gold coins, which you can buy, Sweepstakes cash is a promotional addition. You don’t purchase them; instead, the casino gifts them as an extra incentive for your coin package. For instance, you could buy 1,000,000 GCs and get 200 SCs. 

You can also get them as part of the gold coin login bonus. Some social casinos host exclusive tournaments where sweepstakes cash is the reward for qualifying players. Simply visit the promotions page to learn what deals are available and how to get your coins. 

Redeeming Virtual Currencies at Social Casinos

Social gaming sites aren’t regular online casinos, so deposits and withdrawals aren’t necessary. On the bright side, players who have accumulated enough sweepstakes coins can exchange them for actual cash (some platforms permit gift cards).

Most platforms make the redemption process easy. They support a few payment methods through which players can get their wins after the exchange. Note that while you might not find wagering requirements for bonuses, most platforms require that you play through your sweeps coins at least once.


Using virtual currencies at Sweepstakes Casinos removes the real-money gambling element from online gaming. It allows players to enjoy slots and other games without worrying about paying. Each platform has specific rules regarding these currencies; some even call them by different names. However, the basics remain that while you can redeem one currency, the other is purely virtual.