From Simple to Grand: Building the Perfect Minecraft Fountain

a 3d image of a cube made of cubes

Ever considered incorporating a touch of elegance into your Minecraft world? If so, creating a beautiful fountain is a perfect way to achieve it. In this guide, we delve into some awe-inspiring minecraft fountain ideas that can transform your virtual landscapes into masterpieces. From the tranquility of a Japanese-inspired fountain to the fiery allure of a heart-shaped lava feature, we’ve got a myriad of designs for every Minecraft enthusiast.

1. Medieval Grandeur: The Big Fountain

If you’re setting up a medieval town in your Minecraft world, a large fountain can become its centerpiece, enhancing the charm of your medieval-themed build. This grand structure, constructed on a 15×15 grid, is primarily composed of stone blocks and slabs. Four pillars encircle the fountain, each holding lanterns for illumination. Water cascades from a single pillar that extends slabs in all directions, directing the flow towards the fountain’s center. This grand fountain is an ideal addition to your medieval world.

2. Elegance in Simplicity: The Garden Fountain

For those who appreciate the beauty of simplicity, this garden tall spiral fountain is a perfect choice. It boasts an easy-to-replicate design that can fit effortlessly into your garden or village, or even serve as a centrepiece for a mansion’s driveway. What sets this fountain apart is its use of various blocks for each level, highlighting each layer of the fountain. The materials for this build include chiseled bricks, polished andesite, stone bricks, and cobblestone.

3. The Knight’s Charm: The Knight Fountain

A medieval castle in your Minecraft world would certainly benefit from the addition of a unique fountain. This knight statue fountain, resembling a knight riding a horse, adds a touch of medieval charm to any build. This intricate fountain design would also put your building skills and creativity to the test. The knight’s body is constructed from waxed weathered/oxidized copper slabs, while the horse is made of waxed exposed copper stairs.

4. The Allure of the East: The Japanese Fountain

If you’re looking to infuse a sense of tranquility into your Minecraft world, this Japanese Fountain could be the perfect addition. It features elegant Japanese architecture that blends seamlessly with natural elements like grass and tiles. The fountain is built using stone, stone slabs, stone stairs, spruce trapdoors, and dark oak planks. The surroundings can be further enhanced with decorative elements like lanterns and Azalea trees acting like bonsais.

5. A Fiery Embrace: The Heart Lava Fountain

For those looking to incorporate a fiery twist to their Minecraft structures, the Heart Lava Fountain is an irresistible choice. This captivating build features burning lava enclosed within a heart-shaped structure made of glass. The materials used for this build include pink stained glass, smooth quartz blocks, smooth quartz slabs, lanterns, brain coral, and sea pickles.

6. An Ode to Nature: The Garden Fountain

This garden fountain design brings a touch of tranquility and elegance to any garden. It features a cleverly crafted fountain that serves as a focal point, creating a serene atmosphere within the landscape. Materials used for the fountain include oxidized copper stairs and slabs, dirt, grass, spruce planks, and spruce stairs. It also features an inviting porch area, perfect for showcasing an array of plants and flowers, thereby extending the beauty of your garden.

7. A Glimpse of the Moon: The Moon Fountain

If you’re keen on integrating something distinctive yet manageable into your Minecraft world, the Moon Fountain could be an excellent choice. The main highlight of this build is the half-moon on top of the pillar from which the water flows down. Materials used for this build include stone bricks, stone brick walls, blue terracota, and chiseled stone.

8. A Touch of Stone: The Stone Fountain

Perfect for those planning to build a Greek-style fountain, the Stone Fountain brings a sense of history and grandeur to your Minecraft world. The entire structure is made from stone brick, lending it an old-world charm. However, the form and overall shape of the structure, reminiscent of classic European fountains, makes this fountain stand out. The materials used for this build include stone bricks, stone brick walls, redstone lamps, spruce trapdoors, stone slabs, and redstone torch.

9. A Taste of Grandeur: The Dragon Statue Fountain

If you’re looking to add a touch of fantasy to your Minecraft world, this Dragon Statue Fountain idea could be an ideal addition. This extraordinary fountain design features a majestic dragon that spouts water from its mouth. Constructed from cobblestone blocks, stairs, slabs, redstone lamps, and spruce trapdoors, this fountain is a definite showstopper.

10. The Magic of Sandstone: The Sandstone Tier Fountain

Last but definitely not least, the Sandstone Tier Fountain is one of the finest Minecraft water fountain design ideas currently available. It features three layers that allow water to overflow from each level before reaching the base. Chiseled sandstone blocks are used for each level, providing accents on the sides.

Final Words

These are just some of the myriad minecraft fountain ideas you can incorporate into your virtual world. Feel free to draw inspiration from these builds and create your unique fountains. Who knows? Your creativity might even make it to our best-of list in the future!