How to quickly choose a movie for the evening

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In times of globalization and the Internet, access to any movie or series is no longer a problem. The choice of movies and series for every taste is simply huge. You can spend hours flipping through search engine feeds in search of that very movie. The worst thing is that you can search for a movie for hours and still not find anything.

How to understand the variety of genres and styles? Decide for yourself which movies you like best. It could be classic black-and-white movies, movies from the 80s or 90s, or movies from 2022. You’d be surprised how many excellently rated movies that you’ve never seen before you’ll find on the list.

Choose a movie according to your mood and the desired effect. If you’re sad and want to take a break, watch a good old comedy or a modern comedy series. If you want the thrill of watching a movie, choose an action or thriller. If you are sad for your loved one, watch a drama. This will allow you to experience negative emotions much faster.

To relax after a working day and get away from household chores, you need a good movie that does not strain before going to bed but also does not dull the mind. For this purpose, light comedies and melodramas, as well as calm films of other genres, which can be found at pirates bay are perfect. Below we have compiled a list of good films for the evening with high ratings that have hit the screen in recent years.

Marry Me

Modest math teacher Charlie accidentally finds himself at a concert of the popular singer Kat – and the cultural event radically changes the life of a man. Before going on stage, the star learns about the betrayal of the groom, so he decides to take revenge cruelly. In a desire to prove her own significance to the unfaithful chosen one, Kat announces her upcoming engagement with the first person she meets, and Charlie becomes the lucky one.

The lost city

Fans of adventure movies can be advised to watch this good movie for an evening viewing, which will pass in one breath. After the death of her husband, the writer Loretta Sage plunged headlong into work. The creation of a new love story helps a woman to escape from sad thoughts, and soon the author goes on tour with the presentation of the finished book. En route, Loretta is kidnapped by an eccentric businessman to be led by Sage to the treasures of the lost city featured in the latest bestseller.

Yes Day

The next movie is perfect for an evening for family viewing with children. Parents decide to spend a “Yes” day to connect more closely with their children. For Allison and Carlos, who have forgotten how to have fun and have fun without regard to others, it’s time for adventure and jet running. Will the parents be able to endure this day when all the adventurous proposals, the ridiculous and absurd requests of three teenagers must be agreed upon?


In the mansion of a famous fashion designer, the mother of a talented girl, Estella, dies. A little orphan comes to London and meets two young thieves. Over the years, the talented Estella is trying to take place as a designer. Changed circumstances turn the girl into a daring and dangerous Cruella. The backstory of the colorful villain from the movie “101 Dalmatians” is perfect for evening viewing.


Sloane is young and single but doesn’t suffer from it. Suffering begins at family evening meetings, where caring relatives find out when the girl plans to acquire a gentleman. After meeting golfer Jackson by chance, Sloane learns that handsome athletes have the same problems. Young people agree on mutually beneficial cooperation, namely, a joint visit to family evenings, where they will portray a couple in love. How long will their sham relationship remain a sham? A good light film for the evening will appeal to lovers of romantic cinema for the soul.

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