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5 Questions to Ask Before You Invest In EV Charging

Most European countries are going ahead with their electric mobility plan to reduce carbon emissions by 2030 significantly. The USA announced an investment of $400m worth of electric vehicle chargers last month, Italy unveiled a comprehensive electric vehicle incentive program for the first time this year, and Germany has just approved its updated 2030 action plan against climate change, continuing the current incentives for the year 2025. Other countries are following the same path, so electric vehicles and their chargers are coming into our lives to stay.

With all this, investing in ev charging stations for hotels looks quite profitable, but there are some questions that you should answer first before investing.

1. Where should you place the EV charging stations?

There is a charging solution for every business and need. The experience of the installation team is essential to find the optimal solution. The most common installations are outdoor charging points (on poles) in open-air car parks and wall-mounted charging points for garages and closed car parks. But some locations require innovative technical solutions, such as projecting a monitored system that allows the recharging hoses to be automatically lowered and retracted from the roof of the car park.

2. Who are the charging stations for?

Make your business shine by understanding your clients.

It is essential to determine who will use the DC fast charger and use the system’s hardware and software.  Your customers can be employees of different offices, tenants, or the general public.

Make your EV charging station sustainable and eco-friendly. This would increase the image and reputation of the brand and the loyalty and acquisition of new customers, especially in an environment where there will be more and more owners of electric vehicles.

3. What is the best way to make EV chargers accessible to drivers?

Installing electric vehicle chargers on google maps will increase your brand visibility and attract new customers. New apps like Zapmap and Open Charge Map allow electric vehicle drivers to plan routes, locate places with electric charging points, add their own charging locations, create discussion threads, add information about the place they have traveled, and comment based on the user experience they have had.

Also, advertise your business on social media apps and do install signs leading to your EV charging stations.

4. How will the stations be monitored?

Electric vehicle chargers will also allow you to increase your income if you monitor it in the right way. Monitor data regularly, at least once a week. Installing charging stations in your establishment will allow you to access a large volume of data, such as CO2 reduction, kWh usage, energy savings, and charging point activity. This monitoring data can be used in internal reports, tax returns, and logistics and marketing plans to increase the accuracy and efficiency of implementation processes.

5. What should you look for in an EV charging partner?

When selecting a partner for your EV charging station business, make sure they have knowledge and experience in the installation of the product. Also, they should know how to capitalize with the minimum investment.

Clear all the questions while choosing the partners, such as where the preferable place is to install an EV charging station that yields the highest profits.

Maintain continuous communication with your partner.


As reflected in our incentive guide for electric vehicles, Electric vehicles are in fashion: if your business wants to capitalize on all the benefits described in this article and remain competitive, it is time to enter the market and invest in electric vehicle charging infrastructure. To know more about EV charging stations, visit our website