How to Order Face Verification Service

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Face verification is increasingly becoming ubiquitous in people’s daily lives. From handheld devices to healthcare facilities, more and more individuals are interacting with face verification technology. Face verification is increasingly becoming readily available via rapid breakthroughs in artificial intelligence technology. Its use cases continue to expand as it increases in popularity and growth. And it’s possible to find yourself exploring your implementation of a face verification solution.

Many face verification service providers exist. So, how do you order a face verification service that matches your unique business needs? That is where this comprehensive step-by-step buyer’s guide for a face verification system becomes helpful. You’ll be able to make a robust procurement plan and make an informed decision by going through each of these steps. Let’s read on to learn more.

Identify Your Business Needs

Before you can start considering vendors, you need to define your business’s problem. Define the problem you are trying to solve and your specific requirements. Maybe your current face verification service requires an upgrade, or you are after a solution with automation to digitize and streamline inefficient identification workflows. Or you need an automatic face verification system to provide better consumer service and customer retention.

In most cases, the issue you are facing may be the outcome of both inadequate software and faulty processes. It isn’t an exercise in fault-finding. It’s an opportunity to approach issues in a new way. Spend some valuable time with your concerned departments to gain a clear understanding of the issues from their perspective and how vital a face verification system can be.

Get Stakeholder Buy-in and Involvement

Consider a number of things before you can narrow down system providers to review. Be sure to identify all of your stakeholders. You need to consider every department and part of your company, including:

  • End users
  • Decision makers
  • Subject matter experts
  • Legal and finance teams

Determine Your Budget

Before you can submit a purchase order for the facial verification service, examine your budget first. Also, consider whether you’ve got enough funds to support your business needs.

Reevaluate your spending in other sections. Alternatively, you can fit it into your budget, which is the easiest thing you can do. Find the funding elsewhere, especially when you don’t have enough cash.

Research Possible System Providers

Want to pick the right vendor? A variety of options are available to pick from. Ask for referrals from your colleagues or other businesses. Also, you can turn to the information available online.

Once you find potential vendors, narrow down your search depending on the software type, feature requirements, and budget. Also, take into consideration other vital features like scalability and ease of use.

Evaluate Your List of Vendors and Ask for Demos

When evaluating service providers, consider them based on these four traits:

  • Character
  • Communication
  • Capability
  • Cost/pricing

Once you identify the top three vendors, request for a face verification trial. As you use the trial, consider key features like ease of use. You also need to get a better understanding of how each provider will work within your business. That’s all you need to order your face verification service.

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