5 Reasons to Splurge on Your Kitchen Remodel

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a kitchen with a center island with stools

There’s only one reason you should go cheap with your kitchen remodel: you don’t have the funds. If you have a decent budget to go all out with your kitchen, here’s why you should splurge.

1. Having more space will be a blessing

One of the top reasons for remodeling a kitchen is to get more space. Usually, people are dealing with older homes built in the 1960s that don’t have much counter space, let alone a kitchen island. There’s just enough space to make a sandwich on the counter, and if you want to prepare a bunch of toppings for tacos or any other buffet-style meal, you have to get creative.

When you need more space, there is no workaround. A remodel will give you the ability to get exactly the amount of counter space you need for your meal-prepping needs. You can rip everything out and start from scratch. If that’s still not enough, some people add an outdoor kitchen to their backyard.

Having an outdoor kitchen is an excellent way to get a bigger prep and serving area for parties and other gatherings because you’re not as limited on space. With a modular outdoor kitchen, you can buy as many different island modules as you like and arrange them together in any way that works for you.

Here’s some outdoor kitchen design inspiration to give you an idea of what’s possible.

2. You can’t fix a bad arrangement of appliances and fixtures

If you’re battling appliances that are arranged in an inconvenient way, there’s nothing that will fix this issue other than a kitchen remodel. Your counters are most likely built around your stove and refrigerator, and you can’t just swap them around.

When the placement of your appliances is inconvenient, remodeling your whole kitchen will help. If your sink isn’t in the right place or you have to walk too far to go from your biggest food prepping area to the oven, you can change that. If you need a kitchen island or want to knock out the wall that separates the kitchen from the living room, you can do that, too.

The best thing to do is talk with a remodeling company to create a custom plan for your kitchen. Most companies will have someone on staff who can visit your home, take measurements, and come up with ideas for you.

3. Your kitchen should be enjoyable

According to statistics, the average American spends about 400 hours in the kitchen each year. That’s only an hour per day, but that’s still a lot of time to spend in a room you don’t enjoy. If you also prepare meals on holidays, you’re easily spending half a day in the kitchen each time. Cooking for kids will have you in the kitchen far more than just an hour a day.

Just like you’d make the effort to create a comfortable, cozy bedroom for yourself, your kitchen deserves the same kind of love and attention. You should feel happy, uplifted, and energized in your kitchen.

A remodel is just the foundation for creating a beautiful kitchen. Once you have the arrangement you prefer, you’ll want to buy new appliances that match your preferred aesthetics and then choose a style for your décor. For instance, you might like the farmhouse style look or shabby chic. There are so many popular styles to choose from, but you can also go with an eclectic look if that’s your thing.

4. What makes a great kitchen costs money

Perhaps the most important reason to spare no expense on your kitchen remodel is the fact that in order to have a beautiful, spacious, functional kitchen, you have to spend money. You’ll never get a great kitchen by tolerating elements that don’t work.

For example, space and lighting play a huge role in creating a kitchen that truly works. Having an open workspace with great lighting will make a massive difference in how your kitchen feels. You’ll walk in and feel like you’re in a beautiful space where you’ll want to start preparing food.

5. You’ll want to cook more often

Last, but not least, when your kitchen is remodeled according to your preferences, you’ll want to cook more, which means you’ll spend less money on fast food and pre-made meals. Having a beautiful kitchen will make you want to use it more often, which has a tendency to get people into cooking healthy meals.

Remodels are supposed to be splurge-worthy

There’s no sense in remodeling your kitchen if all you’re going to do is change out your cabinets. Having nice cabinets is a nice upgrade, but if the rest of your kitchen doesn’t support an efficient workflow, consider a full remodel to get the best design possible.

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