Reasons you Should Take your Time to Find Real Love

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The world as we know it is increasingly overwhelming and can be remarkably harsh. Having found a partner who is seemingly our type, we hold on to everything we’ve got. This is true for both men and women. When we grow older and as time passes, we might experience breakups along the way. This should not make us feel unlovable. Instead, it preempts the start of better relationships.

As you seek local flings or relationships, others might be perusing online dating international websites. These offer several opportunities at finding love for the long term. This real love and the blessings it brings should be sought slowly and with your future in mind.

There are several reasons you should take your time finding real love, many of which revolve around less time-wasting.

Time is of the Essence

Don’t waste time hopping from one relationship to another hoping to find love. Spend more time preparing yourself for the real deal. If it means spending more time being single, so be it. Essentially, you should not go on multiple blind dates simply to boost self-esteem. Going on multiple dates does the exact opposite, as it can lower self-esteem. Here are a few more reasons you should take your time finding real love.


If you are still young, perhaps below thirty years of age, it may seem like heartbreaks are for oldies. Truth be told, oldies have experienced more than enough heartbreaks. When you begin dating, it is important to avoid dating every Tom, Dick, and Harry. Stick to what your heart desires to avoid unnecessary heartaches. Additionally, heartbreaks wear you down.

As you age you might end up heartbroken repeatedly, perhaps divorced too. This wears down on you and affects your ego, self-esteem, and pride. With time, relationships become no-go zones and one can become depressed. Thus, it is crucial to take your time finding the knight in shining armor, or the princess. This is not a fairy tale and it works wonders if you apply yourself.

Wasting resources

Moving around bars, and clubs and navigating to different area codes to find new flesh is stupid. It takes too much of your time, energy, and money too. If you don’t spend more time learning what it is you seek, finding real love becomes more expensive. Many have become worn out and disillusioned due to wasted resources. The matchmaking process becomes a bit tedious and in some instances, people resort to staying indoors. This is the worst-case scenario and should be avoided.


Decide to avoid reading too many magazines and blogs about finding and securing love. The majority of blogs are created and operated by disgruntled individuals. These folks do not offer sound advice and instead push you to find someone quickly, sometimes to your detriment. More specifically, it is important to avoid rushing.

The suggestions in blogs mess with your self-image and self-esteem. Simply because you haven’t found a partner at age thirty doesn’t make you hopeless. Taking your time means you will find the right one even at age forty; as opposed to rushing and divorcing at age 40.

Finding the right person

Make use of social clubs and online dating forums to pinpoint who you like. Local clubs offer a chance to meet like-minded people almost immediately. Online dating provides the same, from the comfort of where you are. Simply create detailed profiles and wait for like-minded folks to respond.

Bottom Line

Finding real love doesn’t always happen instantly as the movies portray. It sometimes takes years of pursuing like-minded folks and a little heartbreak. The idea is to find love however long it takes, but with less heartbreak and time-wasting. Stick to the suggestions herein and love is sure to find you sooner rather than later.

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