Top 5 Gaming Wishes of 2013

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2012 is wrapping up pretty nicely, especially since none of those apocalypses ended up happening. As we exchange our calendars and turn over the page for a new year, here is a small wish list of five things I would like to see next year (and hey, might actually happen!).

Pokemon Snap

5) Next Gen of Pokémon

Pokémon’s had a good run, and if the success of Pokémon Black, White, Black 2, and White 2 are any indication, the series still has plenty of fans to fuel it. There’s very little left for Nintendo to reveal about Pokémon games currently in existence (unless they whip out another surprise like car-form Genesect), so rumors of a next generation of Pokémon aren’t uncalled for. A remake of Ruby and Sapphire would be nice, but not as nice as a new installment in the series. I’m not one to fill out the Pokédex in the first place, so another hundred Pokémon and a brand new adventure sounds pretty fun to me.


4) Positive News From the Last Guardian

Let’s face it, there’s been no good news out of this game for the entire year (unless you count ‘It’s not cancelled, we swear!’ as good news). Started by Team Ico and finished with help from all of Sony’s studios and worldwide professionals, this game is sure to touch our hearts like its predecessors, Ico and Shadow of the Colossus. After several executives quit and developmental difficulties, this game really needs some good news to keep its fans encouraged. Just a bit of gameplay footage would suffice, but after years of waiting, a full-blown 2013 release would also be nice.


3) Release of GTA 5

Unlike the other entries in this list, this one is certain to happen. Whether it releases in Spring 2013—as retailers would have you believe—or later in the year is up to chance to decide, but hopefully it’s the former. GTA 5 is supposed to be the largest and most ambitious project of the whole series, with every single aspect of the game ‘evolved’ and improved. The addition of a musical score, alongside the radio tunes, is something I’m looking forward to. The graphics in the trailers are also incredibly impressive. All in all, this looks like the game of the year, before the year has even started!


2) Alternative Consoles Succeed

We’ve all heard of the Ouya, the Oculus, and the Steam Box by now. They don’t exactly constitute consoles, but they’re not fancy PCs, either. If any of these devices succeed, it will change the way that publishers, developers, and gamers look at the gaming world. The console wars will become intense, but cross-platform games might also flourish. Companies which might be behind on graphics, accessibility, or available titles would start to fall behind—and those terms certainly include some of the bigger game publishers. An increase in competition is always good for gamers, since it means we’d see more deals for less money.


1) Next Generation of Gaming

The Wii U failed to perform as a next-gen console, and instead barely meets the expectations of current-gen consoles. There’s probably a few smart phones more powerful than it is. With that being said, an XBOX 720 or PS4 would be greatly appreciated as we turn to the next year. There’s plenty of rumors positing a 2013 release for both of those in-development consoles, so validation at E3 of a Holiday release would be a wonderful gift. With these consoles, there should be a plethora of console exclusives and titles announced, making this year one to watch carefully.

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