Work remotely, explore, enjoy: Meet the ideal places for digital nomads

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The growth in the number of digital nomads in recent times has been significant. Thanks to advances in telecommunications and internet, many professions have moved to the field of remote work.

This favored the conditions for millions of people to perform their profession online. But within these there’s a group that do this by traveling to different parts of the world, i.e., being digital nomads.

If you are getting started in this lifestyle and are looking for the best places to work and explore then you have come to the right post. Meet the best cities for digital nomads.

Lisbon (Portugal)

Place of one of the best countries for digital nomads. Among the characteristics that highlight this city are its charm and beauty, making it irresistible for this type of workers who seek a serene and accessible way of life.

Lisbon is known within this community for providing a wide range of coworking spaces where they can have the opportunity to carry out their activities in a comfortable and quiet way. Therefore, this city is a more than appropriate destination for digital nomads to balance their work and free time.

Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam)

Are you a digital nomad and you like urban life? Then Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam could be the right place for you. This city has long been experiencing remarkable improvements in terms of technological development with the construction of skyscrapers and the growth of start-ups.

Within the benefits that this city offers you is to have a lot of stores and places available 24/7, as well as an excellent gastronomy with which you can satisfy your appetite after finishing your workday or in between.

Ho Chi Minh City is also known for its low cost of living and high-speed internet connection; something useful for those who work in the area of professional design. Since there are a lot of start-ups concentrated there, you can use their coworking spaces to network and get charged up with the energy and enthusiasm present in these environments.

And in your free time you can connect with nature by escaping to the island of Phu Quoc where you can immerse in its tropical jungle and relax on its beaches.

Rome (Italy)

When we hear the name of this city the first thing that comes to mind are its historical monuments.

However, Rome is also an ideal place for the community of digital nomads as it has numerous coworking spaces for them to carry out their activities and interact with each other.

And during their free time they can take the opportunity to visit the architectural wonders that the city offers as the Roman Colosseum or walk through its streets to find places to enjoy the exquisite local cuisine.

Zagreb (Croatia)

The capital of this country is one of the most popular geographic points among digital nomads.

The reasons include its admirable architecture, as well as the green spaces and parks distributed throughout the city where these people can go in their free time to relax and enjoy or wait until nightfall to explore the best of its thriving nightlife.

There is no doubt that the atmosphere in Zagreb is beautiful and cozy even though the city is not located near the sea.

In addition, it has excellent shopping options, as well as accessible means of transportation to get around the best locations. It also has an international airport and a bus station from which you can travel anywhere in Croatia.

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