Keep It Fresh: The Latest Trends For Private Number Plates

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Private number plates are a growing obsession in the automotive world, with the industry reputed to be worth a jaw-dropping amount as of 2022. This represents a shocking increase of 275% in just 4 years. In fact, people are so keen to customise their cars that they are willing to spend hundreds – if not thousands – of pounds to do so, with the average price of a private plate setting drivers back almost £900.

If you are keen to upgrade your vintage vehicle with a new private plate – or introduce a vintage plate to a new vehicle! – read on to find out more about the hottest trends in personal number plates to hit the market this year. Doing a little research may just help you decide which type of private plate is right for you and your car.

Vintage Plates Never Go Out Of Fashion

Everyone knows that fashions from the ‘50s are still a big hit today – whether it’s to do with clothing, hairstyles, music or films. So it will surely come as no surprise to our readers to learn that vintage plates dating from before 1963 are also proving to be highly popular; in fact, they’re some of the most sought-after registrations these days.

Nostalgia and aesthetic are probably behind this trend, but whatever the reasons behind it, these old plates are experiencing a resurgence and can sometimes acquire a rather hefty price tag as a result.

If you’re looking for classic private number plates, then explore the selection from Regtransfers. They can show you what plates are available and help you find the right one for your car. You never know who might have one for sale that’s just your cup of tea, so keep an eye out. Customised plates are constantly being bought, sold, and auctioned, and you never know what registration gems you may stumble upon.

The Ultimate Personal Touch

Besides vintage registrations, another major trend this year is personalised number plates with the driver’s name or initials on it, or perhaps a memorable data or word.

Did you know that a businessman named Robert Harverson forked out a cool £250,000 for a number plate he found at auction which spelled out 1 RH?

While most of us would probably baulk at spending such a large sum of money, his commitment to purchasing a plate with his initials shows just how much this trend has taken off. You’ve probably already encountered your fair share of name-plated cars driving around your local area.

If you are keen to hop on the bandwagon, just bear in mind that the rules and regulations governing which letters can appear on a number plate may get in the way and force you to be a little creative.

On the other hand, perhaps you would like to try something a little different with the name trend. Do you have a favourite sports team you’d like to show your love for? Have the team’s name abbreviated and placed on your licence plate! Want to demonstrate your affection for a particular band or singer? Depending on the name, it could be difficult to do, but it’s still possible that you could squeeze their name or initials onto your registration.

Last but not least, if your car is a vintage beauty with her own name, why not get the car’s name, initials, or purchase date spelled out on your new private plate? It’s a quirky way to follow the fashion, and is also guaranteed to put a smile on your face every time you look at your precious vehicle from the ‘50s or ‘60s.

Add Some Extra Dimension

One of the latest customised number plate trends is for letters that really stand out – literally. 3D lettering has become fashionable, with many drivers taking advantage of the rules that state that raised characters are permitted.

However, it’s worth bearing in mind that, while 3D letters on your number plates are allowed – and, supposedly, even 4D letters – these characters must not be reflective or removable. They should also not stick out beyond a certain point or become obstructive, as all registrations need to be easily legible for legal reasons. Failure to comply with these rules could lead to you being stopped by police.

On the whole, perhaps it’s best to stick with your standard characters and try a different number plate trend instead!

In Search Of The Most Sought-After

Did you know that there is potentially some money to be made from investing in a personalised number plate? If you have the budget to splash some cash on a particularly sought-after one, you could be in with a chance of parting with it for even more money later on.

Okay, you may not make the £440,000 commanded by that notorious ‘F1’ registration back in 2008, but you could still make several thousand pounds off the sale of your sought-after plate.

Think of it as being similar to purchasing a rare antique from eBay and then selling it on for a profit. Of course, as with the buying and selling of antiques, you will need to do some research beforehand, to discover which plates are most in demand. You will also need to keep an eye out, on brokers’ websites and at auctions, to see if any particularly popular registrations happen to appear.

The excitement of the search, alone, could make this a worthy venture – let alone the lure of the significant sum of money you could enjoy if you happen to stumble upon a particularly rare and pricey plate.

If you do decide to go down this route, however, bear in mind that there are rules and regulations governing the buying and selling of number plates. This means, among other things, that, if you do decide to invest in a popular registration, you will have to hold onto it for a year before you can make a sale and hopefully cash in on its popularity.

Things To Consider When You Buy Your Private Plate

So, now that you know the latest private number plate trends, do you feel tempted to treat your stunning vintage vehicle to a new set of plates?

If so, there are just a few things to think about before you get the ball rolling and start the search for your perfect number plate.

Most important of all, start off by checking through the government guidelines regarding what is permitted on number plates. These rules include advice about standardised font and spacing.

In addition, while some flags and symbols are allowed, other special effects are not.

Your number plates should also be constructed from sturdy reflective materials – but the characters should not be reflective, and they shouldn’t be removable or difficult to read in any way.

Once you’re confident you understand the rules, it’s time to begin the search for your ideal registration. You can start off with DVLA itself, which has 45 million registrations to choose from and holds regular auctions during the course of each year. However, you can also contact reputable brokers or look for a private seller who may be ready to divest themselves of a custom plate.

The Perks Of Private Plates

Investing in a private plate is not just a great way to add some extra wow factor to your 50’s or 60’s car, but, as we have already seen, it can also add more value to your vehicle. In fact, if you choose your new personalised plate correctly, you could find yourself driving around with a plate that’s worth even more than your treasured classic car.

Best of all, though, a private plate adds that extra personal touch to your vehicle, making your motor even more special – not to mention one of a kind.

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