Kissanime: Unveiling the Phenomenon of Anime Streaming

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KissAnime was a widely popular streaming platform that catered to anime enthusiasts worldwide. It provided a plethora of anime titles in various formats, ranging from 240p to 1080p, and was accessible on mobile devices. This platform gained a devoted user base by offering high-quality fan-favorite shows, both dubbed and subbed, for free.

However, the website faced legal troubles over time, as it operated without proper licenses for the anime it streamed. As a result, it was shut down in 2020 due to copyright infringement issues, leaving its fans searching for alternatives to watch anime online.

Since then, numerous alternatives have emerged, offering free anime streaming with various features, genres, and qualities. Some of these alternatives even operate legally, forging partnerships with the anime industry and providing a safe environment for viewers to enjoy their favorite shows.

History of Kissanime

Kissanime started as one of the pioneering websites in the world of online anime streaming. The platform gained popularity due to its vast library of anime titles, spanning from older classics to the most recent releases. Its user-friendly interface allowed even those new to anime to easily navigate and find their desired content. Kissanime was not only popular in the US but also attracted a global audience, becoming one of the most visited pirate sites in the world.

Over the years, Kissanime became a notable phenomenon in the online anime streaming community. Its expansive collection and crisp video quality gave the platform an edge over competitors, making it an appealing option for anime enthusiasts. However, as the site grew in popularity, the risk of running afoul of copyright laws also increased.

In August 2020, Kissanime and its sister site, KissManga, were both shut down due to copyright issues and stricter enforcement of online piracy laws by the Japanese government. The shutdown signified an end to nearly a decade-long journey in the world of online anime streaming.

The closure of Kissanime led to an outpouring of support, sadness, and nostalgia from its users. Despite the legality concerning its existence, Kissanime left a significant impact on the anime community as one of the dominant platforms for easy access to an extensive range of anime titles. The shutdown served as a reminder of the continually changing landscape of online content consumption and the importance of respecting intellectual property rights.

Anime on Kissanime


Kissanime offers a wide range of anime genres to cater to diverse tastes of its viewers. Some of the popular genres include:

  • Comedy: This genre plays a big part in the world of anime, giving fans a good laugh and entertaining storylines
  • Action and Adventure: These anime series often feature intense struggles, battles, and journeys, capturing the viewers’ excitement
  • Romance: Heartfelt love stories and charming characters can be found within the romance genre in anime
  • Drama: These anime provide compelling narratives that may evoke strong emotions and deep thoughts from the viewers
  • Sci-fi and Fantasy: Merging imaginative concepts and futuristic elements, Sci-fi and Fantasy anime transport the audience to otherworldly realms
  • Supernatural and Thriller: From mysterious powers to chilling events, supernatural and thriller anime series keep viewers on the edge of their seats
  • Horror and Demons: Anime series under the horror and demons genre delve into unsettling stories and dark, twisted themes, catering to those who crave the macabre

Some less common categories to explore include samurai, school, magic, family, space, and vampire-focused anime.


Kissanime is known for providing a variety of video quality options to suit viewers’ preferences and internet speeds. Anime can be streamed in the following resolutions:

Resolution Format
240p SD
360p SD
480p SD
720p HD
1080p Full HD

Viewers can select their preferred resolution, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable watching experience.

Subbed and Dubbed

Understanding that anime lovers have different preferences when it comes to language, Kissanime offers both subtitled (subbed) and dubbed versions of anime series and movies. Subbed anime presents the original Japanese audio with English subtitles, while dubbed anime provides an English voice-over of the characters. This allows the viewers to choose whether they want to watch their favorite anime with the native Japanese voices or enjoy it in their own language.

Downloading From Kissanime

Kissanime is a popular platform for anime enthusiasts to enjoy their favorite shows and films. The website offers a diverse and extensive range of anime content, including the latest releases and classics. If you’re looking to download episodes or movies from Kissanime, this guide will provide you with essential tips and steps to follow.

To download from Kissanime, you can employ various methods depending on your preference. Listed below are some options:

  1. Direct KissAnime Download Method: Some episodes on Kissanime have direct download links available. Simply find the episode or series that you want to download, and click the Download button provided
  2. Using Internet Download Manager (IDM): With IDM installed on your computer, you can easily download videos from Kissanime. Just make sure IDM is integrated with your web browser, and the download panel will appear over the video player when the episode loads
  3. Online Video Downloaders: Websites like SaveFromNet, 9xbuddy, and Keepvid allow you to download videos by providing the URL of the content. Simply copy the link of the desired video from Kissanime and paste it into the downloader’s input field
  4. Browser Add-ons/Extensions: Installing browser extensions like Video DownloadHelper can also facilitate downloading videos from Kissanime. These tools detect media files on a web page and enable you to download them with just a click

While downloading the latest releases and your favorite anime content, keep in mind that it is crucial to respect the creators’ copyright. Ensure that you only download content for personal use and avoid any form of distribution without permission. By responsibly enjoying the available anime on Kissanime, you can support the industry and contribute to further growth in the creative space.

Is Kissanime Legal?

Kissanime is a popular website for streaming anime content. Its legality, however, lies in a gray area. While it is not considered strictly illegal, the hosting and distribution of its content might infringe on copyright laws.

Kissanime tends to host its videos on third-party platforms, such as Google and OpenLoad. By doing so, it avoids hosting copyrighted material directly on its website. This approach leads to a gray area in terms of legality, with some arguing that Kissanime itself is not breaking the law. On the other hand, it does breach the terms and conditions of these third-party platforms.

Legality in the USA: In the United States, Kissanime is not categorically deemed as an illegal website. However, users should be aware of the potential risks associated with streaming content from such sites. While viewing copyrighted material may not always be illegal, downloading and redistributing it could lead to legal trouble.

It is worth noting that the original Kissanime website was taken down in August 2020. The main reason behind its closure was the unauthorized distribution of content without compensation for creators. As a result, the global shutdown of the initial site confirmed its legal challenges.

In conclusion, Kissanime’s legal status remains in a gray area, as it does not quite comply with the law, nor is it completely illegal. Users should bear in mind the potential risks associated with accessing the website and make decisions based on their discretion.

Safety and Security on Kissanime

Kissanime is a popular website for streaming and downloading anime, drawing many fans due to its extensive content library. However, questions about its safety and security are frequently raised. This section will discuss the main concerns users face when accessing Kissanime, including ads, viruses, malware, and the use of VPNs.

The website itself is deemed safe if accessed through the legitimate domain ( However, caution should be exercised as there are numerous mirror websites that attempt to impersonate Kissanime and spread malware or viruses. To avoid encountering these malicious sites, it is advisable to always check the domain before proceeding with any activity.

Ads and pop-ups are quite common on Kissanime, which can be intrusive and annoying for users. Some ads may even redirect users to unsafe sites or contain content meant for phishing. A recommendation for addressing this issue is using browser extensions, such as uBlock Origin or a pop-up blocker, to minimize the chances of stumbling upon harmful content. In addition, an ad-free browsing experience can be achieved with the help of browser extensions such as Essentials for Kissanime on Chrome.

When it comes to viruses and malware, Kissanime is generally a safe platform if accessed through the right domain. Nonetheless, it is crucial to maintain awareness and remain cautious when interacting with ads or pop-ups. Installing a reputable antivirus software on your device is recommended to provide an extra layer of protection.

Using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) can further enhance security by encrypting your connection and obscuring your IP address. This can be especially helpful if you are concerned about privacy or if Kissanime is blocked in your region. Well-known and trusted VPN options include NordVPN, Surfshark, and VyprVPN.

In summary, Kissanime can be considered safe and secure if the correct domain is used, and precautions such as browser extensions, antivirus software, and VPNs are taken. Users should remain vigilant when interacting with ads and pop-ups to ensure a smooth and protected viewing experience.

Kissanime Alternatives

With the shutdown of Kissanime, many anime fans are searching for alternatives to enjoy their favorite shows. In this section, we will explore some of the best paid and free alternatives to Kissanime, as well as streaming options on other platforms.

Paid Alternatives

Crunchyroll and Funimation are two popular paid streaming services that offer extensive libraries of anime content. Both services have a wide variety of genres and cater to a broad range of preferences. Crunchyroll boasts about 25,000 anime episodes, while Funimation also provides users with both subbed and dubbed versions of their favorite shows.

Streaming platforms such as Netflix and Hulu also offer a selection of anime series and movies. While their libraries might not be as extensive as dedicated anime sites, they do include popular titles like My Hero Academia and One Punch Man.

Free Alternatives

For free alternatives to Kissanime, GoGoAnime and 9Anime are two popular options. Both sites offer users an extensive collection of anime content, with GoGoAnime hosting animated web series and movies with English subtitles. Similarly, 9Anime boasts thousands of videos and movies in both subbed and dubbed versions. Another option for free anime streaming is Chia-Anime, which features a vast array of subbed and dubbed anime episodes.

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