9 Items Every Traveler Should Carry On a Trip

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Are you traveling soon? Deciding what to pack with you can be stressful, especially if you have limited space. You’ll want to know the essentials so you don’t overload your luggage.

Here is everything travelers should carry with them on a trip!

1. A Day Bag

While you probably have packed luggage, you’ll also want to take a day bag. Many travelers use their carry-ons for a day bag to save space. However, you could also fit a small backpack or purse in with the rest of your luggage.

Having a day bag allows you to bring your essentials as you explore. You’ll want to ensure the bag is comfortable to carry and can hold all your stuff.

You can take water, sunscreen, and snacks with you. Overall, using a day bag is much more convenient than trying to fit everything in your pockets. Especially if you’re going to be on the move.

2. Collapsable Hats

Next, you’ll want to bring some big hats with you. They protect you from the sun and other elements. They’re also stylish and are easy to take along.

When choosing a travel hat, you want to ensure it’s collapsable. That way, you can easily pack it in your luggage. Most hats can roll up small, allowing you to take more than one.

Then, pack all of your clothes and other essentials in the suitcase first. You want the hat to be on top so it doesn’t get crushed. You can then fold it up and use your clothes as padding to prevent it from losing its shape.

You don’t want to bring stiff hats because they could crack, wrinkle, and lose shape. Straw hats are the best example; they’re too rigid to pack without damage.

So, you’ll want to choose foldable hats like beanies, bucket hats, and baseball caps.

3. Universal Adaptor and Converter

If you travel to other countries, you’ll need to make sure that you take a universal adaptor and converter with you. You’ll need to charge your electronics, which can be impossible if you can’t plug them in.

These converters are small and likely only need one or two, so they won’t take up precious storage space in your bags.

Adaptors and converters are different, so you’ll want a model that can do both. Adaptors allow you to plug your devices into outlets with various shapes while converters change the voltage.

Every country uses slightly different outlets and voltages, so bring the right equipment. You wouldn’t want to have issues charging your devices.

4. Water Bottle

Many travelers also consider collapsable or foldable water bottles an essential item. You can easily collapse it to make it easier to pack. Plus, you’ll need to stay hydrated while exploring, so you’re probably already taking a water bottle.

Some areas have higher water costs than others, meaning you can save money using a refillable bottle. You also won’t have to worry as much about the quality of public water.

These collapsable bottles are very convenient in your daily life, too. So, we’re sure you’ll get much use from it, even when you’re not traveling.

5. Foldable Travel Toothbrush

You can get toothbrushes that fold easily online. They’re more compact and can fit in any toiletry bag. You can also pack them in your day bag if you need to bring one while out.

Since they fold, it protects the bristles from becoming frayed, which can be a problem with toothbrushes that you must pack often.

6. Travel Wallet

You may want to swap out your usual wallet for a travel wallet. These wallets often come with RFID-blocking features and can help you keep your belongings more organized.

For instance, many come with spaces for your phone, change, passport, and ID. Plus, plenty of pockets for credit cards.

In particular, RFID blocking can be very helpful. It prevents anyone from scanning your cards through your wallet, keeping your personal information and money safe.

7. Travel Cubes

Travel cubes can also be very useful if you need to pack a suitcase. These cubes usually zip up and make organizing your bags a breeze. They come in different sizes, allowing you to arrange them easily in your bag.

You can find clear travel cubes as well. These are useful if you must pack medications to take on a flight. You’ll need to run them through TSA, but using a clear container keeps them organized and all together while being easier to check.

8. A Bag for Laundry

You’ll want to keep your dirty clothes separate from your clean ones. Taking a garbage or cloth laundry bag with you is convenient.

First, the bag is easy to roll up and put in your luggage. Then, all you need to do is put your dirty laundry in it. You’ll keep the smells away from your clean clothes. Plus, washing is easier when you’re back home because you don’t need to first sort out the clean clothes.

If you plan on traveling for a long time, toss a dryer sheet in the bag to help manage strong odors.

9. Rain Gear

You wouldn’t want to get stuck in the rain somewhere, so taking along a small, collapsable umbrella is a great idea. They don’t take up much space and are really useful.

You can also find many color, style, and size options online.

Another good choice is a rain poncho, especially if you go somewhere it storms frequently. They’re cheap, keep you dry, and are usually vacuumed and sealed, so they don’t take up a lot of space.

Always Do a Final Check

Before leaving for your trip, make sure that you do a “last call” for your items. You wouldn’t want to forget any of your essentials. Ensure you have all your clothes, toiletries, and medicines first.

Then, you’ll want to add some items from the above list! Many consider a good hat, water bottle, and travel wallet necessary. Depending on where you’re going, you might also need reliable rain gear, a converter, and an adaptor for charging.

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