CasinoOnlineCA Experts Break Down the Top NHL Leading Scorers in the 2023-2024 Season

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A brand-new NHL season is underway- a long-awaited spectacle of speed, skill, and passion for hockey. Fans are ready for a fiery puck play, and the stats show a promising picture so far. 

The National Hockey League is synonymous with exhilaration and pulse-pounding matchups, but you can always add some more at  with some betting action. 

That said, the NHL is not just about the games; it’s a showdown of standout players who light up the ice and make every game a must-watch with their mad skills. 

This article is your backstage pass to the players who own the rink this season. So, get ready to dive into the nitty-gritty of it all. We’ll break down the numbers, analyze the plays, and give you the lowdown on the players bringing their A-game this NHL season. 

Player Profiles: Top Scorers

Let’s spill the beans on this season’s top goal-scorers. With 21 goals so far, Brock Boeser (VAN) shares and Auston Matthews (TOR) share the leading scorer position.

Brock Boeser (21 Goals)

A real pro in the game, Boeser’s been rocking it for a solid eight seasons with the Vancouver Canucks. Playing as the right wing, his journey’s been good, making him a game-changer on the ice. The performance highlight in the charts of this 26-year-old is four goals vs. the Edmonton Oilers. 

Goals: 21

Assists: 14

Points: 35

Plus/Minus: 11

Auston Matthews (21 Goals)

Matthews is also playing his 8th season with the Toronto Maple Leafs, owning the center position with serious finesse and flair. Known for his scoring skills, he’s setting the bar for goal-scoring excellence. Matthews scored three of his impressive 21 goals against the Buffalo Sabres.

Goals: 21

Assists: 11

Points: 32

Plus/Minus: 3

Nikita Kucherov (19 Goals)

Lighting up the ice for the Tampa Bay Lightning, Kucherov plays the right wing. This 30-year-old Russian-born player is a force to be reckoned with, bringing a combo of speed and precision to the game. So far, he has achieved his highest score this season (2 goals) against the Seattle Kraken. That said, he’s got excellent stats for points and assists.

Goals: 19

Assists: 28

Points: 47

Plus/Minus: -2

Sam Reinhart (17 Goals)

With a decade of game time already under his belt, Reinhart’s the go-to goal scorer for the Florida Panthers. Entering his 10th season with his team, Reinhart is a versatile center boasting a consistent 20-goal scoring record. His playmaking abilities shine, and he is an absolute star contributing to his team at the NHL level.

Goals: 17

Assists: 20

Points: 37

Plus/Minus: 16

Kyle Connor (17 Goals)

The Winnipeg Jets found their scoring master at the right wing. Kyle Connor has 17 goals so far and is on an excellent track. His moves on the offensive boost the team’s competitive edge. So far, Connor maintains his reputation as a prolific goal-scorer, picking at three goals against the Nashville Predators.

Goals: 17

Assists: 11  

Points: 28

Plus/Minus: -4

Analyzing Playing Styles

Dominating the NHL goal charts requires more than talent and a mere chance. So, it’s time to decipher the strategies behind these players. Each of them brings their craft and style to the game. Elaborate action on the ice fires up the stadiums and inspires sports betting – a mix of passion and profit for sports enthusiasts.

Scoring at a distance, along with perfect puck manoeuvers, is what makes Brock Boeser a top NHL player. The power play is also his forte, as attested by his impressive stats. 

Matthews uses his size to overpower opponents and rarely misses a chance to score. A style of play is working in his favour. 

Kutcherov’s explosive skating and competitive outbursts make him a hockey machine, ready to score or pass the puck when the perfect opportunity arises. His impressive 47 points attest to his domination in the game.

Sam Reinhart’s consistency as a goal scorer makes him a valuable asset to his team. His most significant advantage is excelling at two-way games.

Kyle Conor is a speed bomb and a scoring master in his position on the right wing. On the ice, since he was 16, he had time to work on his style and perfect it to become a sharpshooter. 

These players don’t just score goals. They choreograph their unique style and make our hearts skip a beat. Moments like these draw sports enthusiasts to online gaming, upping their thrill, especially with the exhilarating live bets.

Statistical Comparison

This NHL season, Boeser and Matthews are both in the top goal-scoring game, but when it comes to assists, Kucherov is at the top. His remarkable 28 assists show his playmaker status—Reinhart’s right behind, with 20 assists.

Kucherov’s also leading the pack points-wise with a whopping 47. Reinhart’s holding strong at 37. Boeser, Matthews, and Connor are all doing their thing, scoring 35, 32, and 28 points. 

Now, let’s talk about precision. This season, Boeser is “nailing it” with an impressive 27.3% accuracy, and Reinhart is second with a solid 24.3%. 

While it’s too early to give a complete analysis of the performance throughout the season, a glance at the scores shows that Boeser is the exception this season, breaking records and leading the way to high-level hockey.

Team Contributions

Boeser’s not just scoring goals for the Vancouver Canucks, but his plus/minus at 11 shows he’s a real team player. With three game-winners and 35 points, he holds the fourth place in his team- proof that Boeser is a player to count on when things get tight.

Matthews might not have game-winner goals so far, but his 32 points or 1.23/game are impressive, ranking him second in the team charts. Consistency is his game, and Matthews is continuously delivering for the Leafs.

Over in Tampa Bay, Kucherov’s the real deal – 19 goals, four game-winners, and a whopping 47 points, averaging at 1.62 per game. That’s some next-level game, even with a goal differential impact of – 4.

Reinhart and Connor, despite being on the minus side of the goal differential impact, are the anchors for Florida and Winnipeg. Both got four game-winners each, and with 37 and 28 points, they’re the guys making things happen. These players aren’t just scoring goals; they’re the heartbeats of their teams, making sure the music’s just right.

Impact on Team Success

These star players aren’t just racking up goals but weaving the threads of success for their teams.

Boeser’s stats reflect his team-oriented play, elevating the Canucks game.  

“Vancouver’s unexpected rise at a 73.53% points percentage in the power ranking has much to do with Boeser’s play. This team is the season’s biggest surprise,” notes our gaming and sports expert, James Segrest

Matthews may lack game-winners, but his 32 points contribute to the team’s 60.00% points percentage.

Kucherov’s performance in Tampa Bay, with four game-winners and a stellar 47 points, propels the Lightning to new heights. Tampa Bay was previously ranked ten and has held a 52.94% points percentage.

Reinhart and Connor act as linchpins for Florida and Winnipeg despite the negative impact, shaping victories with four game-winners each. Florida, at 65.63%, climbs to a previous 13, while Winnipeg, previously at 14, maintains a 60.00% points percentage.

Challenges and Overcoming Adversity

As a rule, hockey players regularly face their fair share of adversity. Boeser tackled a scoring slump head-on, coming back even stronger. Matthews handled the heat, dealing with extra pressure like a pro. Kucherov, despite some bumps and bruises, stayed committed to the game. 

Reinhart turned setbacks into comebacks, showing real grit. And Connor? Well, he powered through a tough start, flipping the script. These guys aren’t just scoring goals; they’re proving that when the going gets tough, the tough get going. Their resilience isn’t just personal—it’s lifting their teams in the crazy pursuit of victory.

Comparative Analysis with Previous Seasons

Our CasinoOnlineCA experts used the stats to size up how these NHL players have evolved their game since the last season.

Boeser potted three more goals compared to last season. He also upped his plus/minus score from negative 20 to a sweet positive 11. Points per game? Jumped from 0.74 to a solid 1.21. his shooting percentage? Doubled up to a remarkable 27.3%! Plus, he’s spending more time on the ice –  a noteworthy evolution.

Matthews is also upping his game this season, spending more time on the ice and scoring goals at an impressive 18.9%, way better than last season’s 12.2%. Some other stats are down, but he’s holding his own in the 26th game. With many games left, he has room to crush it and beat last season’s numbers.

Nikita Kucherov is a hockey machine and a key player for his team, scoring four game-winners this and last season. His penalty minutes are just eight compared to the previous year’s 36. Let’s hope he keeps that penalty count on ice.

Sam Reinhart has become the go-to player for Florida this season. In just 28 games, he’s rocking a massive plus/minus score of 16, a considerable jump from last season’s -12. His shooting game’s on point, too, hitting a solid 24.3%, up from 13.7% last year. Reinhart’s making his mark.

Kyle Connor‘s turning it up for Winnipeg with improvements this season. Although he’s still in the negative impact, -4, this score beats last season’s -11. More goals at a 16.7% shooting percentage and a solid 1.08 points per game drive Winnipeg toward their ranking goals. Consistency is vital, and Connor’s got it.


In the 2023-2024 NHL season, these top scorers have etched their names in the hockey stats. Boeser’s explosive rise, Matthews’ unwavering consistency, Kucherov’s dynamic prowess, Reinhart’s transformative play, and Connor’s goal-scoring mastery have defined their journeys and significantly impacted their respective teams.

Boeser’s been lighting it up, turning Vancouver into the season’s biggest surprise. Matthews, holding it down for the Leafs, might need more game-winners, but those 32 points are a steady contribution. Kucherov’s the real deal down in Tampa Bay, powering up with 19 goals, four game-winners, and a whopping 47 points – that’s some next-level game. And don’t sleep on Reinhart and Connor; they might be on the minus side, but with four game-winners each, they’re the anchors for Florida and Winnipeg.

Looking ahead, these players aren’t just stars on the ice; they’re shaping the future of the NHL with their unique styles. Boeser’s comeback, Matthews’ dominance, Kucherov’s brilliance, Reinhart’s steady play, and Connor’s tenacity all point to a new era of hockey greatness.

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