3 Surprising Mobile Game Genres for You to Explore

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The mobile gaming landscape is something that’s come a long way since it was first made possible back when Fruit Ninja and Angry Birds were primarily what people thought of. Those were attention-grabbing games for sure, and the latter was even successful enough to spawn a movie franchise, so it’s nothing to scoff at, but for people who enjoy games, those might not have been the titles that they were looking for.

Today, though, the landscape tells a different story completely; one where there is a multitude of exclusive and long-standing gaming genres to choose from, and that might be enough to get you interested in what mobile gaming can offer you as a fan of the medium.

Role-Playing Games

When you think of role-playing games (RPGs), you often think of the sweeping, epic, high-budget experiences that have historically only been possible on more powerful hardware. Skyrim, The Witcher 3, and Elden Ring might not be titles that you can imagine wading into on your smartphone. However, the genre is much more expansive than that, and looking at more classical, and perhaps even forgotten games in this genre might lead you to finally experience some landmark games that defined the genre at the time.

Knights of the Old Republic, Final Fantasy VII, Chrono Trigger, or perhaps even newer games that take a different approach, like Stardew Valley, are all available for you to sink your teeth into at a moment’s notice due to their presence on the mobile system.

Online Casinos

Looking for experiences that are more exclusive to the mobile platform, however, you might come across the world of digitized casinos. Visiting a physical casino might be more typical of a social occasion – something that you’d do with your friends on the weekend – but it could also be tourism-related if the casino you’re visiting is one of international fame. From these perspectives, it can be difficult to see what real money casinos online could offer you in comparison, but it might be that vision of them more as video games now than a social experience that can help you to focus on the games themselves above all else.

However, the same risks as always are still present, so you must take regular breaks and ensure your venue is legitimate.

Thought-Provoking Games

While it might not be an explicit genre, there has been a recent wave of games – now having achieved legitimacy in the eyes of many as being capable of creative storytelling – that specifically aim to get you thinking and reflecting. Disco Elysium has sometimes been cited as one of the more recent notable examples of this, but in the years since, you have titles like Norco, Citizen Sleeper, and Pentiment, that all take their approach to thematic exploration. However, one of the more famous examples from this genre comes in the form of Kentucky Route Zero – a game that is now available on smartphones through a partnership stricken up with Netflix.

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