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Industrial interior design: why we love it and ways to add it to your home

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The design, which is frequently influenced by manufacturing and factories, has become more common in residential and commercial buildings in recent years. This is partly because of its relaxed attitude, emphasis on natural materials, and unpolished detailing. But, it might be misinterpreted by people unfamiliar with the style as being icy, harsh, or unwelcoming, emphasising how crucial it is to understand the aesthetic’s whole design philosophy. Consider it as creating a “behind-the-scenes” appearance for your house. It involves removing the layers to disclose the structure’s core, or inner workings, by taking it all apart. The industrial design has a unique individuality that comes from its raw edges and uneven surfaces. Thanks to the industrial design’s genuine, rough edge, your area will seem lived in and genuine. It’s similar to putting on a ratty leather jacket over a dress or suit; it gives off an air of toughness and streetwise style that declares your willingness to accept flaws.

Establishing A Neutral Background

Neutral colours are ideal for industrial design, so consider painting your walls a light grey or white colour. Similar to setting up your room for an art display, the understated background allows the striking, industrial components to take centre stage. It also nicely reflects light, creating an air of openness and spaciousness.

Bare The Brick

Have you ever considered exposing your brick? Exposed brick walls scream industrial chic. They offer a rough, edgy style that combines modern and rustic design elements. It’s reminiscent of the dilapidated warehouses and buildings of the industrial age. Don’t worry if your walls aren’t made of brick. You may achieve a similar look using imitation brick panels or brick veneer.

Exposing The Bulbs

Have you ever considered stripping your lighting down to its most basic configuration? Within industrial design, exposed light bulbs are a common fixture. They eschewed superfluous decoration in favour of showcasing the bulb’s inherent beauty. Exposed bulbs give your area an instant industrial feel, whether used as bedside lights or hanging over your dining table.

Lamps And Wall Sconces

By adding wall lights or sconces, you may also bring some industrial flair to your walls. Your decor may gain a new level of appeal from these lighting fixtures. In addition to providing useful lighting, a metal wall sconce by your bed or a row of wall lights down your hallway can also create a cosy, welcoming atmosphere.

Pipes, Gears, And Metal Accent Pieces

Add metal accessories, pipes, and gears to your design to give it a hint of industrial character. These components can quietly update your area while bringing in a distinctive industrial touch. The possibilities are endless, ranging from pipe shelves to metal bookends. All you need is imagination.

Antiquated Typography And Signage

Provide retro signs or typographic pieces to your decor to provide a touch of nostalgia. These objects transport you to the height of the industrial period like tiny time capsules. An antique factory sign or wall art with typography might spark an interesting discussion.

Mirrors, Wall Art, and Clocks

Clocks, mirrors, and wall prints in the industrial style can give your walls a feeling of urban sophistication. Each of these items reflects your unique style and character, making them the equivalent of your home’s personality badges. Think about products with patterns inspired by industry or raw, metallic finishes.

Open Shelving For Display and Storage with Metal Brackets

A fashionable and useful storage option is an open shelf with metal brackets. They’re ideal for showing off your vibrant dishes, old-fashioned canisters, or even a cookbook collection. They have an industrial charm mixed with the practicality of classic cabinets, making them perfect shelving for stores, offering a stylish display solution for merchandise presentation.

Isn’t it amazing how a simple object like an exposed lightbulb or a practical piece of furniture like a metal shelf can completely change a room. These aspects give our homes a distinct personality and a sense of history while serving as a reminder of the Industrial Revolution. Not to mention the allure of the new and ancient combined together—the modern simplicity and industrial toughness that balance each other out, keep in mind that there is no right or wrong as you set out on your road of house renovation. This serves as your storyboard, staging, and canvas. It all comes down to accepting the unorthodox, the raw, and the unexpected. So let the concrete countertop steal the show; the gears and pipes take centre stage, and the rescued sign tells its story.