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NFL Playoff Winners See Super Bowl Odds Rise

On February 11th, 2024, Nevada will host Super Bowl LVIII for the first time at Allegiant Stadium in Paradise. This is the third year in a row with Western United States host cities. The locations of the previous years were Los Angeles, California and Glendale, Arizona. The event will be available on multiple streaming and television platforms, like CBS, Paramount+ and the Spanish Univision, so if you are unable to attend the matches in person, you have plenty of decent opportunities to show up for your favourite teams and keep up the cheering spirit.

Super Bowl always attracts wagering since fans enjoy discussing the odds and betting on their favourite, sometimes even the least favourite, teams.

Sports enthusiasts and betting experts at Aucasinoslist delved into the matter. We worked closely with sports analysts specializing in NFL coverage to publish the most up-to-date expert-backed predictions for the NFL playoff winners.

Without further delay, let’s turn to the event itself. Out of fourteen teams that entered the NFL postseason, six were eliminated in the wild-card round, which left us with eight final contenders. What does this mean for the odds? Has something changed from the initial predictions? Let’s take a look!

Unsurprisingly, the 49ers and the Ravens are still favourites. However, it is worth noticing the Lions and the Bills have moved up on the list. As the games proceed, we might see more changes down the line. Some of the high-scoring teams were eliminated, like the Eagles, so anything can happen before we reach the end. Whether you are a passionate bettor or a casual NFL fan, you are welcome to join our team as we share expert insights into Super Bowl 2024, dissect the transforming odds and cast expert-backed predictions. Buckle up, pick your streaming platform, prepare some snacks and boldly proceed!

Teams on the Rise

The Triumphant Green Bay Packers

We asked Martin Richards, our sports betting expert and long-time contributor to Aucasinoslist, to help us explore some of the teams whose odds have been significantly impacted by stellar performances that took many fans and betting sites by utmost surprise.

“The Packers rose on the odds list after their wild-card triumph against the Dallas Cowboys, scoring 48-32,” Martin starts off with some of his personal favourites. “This was the first home loss for the Cowboys since the 2022 opener. They finished the season as the NFC’s second seed and were the favourites on betting sites for this match. However, the Green Bay Packers and their quarterback, Jordan Love, changed the game completely. They absolutely dominated the field, going to a 27-0 lead before the Cowboys finally scored a touchdown. What a way to win,” he concludes.

Indeed, The Cowboys were among several favoured teams that left home early, spicing things up and creating havoc among betters.

The Roaring Detroit Lions

According to Martin, this season has been good for the Detroit Lions, who finally scored their first playoff win since 1992 against the Los Angeles Rams in Detroit on January 14th, which boosted their odds and silenced some of the haters. The interesting detail is that Detroit quarterback Jared Goff actually played against his former team. Definitely an impressive victory for the Lions, who have been waiting so long for a playoff win, showcasing that patience pays well and a losing streak can indeed be broken.

Chiefs Against the Snow

Despite the chilling temperatures, Patrick Mahomes has managed to lead the Chiefs to an impressive 26-7 playoff win against the Dolphins. Even though his helmet shattered. “This was the fourth coldest game in NFL history, so kudos to the fans who bravely supported their teams while huddling for warmth. Now, that’s dedication!” notes Martin.

All of the above-discussed teams have definitely caught the eyes of the fans with their unexpected performances. Sure, they haven’t changed the top of the odds lists, but have demonstrated we are in for a bumpy, exciting, unpredictable ride.

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Champions’ Odds

The 49ers and The Ravens

The Ravens and the 49ers each claimed the top seed in their conference and have byes for the first round. For the readers who might not know, NFL bye weeks are specific weeks throughout the middle of the season during which teams do not play a game. Since the 2024 Super Bowl’s potential champions are not playing in the first round, the other teams will have a higher opportunity to enjoy the spotlight.

The Baltimore Ravens and The San Francisco 49ers are still overall topping the odds lists as the most probable winners of the Super Bowl 2024, but we have seen some changes in the middle section since the games started. It is worth noting that before the official beginning of the event, the 49ers were the absolute favourites. However, a surprising victory from the Ravens by the score of 34-31 might have transformed them into potential winners, showing that anyone, even the team many consider to be unbeatable, might end up losing.

Bills’ Situation

Josh Allen threw three touchdown passes and scored on a franchise playoff-record 52-yard touchdown run, providing a victory for the Buffalo Bills over the Pittsburgh Steelers. The final result was 31-17. To add to the drama, the game was postponed a day due to bad weather. Still, this did not confuse the Bills, who proved they definitely mean business. Particularly, the performance of the wide receiver Khalil Shakir is considered to be one of the highlights of this amazing show.

Latest Super Bowl Odds

Now, let us summarize the odds as they currently are to help you adjust your betting plan if need be. Without further ado, here is the latest Super Bowl odds list.

  • San Francisco 49ers, with +170
  • Baltimore Ravens, with +290
  • Buffalo Bills, with +500
  • Kansas City Chiefs, with +700
  • Detroit Lions, with +850
  • Green Bay Packers, with +3000
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers, with +3000
  • Houston Texans, with +3000

As we can see, not everything has changed regarding the odds. The Ravens turned into the betting favourites after trashing the 49ers, and the highly anticipated Philadelphia Eagles were eliminated alongside the Dallas Cowboys. We are still far from over, so anything can happen. Remember to bet responsibly and never risk amounts you cannot afford to lose.

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The Super Bowl has finally kicked in, bringing some expected patterns as well as wild twists and turns that almost nobody saw coming. Some of the favourites are still dominant, and some have fallen off. Many middle-list teams have caused fans to have a change of heart with stunning performances against opponents who were positioned higher than them on the odds lists.

Every match is a potential game-changer when it comes to the odds as well as the final outcome. This is particularly important for the fans who decide to bet on the games. Regardless of whether you are among them or are following the NFL just for fun without any hopes of financial gain, we are certain that every fan is impatiently waiting for the upcoming games.

If what we have seen by now is a measure, we can be certain that we won’t be bored. Hopefully, we have boosted your enthusiasm and anticipation for the Super Bowl. There are still plenty of games to come, so we’ll all need our stamina and steely nerves. We wish you an exciting and profitable NFL season.