How to Choose the Perfect Pair of Shoes

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Dancing is a talent and a hobby that most people worldwide have grown up doing. At least everyone has tried to bust some moves when alone or when their favorite song comes on their playlist. Dancing is a universal activity, and it has grown into something appreciated in daily life since it has been incorporated into films, television, and even on stage, whether as a performance or competition. Dance is categorized into tango, ballet, modern, Latin, jazz, hip-hop, salsa, break-dancing, ballroom, and tap dance, among others. There are so many categories of dance, and some people with a passion for dancing, go as far as making dance their occupation. For most of these dances to be done perfectly, one requires the proper attire and shoes. Ballroom dancing, for example, requires ballroom shoes. If you are a ballroom dancer in need of a fresh pair of ballroom shoes, here are a few things you should have in mind;

Your Accurate Shoe Size

You should ensure that the ballroom shoes you purchase are accurate since they are meant to fit you like a glove. Choosing ballroom shoes that are too big may be a nuisance since instead of focusing on the dance, your focus will be entirely on making sure your shoe gets noticed while you sashay on the ballroom. Alternatively, if you choose a small pair, you will be uncomfortable throughout the dance, affecting your performance.

The material

The sole suede material has proven to be the best option for dancing shoes, not just ballroom dancing shoes. Suede gives you just the right amount of grip, allowing you to slide easily while giving you a firm grip on the floor. Compared to leather or rubber dancing shoes, suede-soled shoes have the best friction and boost your dance performance. However, suede thins out quickly, but you can always extend its duration using a wire brush. You can visit to find the best suede ballroom shoes for you.

The height

Ballroom dance shoes usually have a heel. The heel is at most three inches for ladies and half an inch for men. If you are a lady ballroom dancer and aren’t used to high heels, you should consider getting low heels for a start until you get used to the feeling of heels. It would be best that you buy ballroom dance shoes that are a suitable height, that is, a height you are comfortable with for enjoyable dancing sessions. There are also slim and flared-shaped heels, but the flared ones are the best for stability.

The price

Most people have instantly fallen in love with a particular item at the store or online page, and they would like to purchase it but the price written makes you instantly take a step back. Set a budget beforehand to avoid stretching your pockets a little too much. You could check out since they gather shoes from different brands and then compare the pricing. Buy what you are comfortable with to avoid wasting money.

Ballroom dancing is fun, and you are bound to enjoy it when you are passionate about it. Moreover, with the right ballroom dancing shoes, you’ll most likely experience euphoria, and this article will help you with your selection.

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