Do curtain bangs work with curly hair?

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The curtain bangs haircut has become wildly popular in recent years as a chic, face-framing fringe. But can women with naturally curly locks pull off this trendy fringe style? The good news is curtain bangs can absolutely work with curly hair when cut and styled properly. Here’s what you need to know about getting and styling curtain bangs for curly hair.

Evaluating Your Curl Type

Before committing to bangs, it’s important to consider your curl type and texture. Tighter coils and very dense, springy curls can make it harder for curtain bangs to fall straight. The most suitable curl types for the wispy curtain bangs look are loose spirals, waves, and looser corkscrew curls. Very tight coils may still work but will require more rounding out of the shape rather than a straight blunt fringe.

Getting Your Curtain Bangs Cut

Seeing a stylist who specializes in cutting curly hair is crucial for getting curtain bangs to work with your texture. They should cut the bangs dry while shaping and following your curl pattern to create a flowy, face-framing fringe. The key is cutting shorter hairs within the interior to prevent puffiness while leaving enough length to blend with the longer exterior layers.

Your stylist should also thin out the section properly, carefully removing excess bulk and weight. This helps define the curls better while encouraging that effortless parted curtain effect. Avoid blunt, boxed-off bangs which won’t blend well with curls. Instead, softer fringed ends or curtain bangs for curly hair better complement the texture.

Styling Curtain Bangs for Curly Hair

When it comes to styling, embrace those lovely locks by encouraging your natural curl pattern. Start by applying your favorite curl cream or mousse just to your curtain bangs section. Gently encourage the shape by twirling sections around your finger or using a diffuser attachment on low power.

You can also lightly backcomb the roots of your curtain bangs to achieve more volume and lift before diffusing. This creates a pretty wispy effect that blends beautifully with curly lengths and face-framing hair. Let your curls air dry the rest of the way after reshaping the part and fringe.

Once dry, avoid brushing, instead gently shake out your curtain bangs to maintain definition. Brushing can cause unwanted frizz and disrupt your lovely natural curl pattern. You can also carefully finger coil any shorter tendrils to tuck them into place.

Customizing Your Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs for curly hair may need some extra customized shaping to best complement your texture. This means allowing for a shorter interior length and slightly longer face-framing pieces. Rounding out sharp ends creates a pretty C-Curve silhouette perfect for blending with curls.

Having your stylist periodically trim and reshape your fringe ensures your curtain bangs retain their flattering frame as your curls grow out. And don’t be afraid to pin back one or both sides for a change of pace! The great thing about curtain bangs is they offer so much versatility.

Curl-Boosting Products

Using the right haircare products ensures your curtain bangs and curls always put their best face forward! Look for moisturizing shampoos and conditioners free of sulfates and silicones, which can dry out and disrupt curl patterns. Cleansing creams also provide moisture while gently removing buildup.

Styling products like mousse provide hold and definition without crunch or stiffness. Creams and gels specifically formulated for curls also encourage springy, touchable texture and bounce while fighting frizz and flyaways.

And don’t forget the importance of deep conditioning! Weekly nourishing hair masks boost moisture retention in those thirsty curl coils.

In Conclusion

From loose waves to springy coils, curly hair can pull off stylish, face-framing curtain bangs beautifully. Getting them expertly cut and shaped to complement your natural curl pattern is key, along with proper at-home styling. Embrace those lovely locks by working with your texture and customizing them as needed for the perfect frame. With the right curtain bangs for curly hair, you can rock this must-have trend seamlessly!

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