2024 Promises Shakeups in a Few Major Industries

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2024 looks set to be an incredible year for technological innovations, many of which could shake up key industries. Artificial intelligence was the hot topic of last year, and its rise seems set to continue. There could be massive shifts in huge sectors too, such as social media and online streaming.

Threads: Will X Meet its Match?

Social media is one of the greatest industries of the internet age, there’s no doubt about that. In fact, there are more than 4.8 billion social media users around the world. The ones that don’t use it, don’t have internet. That’s not even an exaggeration – social media users make up around 93 percent of all internet users.

The war for the top in the social media sphere is constantly shifting and changing, with new players consistently showing that it’s possible to take on the big guns. Now, Threads is the hot player in town, hoping to topple the might of X in the realms of micro-blogging.

When Threads launched in July 2023, it surpassed one million users in under an hour. It now has more than 160 million, in comparison to X’s 353.9 million users. This highlights how a lot of users have been feeling jaded with X since the Elon Musk takeover. It will be intriguing to see who will win this battle, and it could lead to major innovations on both platforms.

AI Reaches the Stratosphere

It’s hard to think of a technological breakthrough that’s enjoyed such exponential success in as short a space of time as AI has. The revolutionary breakthrough has already begun transforming various industries, despite still being in its embryonic stages. It’s being touted as the future of everything from architecture to agriculture, with algorithms able to learn, adapt, and develop faster than humans could ever hope to.

The online casino industry has always been a major player in pushing new technology forward, with live streaming being a prime example. Many of the top online casino games use this platform now, with titles like Lucky Ball Roulette Live and Rainbow Riches Live. AI will come into play in various ways at these sites and could help with everything from game creation to live chats. In developing the titles, AI can analyze a vast amount of player data to come up with games that people want to play. In customer service, AI can be trained on the content of a site to be able to effectively answer questions from customers.

Streaming Services Changing Rapidly

AI has already played a huge part in building up streaming services, and it could be set to do more in 2024 as the war between the major platforms intensifies. Currently, it’s used to learn viewer behavior and make suggestions about what they may want to watch. In the future, it may act as a resource for writers and could even generate some of its own content.

With Netflix having already added a gaming feature to its page, other offerings like HBO Max could follow suit. There could be other innovations as well, such as an increase in interactive television titles. It feels like something big needs to happen in the streaming industry, as there’s now too much choice for viewers. This may lead to mergers or streaming services expanding into wider entertainment platforms.

There’s no doubt that technology is leading the way for most innovation in 2024. It will be interesting to see the impact of things such as Apple’s Vision Pro and quantum computers this year.

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