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Top Bedroom Design Trends That Will Be Big in 2023


Bedrooms have become more important zones for enjoying calm and quiet time over the years. People are spending more time relaxing in the bedroom other than sleeping. This has seen an uptrend in refreshing the bedroom and redecorating. 2023 is predicted to see an increase in bedroom remodeling and refreshment to create a more restful haven and personal sanctuaries. Some of the ways the trends are predicted to go include: –

Drapes and Wallpapers

Introducing drapes into the bedroom is not new, but utilizing drapes in a more expressionist way is new. Drapes are moving from covering windows to a more advanced role as headboards and covering hallways. Peel away the drape to uncover an ensuite bathroom or walk around to a walk-in closet behind the bed. Wallpapers are also predicted to come back in a major maximalist way. Match the duvet and pillows to the wallpaper and brighten up the room. Using more graphic images such as landscapes and large paintings such as those used in large dining halls are being introduced to more personalized bedroom décor.

Mixed Patterns

Bright colors and mixed shapes on well-planned color palettes that complement other features in the room such as carpets are seeing a major comeback. Introducing mixed patterns on walls with sharp and eye-catching eccentric patterns that complement each other. New designs featuring more fantasy-filled ideas such as landscapes and fantasy forest decoration together with plants and relevant deco. Turn your bedroom into the best imaginable scene out of your favorite movie. Furniture and other art pieces can also be added to create a more bespoke and personalized touch.

Organic Bedding

Your sanctuary should reflect inner peace and tranquillity. More sustainable and natural materials are being introduced in line with sustainability measures globally. A move towards wellness-centred designs such as those seen in spas and wellness centers is being introduced to bedrooms. Linen, cotton, and other materials such as the organic pink bamboo bedding set introduce a mindful design into the bedroom. Biophilic designs became popular in the past year and introducing plants into your sanctuary will induce a calming effect, whether on window sills or hanging plant pots.

Curved Furniture

New art decorations are introducing curved surfaces and edges into the bedroom. Round beds or curved headboards and windows are shown in more elegant designs depicting luxury and a sense of calmness. Feel the embrace as you lie down with a sense of calmness as the bed surrounds you with warmth. Curved chairs and bed designs have become more popular and are moving away from furniture in the lounging and sitting area and more towards bedroom installations.

Art Decoration

Color in the bedroom should invoke a sense of calmness and rest. Designers are seeing an uptake in more earthy and warm tones for bedroom wall and fabric colors. Darker shades and monochromatic paint for many shades of a single color from wall to wall. Art and paintings or framed pictures from traveling hanging above the headboard or your favorite lounging chair in the corner. These inspired purchases are also adding flavor and a touch of personality to the bedroom space. Lighting fixtures as well as ceramics are also becoming bolder.

Walnut Infused Designs

Warm tones and grainy textures are what attract many to walnut trees and wood. Mixing walnut texture with other popular design aspects such as white oak brings out a relaxing contrast and a warm feeling in the sanctuary. As part of more sustainable global goals, the expanded use of more earthy materials and infusion of nature and art is leading to increased use of walnut features in the bedroom.

Luxury Upgrades

What says personal space other than having the best of what you want all around you? Soft to touch surfaces, vibrant and relaxing colors, great art to look at, and most of all beautiful lighting. All these are features more people are introducing to the bedroom. Your personal space can now become more bespoke and personalized to the last detail. Lavish chandeliers and light fixtures are being introduced to the bedroom. Art installations and bespoke furniture. Large wall-to-wall rugs complement the wallpaper and duvet patterns and color. Lastly, an upgraded closet space and sitting area.

The bedroom has always been last on the list of rooms and areas to be upgraded. Now as more time is spent in and around the space, more upgrades and refreshing looks are being introduced. Do not get left behind in updating your personal space to the best it can be.