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Blooket, an innovative educational platform, has made learning a fun and interactive experience for students globally. With diverse game modes and unique avatars known as ‘Blooks,’ students are motivated to answer questions correctly and win tokens. One such esteemed Blook is the Rainbow Panda. In this comprehensive guide, we will unravel the mystery of how to get Rainbow Panda in Blooket.

What is Blooket?

Blooket is a popular online educational platform that presents students with a range of engaging quizzes and games. The platform rewards students with tokens for correctly answering questions, further encouraging active participation and learning. These tokens can be used to unlock various avatars known as ‘Blooks,’ adding a fun, gamified element to the learning process.

Over time, students can earn a lot tokens and use them for for buying things in the store. The Rainbow panda is one of the rarest blook items you can get.

To get an idea of what you can get, visit the Blooket educational website.

The Intriguing World of Blooks

Blooks are unique avatars that represent players in Blooket games. They vary in appearance, mimicking a variety of amusing animals or unique creatures. The Blooks are categorized by rarity and boxes. While some Blooks are freely available, others are locked and require purchase using earned tokens.

The Fame of Rainbow Panda

The Rainbow Panda is an ultra-rare Chroma Blook locked in the Safari Box. It is coveted not only for its vibrant appearance but also for its high resale value — selling a Rainbow Panda can earn you a whopping 300 tokens in a single transaction!

The Safari Box: Gateway to Rainbow Panda

The Safari Box is where the elusive Rainbow Panda resides. However, accessing this box comes at a cost of 25 tokens. The Rainbow Panda, being a Chroma Blook, has only a 0.02% chance of being found in the Safari Box. This rarity makes obtaining the Rainbow Panda a challenging yet exciting task for Blooket players. It is the rarest Blook in the game.

Earning Tokens: The First Step

Before you can even think of unlocking the Safari Box, you first need to earn tokens. Tokens are the currency of Blooket, earned by correctly answering questions in the game. The more questions you answer correctly, the more tokens you earn, and the closer you get to unlocking your favorite Blooks. This route takes a lot of time and effort, but it is worth in the end.

The Hacking Route to Rainbow Panda

For those seeking a more direct route to the Rainbow Panda, hacking methods offer an alternative approach. By using specific Blooket hack scripts, you can add thousands of tokens to your Blooket account, enabling you to unlock the Safari Box and potentially get the Rainbow Panda.

Method 1: GitHub Code Hack

This method involves using a specific hacking code available on GitHub to add tokens to your Blooket account.


  • Visit the GitHub page and copy the hacking code
  • Go to Blooket.com and log into your account
  • On the Blooket dashboard, click the Market menu icon
  • Right-click anywhere and select Inspect
  • Double-click the Console option
  • Paste the GitHub code and hit Enter
  • Confirm the pop-up notification
  • Reload the market page — around 500 tokens should have been added to your account
  • Repeat the process until you have more than 4000 tokens


Open the Safari box and spend your tokens in the hope of unlocking the Rainbow Panda. Persistence is key here — the more you try, the higher your chances of obtaining this unique Blook.

Method 2: GitHub Blooket Script Hack

If the original GitHub code Blooket hack doesn’t work for you, another variant uses a different script to unlock the Rainbow Panda.

Method 2 Steps

  • Copy the GitHub Blooket script to unlock Rainbow Panda
  • Navigate to the Blooket Market page and open the Inspect Console
  • Paste the GitHub Blooket Rainbow panda hack script into the Console panel
  • A cheat menu will appear, select Global Cheat-2 from the menu ba
  • Next, click Witch MENU above the SIMULATE UNLOCK, and select the Rainbow Panda Blook to unlock it.

Method 3: Exploring Other Hacks

There exist other hacking techniques that can help you unlock all blooks, including the sought-after Rainbow Panda. After trying several unsuccessful hacks, you can explore other websites and learn a new Blooket hack.

Final Words: The Journey to Rainbow Panda

Unlocking the Rainbow Panda in Blooket may seem like a monumental task, but with a blend of luck, dedication, and strategic use of hacking methods, you can add this ultra-rare Chroma Blook to your collection. Hopefully, now you know how to get Rainbow Panda in Blooket.

Remember, the journey is just as important as the destination. Happy Blooking!

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