Where to Start with Mobile Gaming?

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When it comes to tackling a different avenue of a pre-existing interest or hobby, it can sometimes feel as though you’re getting into something entirely new altogether. Mobile gaming can often be thought of as a kind of extension of console or PC gaming, connected through its core concept and modes of interaction, but distinct in how the experience of playing it is in an experiential sense.

This can make knowing where to begin quite difficult, as what you enjoy about games might feel quite strictly tied to what those larger machines can achieve. However, investigating what is possible on the smartphone might have you interested in what potential enjoyment can be found there.

Games You Know and Love

The easiest place to start, and one that simply might make the most sense if you’re looking for a way to investigate how different it simply feels to play games on mobile as opposed to consoles, might be with games that you already know. Several games, from popular shooters like Fortnite to roguelikes like Dead Cells, are present across all platforms, including mobile.

This can help you to get a much better sense of what the unique strengths of mobile gaming as a format are before you begin to look further outward and understand its unique qualities as an extension of the medium of video games. Additionally, having a way to experience a game that you already love on the go is an opportunity not to be missed.

Exclusive Titles

However, once you’ve crossed that threshold and find yourself open-minded and willing to learn about what smartphones can offer themselves, you can look at exclusive titles. Of course, there might be some games that you’ve heard of already, such as Raid Shadow Legends or Clash of Clans, but those might be games that you expect the mobile platform to host, not necessarily things that are contrary to your preconceptions.

In this case, you might look to the games that are available through a no deposit bonus casino, or perhaps to the more dedicated MMOs and RPGs that are available, the kind that can flex the power of the mobile hardware and broaden your understanding of what a mobile game can be.

Think of the Format

However, it could be that when you’re trying to see what it is that mobile gaming has to offer, you’re trying to enjoy it in the same way that you would enjoy console or PC gaming. This might be contrary to how mobile games are meant to be played, and by thinking about those unique properties – the portability, the ability to fill a short time neatly – you might start looking for games that fit those specific criteria. Going back to the idea of roguelikes, like Dead Cells or FTL: Faster Than Light, these can help you to play a complete ‘run’ – that is, one full stretch of a randomised game, in one sitting, like a train journey that has you longing for something to do.

The ability to recreate these complete experiences while also having them feel slightly novel and fresh each time might be what you need to see this in a more positive light.

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