Creating Blocky Masterpieces: Drawing Minecraft Structures and Buildings

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blue and white building with green and yellow lights

Minecraft, the sandbox video game that has captured the hearts of millions, offers a vast canvas of inspiration for artists. This guide will provide a plethora of Minecraft drawing ideas that will bring the game’s pixelated world to life on paper. Once you get to the end, you should know how to draw Minecraft characters with ease.

From Screen to Sketchpad

Minecraft has been lauded not just for its gameplay, but also for its unique aesthetic. The game’s blocky, pixelated characters and environments provide a distinctive look that is instantly recognizable.

These elements also translate well into the art world, as they lend themselves well to geometric and perspective drawing. This makes Minecraft an excellent subject for those looking to practice these techniques.

Let’s dive into some inspiring Minecraft drawing ideas that you can explore.

Minecraft Characters

Drawing a Minecraft character is a great starting point. The blocky, 3-D aesthetic of these characters presents an interesting challenge for budding artists.


Minecraft Steve, the default player character in Minecraft, is a great subject for your first sketch. His square head, rectangular body, and cubic limbs are relatively simple shapes to draw, but when put together, they form a distinctively Minecraft character.


Creepers are another iconic Minecraft character. These green, four-legged creatures are known for their distinctive, pixelated faces. Drawing a Creeper provides an opportunity to work on shading techniques to capture the character’s signature pixelated appearance.

Minecraft Creatures

Aside from the player characters, Minecraft is home to a plethora of interesting creatures. Here are a few that would make great subjects for your drawings:


Endermen are tall, dark creatures with glowing purple eyes. They are a great subject if you’re looking to practice drawing more complex shapes and shading.


Ghasts are floating creatures with tentacles that dwell in Minecraft’s Nether dimension. Drawing a Ghast will require you to capture its distinctive form and the eerie glow of its eyes.


Minecraft’s wolves are cute, blocky canines that can be tamed and kept as pets. Drawing a Minecraft wolf is a fun way to practice drawing animals in the game’s distinctive style.


Ocelots are another pet option in Minecraft. These spotted cats are a bit more complex to draw than wolves, making them an excellent choice for more advanced artists.

Minecraft Blocks

Minecraft’s world is made entirely of blocks, each with its own texture and design. Drawing these blocks is a fantastic way to practice your shading and texture techniques.

Grass Block

The grass block is one of the most recognizable blocks in Minecraft. Drawing a grass block is a great way to practice drawing textures.

Diamond Ore

Diamond ore blocks are exciting finds in the game. Drawing a diamond ore block provides a great opportunity to practice drawing geometric shapes and reflective surfaces.

Minecraft Environments

Drawing complete Minecraft landscapes can be a fun challenge. These drawings can include a variety of the game’s blocks and creatures, providing plenty of opportunities to practice different techniques.


The Overworld is the standard Minecraft environment, filled with grassy plains, forests, mountains, and bodies of water.


The Nether is a hellish dimension filled with lava, fortresses, and dangerous creatures. Drawing the Nether can be an excellent way to practice drawing dramatic, fiery landscapes.

Custom Minecraft Characters

Once you’ve mastered drawing standard Minecraft characters, why not try creating your own? You could alter the face of a standard character to look like you, or create an entirely new character from scratch.

Minecraft Objects

Minecraft is filled with a variety of objects that players can use, from tools and weapons to food and potions. Drawing these objects can help you practice drawing smaller, detailed items.

Tools and Weapons

From pickaxes and swords to bows and tridents, Minecraft offers a variety of tools and weapons that would make interesting subjects for your drawings.

Food and Potions

Minecraft’s food items, like apples, bread, and cake, are fun to draw. Potions, with their colorful liquids and distinctive bottle shapes, are also great subjects.

Minecraft Pixel Art

If you’re looking for a challenge, try creating a piece of pixel art using Minecraft as your inspiration. This could involve recreating a scene from the game in pixel form, or creating a pixelated version of a character or creature.

Minecraft Fan Art

Minecraft’s popularity has spawned a massive fan art community. Drawing fan art can be a fun way to engage with the game’s community, and it can also help you to improve your drawing skills.

Minecraft Comics

If you’re interested in storytelling as well as drawing, why not try creating a Minecraft comic? This could involve creating a short story featuring your favorite characters or creatures, or it could be a humorous comic strip based on a funny moment from the game.

Minecraft in Different Art Styles

Once you’re comfortable drawing in the Minecraft style, why not try drawing Minecraft characters and environments in different art styles? This could involve drawing Minecraft characters in a realistic style, or drawing a Minecraft landscape in the style of a famous artist.

Final Words

In conclusion, Minecraft offers endless inspiration for artists. Whether you’re a beginner looking for simple shapes to practice, or an experienced artist looking for a new challenge, Minecraft drawing ideas provide a rich source of inspiration. So grab your sketchpad, pick up your pencil, and start bringing the world of Minecraft to life on paper!

Now you know how to draw Minecraft characters.

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