Exploring the Influence of Music Production on Popular Music Trends

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Music has the unique power to evoke emotion, transport you back in time and bring back fond memories. Nonetheless, it continues to advance with every passing year and create newer experiences.

Technology has played an instrumental role in shaping how certain sounds and tracks are produced and created, thus offering us newer ways of experiencing them as tracks. This has resulted in emotions being generated that were previously unheard of; it truly displays just how adaptive music can be!

Before, technology was only accessible to professionals or those with significant financial resources due to being too costly. Now, however, tech is more affordable and accessible for everyone; producers have even been known to work on tracks they created in their bedrooms whenever they had time.

The availability and affordability of the equipment have certainly helped influence popular music trends, as it has made it possible for unsigned and undiscovered artists and producers to be able to get their chance within a highly competitive industry. This has had a knock-on effect, too, as it has created its own genre and fanbase, with many liking to support those that are self-made and independent.

Music Production

Music production has been a major part of the process, with talented producers in the background able to put some of the biggest chart-toppers together and create some of the best popular music around. It is the art of creating, editing, and recording music and involves the use of various instruments, recording equipment, and music software.

While recording artists may get all the credit because their names are on the tracks, producers can experience a thankless task; despite the fact that it is among one of the most important in the creation of a song.

Sound Quality

One of the aspects in which music production has shown its influence is in terms of the sound and the quality that is created. With new technological resources available, producers are able to create new sounds which have been able to attract and appeal to audiences who are looking for them.

These sounds have been created with high-quality recording equipment, such as microphones, mixing consoles, and digital audio workstations, as these help produce crystal clear sound recordings, thus helping to enhance the sound quality that so many look for when listening to a certain type of music within popular music.

Sampling and the use of royalty-free music have been a huge hit among popular music trends, as they appeal to many listeners for a variety of reasons. While they can be cheaper and are readily available compared to coming up with a unique beat or tune, which can be very time-consuming, they can also instantly appeal to certain audiences as there may be a sense of nostalgia that can be experienced, which may then help to make the track more successful.

Creation of New Music and Styles

Music production has had a huge influence on the creation of new music being brought to the industry. With the technology available, new sounds and beats can be mashed together to create something completely different and unique to an industry where many already believe all tastes are catered for.

EDM (electronic dance music) is perhaps one of the most notable examples of how modern music production has played its role, with the use of synthesizers and drum machines helping to create new sounds and allowing listeners to feel every beat that is produced.

Genre-bending has also been experienced, which has had a positive impact on the popular music trends that are being witnessed today. Genre-bending is essentially the process whereby artists blend different genres together and creating new sounds to give listeners something entirely new and once unimaginable. For example, it would have been difficult to imagine hearing rock music within dance, or classical music being sampled in pop music.

Final Thoughts

Music producing does not appear to have any barriers at the moment, as it would seem individuals who are capable of using the equipment that is available can do a multitude of different things. They are able to disrupt the norm that is known throughout the music industry and create new genres, which has ultimately had a positive influence on the music trends that are being experienced currently.

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