Is ARK Cross-Platform in 2024? Unraveling Multiplayer Compatibility

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Ark: Survival Evolved has become a fixture in the survival game genre, offering players the unique challenge of living amongst dinosaurs and other players. A key aspect for many players is whether they can join friends on different gaming platforms. This is where cross-platform play becomes a significant feature, allowing users to connect across various systems for a more integrated gaming experience.

As the gaming community continues to grow, the desire for cross-platform capabilities has surged, pushing developers to create more inclusive environments. Ark has implemented some levels of cross-platform play, ensuring that whether players are on PC, Xbox, or mobile devices, they can join forces or compete against each other. However, not all platforms are currently supported, leaving some players to await further updates for complete cross-platform integration.

So, is Ark cross platform play supported? Let’s take a look.

Key Takeaways

  • Ark offers partial cross-platform play between certain devices
  • Cross-platform gaming enhances player connectivity and community growth
  • The future could bring expanded cross-platform support for Ark, increasing its accessibility

What Is Cross-Platform Play?

Cross platform play, or crossplay, is like the bridge that allows different gaming platforms to join hands and play together. Usually, multiplayer games would restrict players to team up or compete only with others on the same platform. Imagine if one friend had a PlayStation, another an Xbox, and someone else played on their PC — traditionally, they couldn’t play the same game together.

With cross-platform support, these barriers are broken down. It means that games designed with crossplay functionality allow individuals using different hardware systems to interact in the same game environment. For example, someone on a PlayStation 5 could join a game with their buddy who prefers the keyboard and mouse on their PC.

Here’s a quick rundown of what makes up cross-platform play:

  • Multiplayer Support: A game must have a multiplayer component to enable crossplay
  • Platforms Involved: These can be console systems like PlayStation and Xbox, computers running different operating systems, or even mobile devices
  • Cross-Generation Play: For some games, cross-gen is also a consideration, where different generations of the same console (e.g., PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5) can join together

One key point players should be aware of is that while a game might offer cross-platform play, it doesn’t always mean all platforms are included in the mix. Each game and its developer decide which platforms will be able to communicate with each other. The gamers’ experience matters a lot, and crossplay aims to make it more inclusive for friends who’ve chosen different gaming paths.

It’s a win for accessibility and brings everyone onto the same playing field — quite literally.

Current State of Cross-Platform Support in Ark

Ark: Survival Evolved has evolved in its offering of cross platform support, allowing players from various systems to adventure together. While certain partnerships have been favorable, players still face some limitations depending on their chosen platforms.

Support Across Consoles

For console players, Ark: Survival Evolved offers cross-platform play between Xbox One and PlayStation 4/5, albeit some restrictions may apply. Specifically, PlayStation players can only join others on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S if developers enable the feature. Neither are seamlessly interconnected with all consoles at this time, but the path is set for potential broader cross-platform support in the future. Is Ark cross platform play supported?

PC and Console Crossplay

Crossplay between PC players and console enthusiasts is possible under certain circumstances. Windows users typically have the flexibility to connect with Xbox players due to shared infrastructure, but this collaboration does not extend natively to PlayStation. Players using mac or Linux may find their options more limited due to varying compatibility issues.

  • Windows -> Xbox One/Series X|S: Enabled
  • Windows -> PlayStation 4/5: Not natively supported
  • Mac/Linux: Limited support

Mobile and Handheld Device Integration

Ark: Survival Evolved‘s adventure into cross-platform play does not currently extend to mobile and handheld devices. While the game exists on iOS and Android, these versions do not support crossplay with console or PC platforms. Similarly, Nintendo Switch players find themselves on an isolated island, as crossplay is not supported on this platform either.

  • iOS/Android: No cross-platform support
  • Nintendo Switch: No cross-platform support

As of now, players are encouraged to check the game developer’s latest updates for any advancements in cross play support. The landscape of Ark’s multiplayer connectivity is always subject to change, with the possibility of new cross-platform bridges on the horizon.

Benefits of Cross-Platform Gaming

Cross platform gaming breaks down barriers between different gaming systems, letting players enjoy more time with friends and a larger gaming community. It’s about bringing people together, smoothing out differences, and providing consistent enjoyment regardless of the hardware.

Playing with Friends on Different Consoles

One of the most cherished aspects of cross-platform gaming is that it allows friends to play together online, no matter the console or device they own. They can join the same servers and share experiences in real-time without worrying about compatibility issues.

Expanding the Player Community

When players are not limited by their choice of hardware, the community around a game can expand dramatically. This means more people to interact with, more diverse gameplay styles to encounter, and ultimately, a more vibrant and dynamic environment for all players.

Unified Updates and Experiences

Cross platform play often brings the benefit of unified updates and experiences across all devices. This ensures that every player, regardless of their console, is on the same page with the latest features and gameplay improvements, fostering a truly cohesive gaming experience.

Cross-Progression and Account Management

Navigating the world of ARK: Survival Evolved can be as thrilling as it is intricate, especially when juggling progress across different platforms. For gamers, understanding how one’s survival story and hard-earned achievements carry over—both in character development and gameplay mechanics—from one device to another is vital.

Character and Data Continuity

Whether a player is leaping from a treetop on Xbox or crafting shelters on PC, cross progression is a feature that connects these experiences. However, cross-progression in ARK: Survival Evolved is available only between Xbox and Windows 10 Store versions. This means a player can preserve their character, items, and creatures using the same account on these platforms. Unfortunately, for fans eager to hop between PlayStation and Xbox or mobile devices, cross-progression remains a dream, as it is not supported between these platforms.

  • Supported Cross-Progression:
    • Xbox One ↔ Windows 10
  • Unsupported Cross-Progression:
    • PlayStation ↔ Xbox
    • Mobile Devices ↔ Console/PC

Shared Game Mechanics Across Platforms

The allure of ARK lies within its shared game mechanics, where the fundamental gameplay elements remain consistent across platforms. Regardless of where they are playing—be it on PlayStation, Xbox, or PC—survivors can expect the same adventurous essence. Although direct cross-platform play amongst some devices is not fully supported, the game’s core mechanics don’t change. This familiarity is comforting, giving them the confidence that their knowledge and skills translate seamlessly across different versions of the game they call home.

Future of Ark and Cross-Platform Possibilities

As players look forward, they can anticipate continued advancements in cross platform compatibility from Studio Wildcard. This progression promises to enhance their gaming experience, ensuring that friends can play together regardless of the hardware they own.

Planned Updates From Studio Wildcard

Studio Wildcard constantly seeks to innovate, and updates are a significant part of their commitment to the community. They have hinted at several upcoming enhancements that might impact cross-platform play for their first title, Ark: Survival Evolved. Gamers are eagerly awaiting official announcements, expecting improvements that could include expanded compatibility across more versions and hardware, thus uniting an even broader player base.

Ark 2 and Evolving Cross-Platform Play

In the realm of Ark, the future shines brightly with the anticipated release of Ark 2. As technological capabilities grow, so does the potential for innovative cross platform compatibility support. The developers have the opportunity to leverage new-generation consoles and PC advancements to deliver an even more seamless cross-platform experience. It’s an exciting time for fans as they speculate on how this sequel will shape a more integrated and cohesive gaming community.

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