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Lost Mary BM600 Flavor Review: Which Ones Are the Best?

The Lost Mary BM600 is one of the most popular disposable vapes on the market today. Developed by the same engineers who created the Elf Bar brand, the Lost Mary BM600 contains 2 ml of vape juice with a nicotine strength of 20 mg/ml and lasts up to 600 puffs. It also has the same fashionable slightly rounded design that has brought other disposable vapes such as the Elf Bar BC5000 so much fame. It feels great in the hand and is easy to carry in your pocket – and with this device’s enormous flavor selection, it’s perfect for just about everyone.

If the Lost Mary BM600 has any issue, it could perhaps be that the device’s flavor selection is just a bit too large for those who don’t have a great deal of vaping experience. Although the Lost Mary BM600 is an extremely affordable device, you still don’t want to waste your money by buying one with a flavor that you don’t really enjoy – so in this review, we’re going to help you make the right choice.

So, what are the best Lost Mary BM600 flavors? Let’s examine the tastiest ones currently on the market.

Blackcurrant Apple

For vapers in the United Kingdom – where the Lost Mary BM600 is most popular – blackcurrant is one of the signature vape juice flavors. This Lost Mary flavor does that classic flavor one better by mixing it with apple – everyone’s favorite orchard note.


If you want to try a vape juice that tastes like a real fruit and not just a fruity candy, you’ve got to try the Lost Mary blueberry flavor. It’s a classic.

Blueberry Sour Raspberry

If a plain blueberry vape juice is just a bit too sweet for you, you’ll love this one – it mixes sweet blueberry with a generous helping of sour raspberry.

Blue Razz Cherry

Blue raspberry is probably the most popular vape juice flavor on the market right now. If you’ve already had your share of blue razz e-liquids, though, you might be looking for a bit of a change. Cherry is the perfect addition.

Blue Razz Ice

If you haven’t caught on to the blue razz trend yet, this is the Lost Mary BM600 flavor that you need to try first. With a combination of sweet blue raspberry and chilly menthol, it’s just like visiting the neighborhood slushie machine.

Cherry Ice

If you’re a cough drop fan, this is the vape juice for you. Its blend of cherry and menthol will keep you feeling refreshed all day long.

Cherry Peach Lemonade

Many of the greatest e-liquids blend sweet and sour notes to great effect, and that’s exactly what you’ll get with this e-liquid’s blend of lemon, peach and cherry flavors.


Cola is the world’s most popular soft drink, but there’s a limit to how much caffeine one person can drink in a day. When you’re feeling sufficiently caffeinated but still want to enjoy the refreshing taste of cola, you’ll love this Lost Mary flavor.

Cotton Candy Ice

If you’ve never eaten a piece of frozen cotton candy before, there’s no reason to crack a tooth trying it. Just enjoy this blend of cotton candy and menthol instead. Frozen candy flavors are always much loved by the vaping community.

Double Apple

Looking for an e-liquid that tastes like authentic hookah shisha? You’ve found it right here with the Double Apple Lost Mary BM600 flavor.

Mad Blue

Most Lost Mary flavors have simple names that make it easy to tell what they’re going to taste like. That isn’t the case with the Mad Blue flavor, so we’ll clue you in. It’s a mix of raspberry, blueberry and blackberry notes.

Mary Bull Ice

In case you didn’t guess from reading the name, Mary Bull Ice captures the complex flavor of a high-caffeine energy drink. There’s no caffeine in this Lost Mary flavor, but the menthol will make you think that you’re enjoying an energy drink straight from the refrigerator.

Maryjack Kisses

Here’s another one that you’re probably going to love if you live in the UK. The Maryjack Kisses Lost Mary flavor captures the taste of a famous vintage candy with notes of anise and blackcurrant.


If you’ve looking for a vape juice that’s as refreshing as a menthol cigarette, grab the Menthol Lost Mary BM600 flavor. It’s refreshingly cold and has a perfectly neutral peppermint flavor.

Mint Tobacco

The Mint Tobacco Lost Mary flavor blends a cool blast of menthol with a mellow tobacco base to give you an experience akin to smoking a menthol cigarette.

Orange Gummy Bear

You’ve probably never thought of vaping a gummy bear before, but this Lost Mary flavor proves that it’s completely possible to capture the flavor of an authentic gummy bear in vapor form. You probably won’t find another orange gummy flavor anywhere else in the vaping world.

Pink Grapefruit

There aren’t enough grapefruit vape juices in the world today, and this Lost Mary flavor does grapefruit proud with just a hint of the real fruit’s characteristic bitterness.

Red Apple Ice

If you’ve never had a red apple vape juice before, you’ll be shocked by how real they can taste. The Red Apple Ice Lost Mary BM600 flavor takes the refreshment to an entirely new level with the addition of chilly menthol.

Sakura Grape

Nothing smells quite the same as the intoxicating aroma of a Sakura blossom, and the Sakura Grape Lost Mary flavor uses that scent to great effect by mixing it with a sweet grape note.

Triple Mango

Can’t get enough mango in your life? Mango is one of the most popular vape juice flavors in the world today, and this Lost Mary flavor delivers a triple-strong blast of mango that just won’t quit.


Here’s another Lost Mary flavor that you’ll only understand if you live in the United Kingdom. VMT is a clone of the legendary Vimto soda, and it features a blend of blackcurrant, raspberry and grape flavors along with a subtle undertone of mixed spices.

Watermelon Lemon

There are plenty of sweet-and-sour vape juices on the market today, but this might be the only one that blends the sweet juiciness of watermelon with an irresistibly tart lemon flavor.