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These are the Latest TV/Movie Board Game Drops

Looking for a game night idea? Whether you were thinking of hosting one for a different kind of get-together, or game night is frequent enough to be considered common with your squad, a fun way to spend quality leisure time is a game night with you and your buds based on your favourite TV show or movie franchises.

Search the best place to buy board games, and you’re more than likely going to find game titles for both popular and niche media, movies, TV shows, comic books, etc. Once you’ve made your choice(s), the fun begins. This is your chance to get your creative juices flowing and think up snack and decoration ideas that fit the theme.

Keep that in mind as you read about the newest board games based on movies and TV shows. What snacks would you whip up? How can you make your home look like a part of that world?

Star Wars: The Clone Wars – A Pandemic System Game

Join forces as you and your friends, as fellow Jedi, battle an onslaught of incoming droids on planets scattered across the outer reaches of the game board. Using dice and cards, you must stave off the invaders before they build a stronghold that prevents you from freeing the planet and accomplishing missions.

Transformers Deck-Building Game: Dawn of the Dinobots

This is an expansion pack to the Transformers Deck-Building game wherein you journey through the game, build up a network of allies, tech upgrades and a cache of relics (i.e., your deck) that all serve to make you stronger; but as we all know, with great power comes great responsibility, and you must fight increasingly stronger enemies. The difference is that with this expansion pack, instead of the classic Autobots v Decepticon storyline, this iteration is based on the ever-popular Grimlock & Dinobots fighting Shockwave and Devastator.

What Do You Meme? A Friends Expansion Pack

If you’re hosting a big group of friends, there are few better board games to keep you all entertained than the Friends – What Do You Meme? game that engages up to 20 players. This expansion pack adds 80 new cards and has you and your friends try and match famous Friends catchphrases with photo cards of iconic Friends moments. Be warned, however, this game is 17+.

Marvel Villainous: We Are Venom

Fan of the alien symbiote anti-hero? Now you and your Marvel-loving friends can act as Venom as you try to locate and then overpower Spider-Man to make the merge complete. You’ll get help along the way from Riot, Lasher, Scream, Agony and Phage but be forewarned; Spidey also has allies in Silver Sable, Black Cat and Scarlet Spider, who must be vanquished for you to succeed.

Starship Captains

You can be the captain now and select your crew (each with a specific set of skills) while simultaneously upgrading your starship. In this part engine building / part action selection game, each captain earns medals through completed missions which unlock even greater capabilities, which lead to bigger rewards and so on.

Explore strange new worlds and boldly go where no one has gone before!